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Galapagos News

Galapagos reopens tourist sites after virus lockdown

Quito - The Galapagos Islands on Monday reopened its tourist sites and marine reserve, which had been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ecuadorian Environment Minister Paulo Proano said.

Coronavirus reaches world heritage Galapagos Islands

Quito - The coronavirus pandemic has reached Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage site, an official source said on Tuesday.

Relative of extinct tortoise located in Galapagos

Quito - A scientific expedition to the Galapagos Islands has discovered a tortoise with a "strong" genetic link to a presumed-extinct subspecies made famous by the popular Lonesome George, national park officials said Friday.

Volcano erupts on ecologically sensitive Galapagos island

Quito - A volcano erupted on an uninhabited island in the Galapagos, Ecuadorian authorities said, spewing lava on the ecologically sensitive environment.

Ecuador denies Galapagos Islands will host US military base

Quito - Ecuador President Lenin Moreno insisted Tuesday the United States would not be installing a military base on the Galapagos Islands, a day after the government revealed that American aircraft would be able to use an airstrip there.

Plastic microparticles threaten unique Galapagos fauna

- Armed only with gloves and large sacks, park rangers and volunteers are battling the scourge of plastic waste blighting the idyllic Galapagos Islands and their unique creatures.

Galapagos giant tortoise gene study hints at longevity secrets

Quito - Galapagos giant tortoises possess genetic variants linked to DNA repair, immune response and cancer suppression -- providing clues into their longevity, according to a study published Monday.

More than 100 baby turtles reported stolen on Galapagos islands

Quito - A total of 123 baby giant turtles have been stolen from a breeding facility in the Galapagos islands, a lawmaker from Ecuador's prized archipelago in the Pacific told AFP."They were all taken at once, 123 in all.

Galapagos fights temptation of lucrative mass tourism

Puerto Ayora - With its iconic giant tortoises, crested black iguanas, huge ocean manta rays and a veritable menagerie of other cool creatures, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most beautiful places you will probably never visit.Why not?

Galapagos hosts nursery for new species of giant tortoise

Puerto Ayora - Crowded under a rock in the Galapagos archipelago, the baby tortoises wait for the sun to go down to leave their shelter.

In the Galapagos, an idyllic hammerhead shark nursery

Santa Cruz - For millions of years, new-born hammerhead sharks have grown up in nurseries sheltered by the mangrove swamps and reefs of the Galapagos Islands, safe from all human threat.

Endangered Galapagos tortoises saved from suspected traffickers

Quito - Nearly three dozen Galapagos tortoises considered vulnerable to extinction will return to Ecuador after being rescued in Peru from alleged traffickers, the Galapagos National Park said.

Body of tortoise 'Lonesome George' returned to Galapagos Islands

Quito - The embalmed body of the giant tortoise known as Lonesome George -- the last known member of a species that was wiped out with his death in 2012 -- returned home to the Ecuadoran Galapagos Islands.

Sexploits of Diego the Tortoise save Galapagos species

Puerto Ayora - He's over 100 years old, but his sex life is the stuff of legend. Diego the Tortoise is quite the ladies' man, and his exploits have helped save his species from extinction.

Ecuador releases 201 tortoises to repopulate the Galapagos

Quito - Ecuador released hundreds of giant tortoises raised in captivity onto an island of the Galapagos. The goal is to restore giant tortoises and to conserve the archipelago's biodiversity.

Emergency declared after Galapagos ship grounding

Quito - Ecuador activated a state of emergency Wednesday at the famous Galapagos Islands, authorities said, a week after the stranding of a cargo ship loaded with supplies that included hazardous materials.

Ecuador emergency over stricken Galapagos freighter

Quito - Ecuador declared an environmental emergency in the Galapagos Islands Thursday, after a freighter carrying pollutants ran aground last week.

Freighter runs aground in the Galapagos

Quito - An Ecuadoran freighter ran aground in the Galapagos islands, but "for the moment" does not pose a threat to the Pacific archipelago's unique environment, the Galapagos National Park said.

Post-Mortem of famous tortoise Lonesome George

Guayaquil - The famous Pinta Island tortoise (Chelonoidis abingdoni) known to the international nature community and all environmentalists as "Lonesome George" died on Sunday, under unknown circumstances.

UN drops Galapagos Islands from World Heritage List

Just three years after the Galapagos Islands were placed on a UN list of endangered places, that same body has voted to remove it, saying enough progress has been made.

Rise in tourism to the Galapagos may introduce harmful mosquitoes

The fauna of the Galapagos Islands is attracting tourists in even larger numbers. However, a mosquito carrying West Nile fever brought from the mainland with the tourists could prove more harmful to the animals than the tourists ever will.

Antarctic islands more diverse than Galapagos

New Scientist reports that researchers found life much more diverse on the Antarctic islands than on the Galapagos, with a much larger variety of species.

7 beached pilot whales die on Galapagos

Seven pilot whales that came ashore on the Galapagos Islands died Sunday, despite the efforts of rescuers who dug makeshift pools in the sand to keep them from dehydrating. Five other whales in the group were returned to the ocean.

Galapagos Wreck Operation Gets Under Way - Good News For Wildlife

SANTA FE ISLAND, Galapagos - An attempt began today to remove the wreck of the bulk carrier Jessica, which sank off the Galapagos Islands a week ago causing an oil spill that has threatened the unique eco- system made famous by Darwin, announced the...

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