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Here are the most and least obese states in the U.S.

America's collective waistline just expanded again. High obesity rates tend to coincide with higher-than-normal rates of other weight-related health problems.

Gallup poll shows which countries Americans favor/disfavor

A recent Gallup poll gauged attitudes Americans had to 22 different foreign countries. The result, an interesting insight into American attitudes to various different countries around the world.

Gallup: Obama had third worst approval rating in modern history

Washington - United States President Barack Obama has officially entered his second term. As pundits look at what he has accomplished in his first term, a new poll shows that Obama averaged a 49 percent approval rating in his four years in office.

Poll finds overwhelming majority of Americans want term limits

New York - A new survey finds that three-quarters of Americans want to impose term limits on Members of Congress, which maintains an abysmal approval rating. The poll also found that six in 10 Americans would abolish the controversial Electoral College.

Poll: Personal freedoms trump U.S. gov't, economy as top virtue

Princeton - A strong majority of Americans list individual freedoms, the quality of life and the opportunity to succeed as the nation’s top virtues, according to a new poll released Monday. The governmental, economic and healthcare systems were at the bottom.

Gallup: Nigerians rate their government second most corrupt

Abuja - The perception of the Nigerian government by its citizens calls for sober reflection in official circles. A recent Gallup survey reveals that Nigerians rated their government the second most corrupt in the world.

Romney gains in Monday's Gallup survey

Washington - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney extended his lead over incumbent Barack Obama by a point Monday, maintaining a steady lead in the Gallup Daily Tracking poll throughout October.

Romney over Obama by 5 points in Tuesday Gallup poll

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney leads incumbent Barack Obama by 5 points in Gallup’s Tuesday Daily Tracking Poll one day after the third and final presidential debate.

Controversial Gallup poll says only 3.4% of US adults are LGBT

A Gallup survey released Thursday, touted as the largest study ever aimed at estimating the LGBT community in the US, has sparked controversy. Pro-gay activists are contesting the poll result that says only 3.4 percent of US adults identify as LGBT.

Romney's 52-point debate victory is the biggest in Gallup history

The full extent of Romney's defeat of Obama in the Denver presidential debate is revealed in the latest Gallup poll results which show that 72 percent of Americans who watched the debate said Romney won while only 20 percent said Obama won.

Op-Ed: Why do Americans mistrust the media? Here’s one reason

America’s news organizations did not spend much time reporting on the most recent Gallup poll that looked at how the public feels about them.

Poll: Many Americans doubt college graduates ready for workforce

New York - Are high school and college graduates ready for the world of work? A large number of Americans doubt they're prepared and ready for today's workforce, a new poll says. With a competitive global economy, is this a good sign for the future?

New Gallup poll says U.S. 'pro-choice' position at record low

A new telephone poll has found that the number of Americans who identify themselves as being "pro-choice" has reached a record low.

Study: Yawning might help 'cool' the brain

There may be more to yawning than just boredom or sleepiness. Researchers have discovered yawning might actually “cool the brain” and that yawning varies from season to season.

Gallup: President Obama's job approval now below 40 percent

In the wake of the US downgrade and during a key political weekend for the Republican Party, the latest poll from Gallup positions President Obama at his lowest approval rating since taking office.

New poll reflects Romney's appeal across GOP spectrum

A new USA Today/Gallup poll released on Sunday showed a surge in support for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, demonstrating also an appeal for Mr. Romney across a spectrum of GOP demographics and philosophies.

Poll: Influence of religion declining in America

Worldwide, America is identified as a religious country but a new Gallup poll suggests that Americans in near record numbers say that religion's influence on their society is declining.

Gallup's Annual Values and Beliefs Survey

Gallop's Annual Values and Beliefs Survey reveals Americans remain steeply divided on biggest moral issues facing the country today.

New polls predict GOP tidal wave, show broad discontent

New polls released by Gallup and by Rasmussen Reports project sweeping Republican victories and widespread unhappiness with incumbent candidates.

Gallup: Obama descends to new job approval low

A new poll released by Gallup reflects President Obama's approval ratings in a state of constant decline, enduring seven straight quarterly drops since he took office.

Gibbs doesn't pay attention to the "meaninglessness" of Gallup

Responding to Gallup's 47 percent approval rating for President Obama - the lowest of any president at this point in his term - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sought to discredit the long-standing polling group's methodologies.

Poll: Obama's approval on Afghanistan plummets to 35 percent

With the war in Afghanistan increasingly unpopular among U.S. voters, and after long deliberation on a troop surge decision, President Obama's approval on the matter has crashed to a new low.

Gallup poll finds record support for legalizing marijuana

A new study by Gallup shows almost half of Americans -- a record number -- are in support of legalizing and taxing marijuana for recreational use by adults.

Job concerns continue to rise among American workers

Despite recent reports that the economy is recovering, the American public is still incredibly nervous about keeping their jobs, and the benefits that come with them

Obama approval ratings dip to lowest point in early presidency

Arguably one of the more ambitious presidents in American history, Obama's approval ratings have hit their lowest point since he took office.

Gallup: Americans’ satisfaction rate drops to all-time low of 9 per cent

A Gallup poll survey showed only 9 per cent of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States. It is the lowest reading recorded in Gallup poll history.

McCain Has 4-Point Lead Among Registered Voters, 10-Point Lead With Likely Voters

The convention bounces now accounted for, Gallup shows McCain/Palin with a four percentage point lead among registered voters and a 10 point lead among likely voters, which are voters that Gallup believes are most like to turn up and vote.

Gallup Shows Convention Bounce For Obama After Day Three

There has been much concern expressed from liberal political blogs, pundits and on forums about the lack of Convention "bounce" for Obama in the polling for the last few days. Today Gallup allays some of that concern by showing the long awaited "bounce"

Poll: Barack Obama Losing The Expected 'Bounce'

When Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign it was generally expected that Barack Obama would benefit from a large bounce which would make his poll numbers rise considerably. Gallup's new poll today shows the bounce has ended and his lead has shrunk.

GALLUP: In Shocking Plunge, Only 1 in 4 Now Satisfied With State of USA

Gallup Poll shows only 25% are satisfied with the current state of the US.

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Registered voters preference gap narrowing
Registered voters preference gap narrowing
Gallup; LGBT
Gallup; LGBT
Registered voters preference evenly split in three days after debate
Registered voters preference evenly split in three days after debate
Gallup; LGBT
Gallup; LGBT

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