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Japan gives world-beating fidget spinner a whirl

Fujisawa - One company in perfectionism-obsessed Japan is claiming it has developed a fidget spinner that whirls longer than any rival on the market -- 12 minutes and counting.

'Fundamentally flawed' USB Type-C cable killed a $1,000 laptop

A fatally flawed USB Type-C cable, listed on Amazon up until very recently, can cause critical damage to devices it is connected to, one engineer has found. The cheap cable instantly killed a USB voltage tester and $1,000 laptop.

Op-Ed: iPad 2 is my favorite gadget of 2011 Special

I’ll be honest with you. I got an iPad 2 because I thought I should probably have one. In for a penny, in for a pound. I have an iPhone. I have a MacBook Pro. I have the SDK. I’m in technology.

Doctor Who meets Boy George for an onscreen biopic kiss

Douglas Booth, who recently starred as Boy George in a BBC film about the Culture Club singer’s early life and career, and Doctor Who star Matt Smith are to star together in a new film about the writer Christopher Isherwood.

Would You Let idriver Drive Your Car?

With today's technology advancing, it is now possible for a computer to drive your car. The latest gadget is called idriver. Read on to find out more.

Flip UltraHD Camcorder Launches in Canada

The Flip UltraHD is now available in Canada, giving Canadians another YouTube-friendly camcorder from the makers of the Mino. The pocket camcorders have evolved from Pure Digital's debut, the disposable digital camera.

Diabetic Meters Go High Tech but Can They Play 'Cry'

Diabetics have a hard enough time fooling around with meters. But if they could have a cool gadget that looks high tech that everyone seems to have these days, why not? It sure beats looking down in the dumps with needles and pins.

British Technology Awards: iPhone named 2008 Gadget of the Year

The annual British Technology Awards has tallied its votes in UK and named the Apple's iPhone 3G as the “Gadget of the Year”.

You call that a knife? This is a knife

A special collector-edition Swiss army knife weighing 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) is officially recognized by the Guinness World Record 2008 for having the most functions on a penknife.

iPhone Earns Time Magazine Invention of the Year

It's the one gadget the world has heard more about than anything: The Apple iPhone. In their annual award to a product that has stood out, Time magazine has given Apple's handheld the organization's prestigious Gadget of the Year award.

iPod named all time best gadget ever

The T3 Gadget Awards considered as the Oscars of the technology world, selects iPod as the Best Gadget of All time. Also, iPhone, iTunes, Mac Laptop won other top technology awards.

Hello, Is Lamborghini There?

Have cell phones morphed into state-of-the-art status symbols? They certainly have and one can only wonder what on earth will ever be next! Read on for a tale about a cellphone inspired by the sleek, elitist lines of a very fancy sports car.

Cell Phone Communication: Is It Getting Colder?

What do refrigerators have in common with cell phones? Apparently nothing as of yet, but plans for the future are quite chilling indeed. You won't believe where cell phone communication is headed. Read on and… shiver!

The Luvaglio Million Dollar Laptop: Harry Winston, Sit Down

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend or is it her laptop studded with precious jewels? Whatever the case, read on, and Harry Winston, if you are out there, eat your heart out!

The Zippo Camera Lighter: Is Taking Pictures Hazardous To Your Health?

Read all about the new Zippo Camera Lighter. It does not light up those verboten cigarettes, but does succeed in illuminating your secret world after you develop pictures taken from unsuspecting images and develop them. Spies everywhere, beware.

Vote For The Greatest Gadget Of All Time

Wired Magazine hosts "The Greatest Gadget Of All Time" contest that allows users to vote in heads up battles between popular technology innovations. iPods vs. iPhones, Atari 2600 vs. Walkmans, you decide.

Choc Shot Glasses: For The Lazy But Classy Gourmand

Whoever would have thought of chocolate shot glasses for that drink that is sure to bring you to the dentist's office? Well, one company did and they aren't sorry. Read on and savor.

Fish and Flush: A New Bathroom Combo?

Haven’t you always wanted an aquarium in your bathroom? Come on now. Tell the truth. Well, even if you didn't, now is your one chance to own one. Read on, even if you can’t swim.

Anti-Shark Gadget: The Sport of Surfing Brought to New Lows

Have you ever wondered how surfers avoid the mouths of sharks as they chase the crashing waves? Well, you won't find an answer here. This is one of those gadgets that come along once in a century and for that we should all be grateful.

Cell Phone Mold: Get Rid of It Even if You Don’t Have It?

Are microbes secretly leading a double life within the crevices of your favorite cellphone? You don't have to tune in next week to discover the truth. Just read on, if you dare.

Electric Eel Power Cord: A New and Different Power Trip

Doesn't everyone need an electric eel staring back at them as they go about their everyday lives? Some inventor thought so and came up with the following gadget. Read on for a strange and different sort of...shock!

Scented Cell Phones: Is Smell-O-Rama the Last Frontier?

Have you ever given a single thought to what smells surround you while you are deep in conversation? Short of a major stink, why anyone should is a moot point. Read on and learn how to talk and smell at the same time, even if you knew how to do it before.

The Chocolate Fondue Fountain: Decadence Beyond Understanding

What is the most decadent thing in the world? Surely chocolate flowing freely from a fountain has to be among them somewhere outside the dentist’s office. Read about this gadget only fit for those who have money to burn.

Is Your Cat Cheating? The New Cat Cam Tells All

Do you ever wonder where your cat goes when he or she slips out the kitty door only to return a few hours later with an enigmatic smile all over its face? Well, wonder no more, and read on about the amazing kitty camera known as the cat cam.

Global Warming Mug With a Message

Novelty mugs are certainly not new but mugs with a story to tell, well, that’s a horse of another color, as they say. Rad on and watch this disturbing view of global warming as viewed from the comfort (?) of your very own coffee mug.

Bugg Vibrating Massager: A One-Bug Show

What happens when your own plastic, live-in masseur happens to double as a muscle relaxer? You get a massage that’s out of this world and there is the rub as an old Englishman used to say. Read on and…smile.

The Horror Summer Toilet Roll - What?

What is the newest bathroom gadget to come out of Japan? The Summer Horror Toilet Roll has made its debut to a bored and restless public who cries all over the place, "who cares?" Read on, if you dare.

The New Bath Duck Radio: Be a Kid Again

Have you yearned for those days when you found wonder in a toy and joy in playing in the snow? Go back to that special puerile time at the expense of being called immature by those who might not even be in the know.

Sonic Grenade Alarm: Bombs Away!

World War II is only over if you want it to be! Keep the screech of combat alive in your very own bedroom as you hang on for just a few minutes more of precious slumber. Take heed, that is, if you can hear above the roar.

The Inverted Viteo Garden Shower: A New and Different Rainstorm

Do you secretly yearn to be a part of all the growing things in your garden? Do you feel that cleanliness is not only next to godliness but also forsythia and chrysanthemums? Then the following may be for you.
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Simko2 mobile device
Simko2 mobile device
Company website
A buyer showing off his new iPad
A buyer showing off his new iPad
This replica of a Tricorder lookalike similar to those seen in Gene Roddenberry s original Star Trek...
This replica of a Tricorder lookalike similar to those seen in Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek science fiction television series could be one inspiration to encourage 2012 Tricorder X PRIZE competitors to invent a real-life, high-tech, mobile gadget capable of diagnosing ailments as accurately as a committee of medical doctors.
Mike Seyfang
A fan-made replica of Star Trek s tricorder device
A fan-made replica of Star Trek's tricorder device
A man looking for a WiFi network on his laptop.
A man looking for a WiFi network on his laptop.
Jacob Bøtter (CC BY 2.0)

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