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Overuse of screen time affects academic performance

The overall finding of some new research that considers academic attainment and a prodigious use of technology is perhaps unsurprising (it affects performance). However, it is the scale of the impact is of most interest.

Addiction to the screen begins in early infancy: Research

New research shows that interest in mobile devices begins at an increasingly early age, with very young children becoming hooked on gadgets. In particular, children of first-time mothers, especially those in home-based childcare, log most screen time.

Someone made a $57 sex request button — the Internet isn't amused

LoveSync is a device that lets you silently and "anonymously" indicate to your partner you're in the mood for sex with the push of a button.

Beware: Security risks from cheap IoT devices

There’s been an expansion of IoT devices in the past year or so, and some of these are better than others. If you throw your unreliable IoT device away be careful as there are security risks from eavesdropping gadgets.

Op-Ed: Digital recap: 2018’s top technology stories

Each week Digital Journal brings you the leading news from the world of technology, whether that is a new device, a digital transformation project, or a new business service. We’ve provided a leading story from each month of 2018.

CES 2018 should be bigger and better than last year's show

Las Vegas - About 4,500 companies and organizations will be attending the CES consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. Companies with well-known names down to hundreds of startups will be in attendance, hoping to be this year's big winner.

Three new gadgets for healthy travels

Travel, like many other aspects of work and home life, has been transformed through new technologies. In this article we look at three new innovations designed to help the business and leisure traveler.

Super flexible mobile phones from new silver compound

Flexible electronics is part of the future state development of electronic devices. Key to this are flexible touchscreens and such technology may be possible from the discovery of silver wires, between about 10 and 40 nanometers wide.

Sony 4K Handycam tackles usability for video rookies Special

With the ability to shoot 4K, and boasting perhaps the best optical image stabilization available on a consumer camcorder, Sony's new FDR-AX33 handycam is blurring the line between professional and consumer video recording.

The hottest tech and gadgets: A look back at the IFA 2014

Last month, the world’s largest consumer electronics fair IFA was held in Berlin. It was a great show that gave us a glance at lots of new products and gadgets that will appear on the market soon.

Viewers control screen action: New interactive movie theater fun

Audience Entertainment has developed a new gadget coming to movie theaters around the world that welcomes viewers to become a human joystick as part of the big-screen viewing action right from their seat.

Op-Ed: Blackberry Passport a square in a world of rectangles

In the modern technological world, there is a huge demand for both style and substance. Blackberry's new phone encourages people to be square (hahaha), but is it the right phone for the modern person?

Video: Napkin Table, for diners who want to be extra close

Ever wanted to have a table attached to you and your partner while you eat? If so then Taiwan has a product for you with the Napkin Table.

Oral storyteller explains the magic of his craft Special

Bangalore - Stories have the ability to reach out to people, young and old, and take us on a journey. If the teller of the story has that particular gift of magic in his/her veins, you can get swept away very easily into other, fantastic lands.

Five big trends in the mobile world

Barcelona - From the release of connected bracelets, watches and even a smart toothbrush to a future of one-second high-definition movie downloads, the mobile world is developing rapidly.Here are five major trends to emerge at the four-day World Mobile Congress in...

Nanotech creates long-life batteries

A research group have made a significant breakthrough in the area of rechargeable battery technology. The team have developed a technology that more than doubles the capacity of lithium-ion battery anodes.

Op-Ed: Car gadgets that will supercharge your ride

The National Automobile Dealers Association said October saw the sale of more than 1.2 million vehicles, up 10 percent from the same time last year.

QWERTY keyboard for the smartwatch

A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have solved one problem for the coming smartwatch boom: how to input data using a keyboard. The novel device is called the Zoomboard.

Review: Digital Journal Gift Guide — Hot tech, cool gadgets Special

In our annual holiday gift guide, Digital Journal recommends several impressive gadgets ideal for the tech lover in your life. We review high-performance cameras, stylish vacuum cleaners, powerful tablets and much more.

Toshiba debuts world's thinnest, lightest tablet

In the wake of Apple's announcement of the debut of the iPad 3, Toshiba has decided to counter the gadget giant with their own offering, the Excite X10 LE, the world's thinnest and lightest tablet PC.

Apple to reveal the iPad 3 March 7 at media event

Apple is known for keeping its new gadget release dates relatively secret, but news of the iPad 3 may have revealed its release date of March 7.

CES 2012: TV's, laptops, and smartphones

Las Vegas - CES 2012 is underway, and the focus of this year's yield is seemingly focused on three areas of technology: TV's, laptop computers, and smartphones.

CES 2012 Preview: New year, new gadgets

Las Vegas - On January 10-13, Las Vegas will host the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the premiere event for tech companies to showcase their upcoming products. Tech geeks from around the world will descend on Sin City to get a glimpse at the year's new gadgets.

Digital Journal Gift Guide: High tech gear and gadgets

In our annual holiday gift guide, Digital Journal recommends several hot gadgets you might want to place under the Christmas tree for your favourite tech geek. We look at 3-D smartphones, slim ultrabook PCs, addictive video games and more.

Op-Ed: Microsoft video offers stunning vision for future of mobile

With smartphones becoming as commonplace as wrist watches, it's only a matter of time before they also start to take control of other gadgets in our lives. In this video, Microsoft offers a stunning view of what is possible.

52% of kids under 8 using iPods, iPads and mobile devices

Need a babysitter? There's an app for that. A study published this week says a huge percentage of children under the age of eight are consuming media on iPods, iPads and other devices at growing rates.

LeapFrog to release tablet for children

The retail market indicates that generations hardly remain separated by leisure through technology. Luxurious gadgets are being designed for an unbelievably young demographic, yet they model the same gadgets that serve purpose to millions of elders.

Essential Digital Gear for the Year: Impressive tech for home Special

In the second installment of's guide for the year's greatest gadgets, we review the tech ideal for around the home. We look at tablet PCs, DSLR cameras, and peripherals for iPhone lovers.

Essential Digital Gear of the Year: High-tech for the office Special

In part 1 of 3 in Digital Journal's Essential Digital Gear from the past year, discover the hot gadgets perfect for your work space, whether you need a powerful colour printer or a GPS device for finding clients on road trips.

Essential Digital Gear: Printers, cameras, iPads and more Special

In this edition of Essential Digital Gear, we review some of the hottest technology to hit store shelves, including the Flip MinoHD, the 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi, a new Brother printer and other must-have gadgets.
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Audience members become their own human joystick gadgets in new interactive movie going fun
Audience members become their own human joystick gadgets in new interactive movie going fun
Audience Entertainment
An iPhone charging
An iPhone charging
Bentley Smith
A picture of a couple demonstrating the Napkin Table in action.
A picture of a couple demonstrating the Napkin Table in action.
A side view of the new Sony Tablet S
A side view of the new Sony Tablet S
Courtesy Sony
While PayPal secures their own site with multiple encryption methods they are not as fond about the ...
While PayPal secures their own site with multiple encryption methods they are not as fond about the encryption from a few clients.
Technology section in Selfridges Department Store  London.
Technology section in Selfridges Department Store, London.

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