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Galicia News

Restrictions enforced on Galicia's most beautiful beach (Videos)

Ribadeo - "Praia as Catedrais" or Beach of the Cathedrals is a Natural Monument located in Galicia, Spain. Due to its immense popularity with Spanish tourists, authorities have been forced to reduce visitor numbers to avoid degradation of the environment.

Catoira, Spain and the annual attack of the Vikings (Video)

Catoira - Every year a hoard of "bloodthirsty" Vikings head down the Ulla River and disembark at Catoira in Galicia in northern Spain. While this might sound a little terrifying, its actually a whole load of fun and the blood tastes suspiciously like red wine.

Freak accident with train causes driver to be killed by own van

Monforte De Lemos - A woman had the misfortune of her vehicle stalling on a rail crossing near the town of Monforte de Lemos Wednesday evening, just as a freight train was incoming. She immediately fled the vehicle, but the flying wreckage of her van struck and killed her.

Town 'psychotic' as snake in toilet bites Spanish woman

Residents in the town of Narón in Galicia, Spain are in an uproar after a local hairdresser was bitten by a green and yellow snake while sitting in her bathroom at home, doing what comes naturally.

Spanish sanctuary from 1544 destroyed by lightning strike (video)

The A Virxe de Barca sanctuary in Muxía, Galicia, which dates back to 1544, was struck by lightning on Christmas Day. The strike hit a nearby electrical transformer, spread to the building and completely gutted the historic interior.

Bug-killers: Police bust group selling high-tech exam answers

A bunch of people who helped students cheat on their exams by providing the answers on high-tech listening devices have been busted by Spanish police.

Mysterious suicide of Dutch politician in northern Spain

Of Spanish origins, Ramón Smits Álvarez, town councilor in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, was found dead in the Ulla river in Galicia in Spain on Monday. The circumstances surrounding the suicide have left both his family and colleagues seeking answers.

Spanish film on Beatlemania in Franco era wows film festival

San Sebastian - Based on a true story and set in the Franco dictatorship era, a Spanish "Beatlemania" film stunned critics at the San Sebastián film festival in Spain. It tells the tale of how the British band's songs inspired one ordinary Spaniard during hard times.

Walkers find body of 12-year-old girl in the Galician countryside

Santiago De Compostela - The girl's adoptive parents had reported her missing only a few hours earlier. While there was evidence of violence, investigators say the girl had not been sexually assaulted.

The hunt is on for Spain's missing €4.7m lottery winner

A Good Samaritan found the winning ticket and handed it in to authorities, rather than claiming the huge winnings. Now the search is on in the Galicia region of Spain for the actual lucky winner.

Canadian Hells Angels arrested in Spanish cocaine bust

Pontevedra - In a joint operation of the Spanish National Police, the American DEA, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Europol and France's tax authority, four members of the Canadian Hells Angels have been arrested with half a ton of cocaine.

Firefighters continue to battle wildfire in northern Spain

A forest fire has been raging in northern Spain since late on Monday this week, with firefighters, water-carrying planes and helicopters desperately fighting to curb the blaze.

Spanish PP mayor: 'Franco's victims probably deserved to die'

Baralla - A conservative Partido Popular (PP) mayor in Baralla, in the north of Spain, has sparked anger and controversy by claiming that those who were sentenced to death during the regime of former Spanish dictator Franco "deserved it."

Baby born in Spanish hotel due to hospital blunder

Cee - A woman in Galicia, Spain traveled to the hospital, as her contractions were "at first every four minutes, then every three." However, the hospital said she was not in labor and sent her home.

Spanish mayor takes on second job as music school caretaker

Rafael García Guerrero is the socialist mayor of Noia in the A Coruña province of Galicia. The caretaker of the local music school resigned, so Guerrero is giving up his evenings to do the man's job, with no pay.

Singing pilot takes passengers on sightseeing tour from above

Madrid - A pilot working for Spanish airline Iberia asked his passengers for permission to change his flight plan, so he could take them on a tour of the historic Galician city of Lugo from the air. He accompanied the tour with song.

Fashion show in Vigo: 'A woman is not just a pair of boobs'

Vigo - Following the example of Hollywood superstar, Angelina Jolie, a group of Spanish women held a fashion catwalk to show off their post-mastectomy figures in the Galician city of Vigo.

Index to 4.5 million Jewish records from Poland online Special

A website with a name searchable index to birth, marriage and death records of Jews from Poland from 1808 to 1911 exists through the efforts of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Stanley Diamond of Montreal, and an international group of volunteers.

Spanish printer withholds satirical Pope comic from its publisher

The Spanish Catholic printers of a satirical comic that pokes fun at Pope Benedict XVI have refused to release it to its publishers.

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Galicia Image

Forest fires are raging out of control in Galicia in northern Spain.
Forest fires are raging out of control in Galicia in northern Spain.
A special fashion show was held in Vigo  Galicia  Spain by ladies who have experienced mastectomies.
A special fashion show was held in Vigo, Galicia, Spain by ladies who have experienced mastectomies.
Video screen capture
Santiago de Compostela  Galicia  Spain.
Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.
Spain s National Police caught up with a gang who supplied high-tech listening devices to students i...
Spain's National Police caught up with a gang who supplied high-tech listening devices to students in exams, giving them the answers.
National Police
Jose Manuel
Hotel Insua in Cee  La Coruña  Galicia  Spain
Hotel Insua in Cee, La Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Hotel Insua
Noia  Galicia  Spain
Noia, Galicia, Spain
Viking Festival in Catoira  Spain
Viking Festival in Catoira, Spain
Reservas de Coches
Catoira s Viking boat during quieter times.
Catoira's Viking boat during quieter times.
José Antonio Gil Martínez
The Roman Walls of Lugo  Galicia  Spain.
The Roman Walls of Lugo, Galicia, Spain.
Lala Lugo
Hoards of Viking pirates attack the town of Catoira in Galicia  Spain.
Hoards of Viking pirates attack the town of Catoira in Galicia, Spain.
Reservas de Coches
Cíes Islands  from Monte das Figueiras  Spain
Cíes Islands, from Monte das Figueiras, Spain
Rosario Porto detained by police in the murder of her adopted daughter Asunta.
Rosario Porto detained by police in the murder of her adopted daughter Asunta.
Video screengrab

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