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Covid-19 wrecked 2020. Will 2021 be different?

Paris - 2020 was a year turned upside-down by the novel coronavirus. But with the prospect of several vaccines coming online and less stringent restrictions, experts say it's possible 2021 will return to a semblance of normality.

What next for Trump? Golf, Twitter and maybe another run?

Washington - When networks projected he had lost his bid for reelection to Joe Biden, President Donald Trump was playing golf. He'll soon have plenty more time to enjoy the links if he so desires.

Carrington MacDuffie talks 'I'm the One,' UK Tour, future plans Special

Recording artist Carrington MacDuffie chatted with Digital Journal about "I'm the One," her writing process for the record, UK Tour, and future plans.

The Imaginaries talk Brian Setzer Orchestra tour and future plans Special

Maggie McClure of The Imaginaries chatted with Digital Journal about touring with Brian Setzer Orchestra, their future plans and she offered advice for young and aspiring musicians.

Strike cripples Lebanese TV station close to PM: employee

Beirut - A Lebanese TV station affiliated with Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri has stopped airing new programmes, with an employee at the channel saying Thursday a strike over unpaid wages was responsible.

Chris Nilsen talks NCAA championship win, future, Mondo Duplantis Special

On June 6, American pole vaulter Chris Nilsen chatted with Digital Journal about his NCAA championship win, competing with Mondo Duplantis, as well as his future plans.

And now what? Uncertainty, if not crisis, ahead for US, N.Korea

Washington - So what comes next? After President Donald Trump's long-awaited second summit with North Korea ended inconclusively, the adversaries enter a period of deep uncertainty, if not fresh crisis.

Yoshiki of X Japan talks future, musical inspirations, technology Special

Japanese musician and composer Yoshiki (co-founder of the metal band X Japan) chatted with Digital Journal about his plans for 2019, as well as performing at Radio City Music Hall. Yoshiki also spoke about the digital transformation of the music business.

How should organizations be adapting to automation?

The question of how companies should plan on adapting to automation is weighing on many. A new report from McKinsey that focuses on how organizations (not just industry) are thinking about automation and how they should be adapting.

Lisa Lampanelli talks 2018 Theatre at Westbury show, future plans Special

Westbury - The "Queen of Mean" Lisa Lampanelli chatted with Digital Journal about her February 2nd show at The Theatre at Westbury, her Stuffed play, as well as her Paramount show for the North Shore Animal League.

Review: Taylor Swift amazing on 'End Game' video with Ed Sheeran, Future Special

Global music star Taylor Swift has released her new music video for "End Game," where she collaborates with Ed Sheeran and Future.

Yugoslav war crimes court helped end era of impunity

Den Haag - Born from the fires engulfing the Balkans in the 1990s, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia closes next month having tried and judged dozens of those behind Europe's worst atrocities since World War II.

Mnangagwa: More of the same for suffering Zimbabwe?

Harare - Even before Robert Mugabe's resignation, many Zimbabweans tempered their yearning for his downfall with the knowledge that his likely successor has a similar reputation for brutality and corruption.

What now after Mugabe resignation?

Johanesburg - Robert Mugabe shocked Zimbabwe and the world when he resigned as president on Tuesday, ending his 37-year grip on power.

Op-Ed: How should we react to robots taking our jobs?

There's no doubting the employment trajectory: robots will replace humans for many different tasks at the workplace. Will this lead to new forms of work and new opportunities or will it lead to greater societal polarization?

What next after S. Korea's presidential impeachment?

Seoul - Friday's final verdict by South Korea's Constitutional Court to sack impeached president Park Geun-Hye has finally put an end to a months-long political crisis that rocked the nation.

Pleas for pragmatism as EU charts post-Brexit future

Aix-en-provence - Senior European political figures appealed Sunday for the EU to set aside lofty debate as it struggles with Brexit-style populism, and instead to focus on measures which clearly benefit citizens.

Ben Blaque talks magic tour, 'America's Got Talent,' future plans Special

Acclaimed crossbow sharpshooter and America's Got Talent alum Ben Blaque chatted with Digital Journal about his U.S. magic tour.

'Mission accomplished' for UN war crimes court?

Den Haag - Srebrenica, Vukovar, Sarajevo: towns and cities indelibly scarred by a painful and shameful history and seared forever into Europe's collective conscience.

Interview: Piff the Magic Dragon talks The Paramount and future Special

Huntington - Piff the Magic Dragon sat down and chatted with Digital Journal prior to his show at The Paramount in Huntington on March 11.

Hardwell talks fans, inspirations, Paul van Dyk, future of EDM Special

New York - In this second part of Digital Journal's interview with Hardwell, he spoke about his musical inspirations, dream female collaboration choices, and the future of electronic music. He also spoke about Paul van Dyk on his recent accident.

Conservatives battle over Trump, GOP future

Oxon Hill - American conservatives are facing a wrenching decision about their party's future: embrace Donald Trump's divisive but winning presidential bid, or somehow prevent him from seizing the Republican nomination.

Op-Ed: UBI and the zenith of Capitalism

The zenith of Capitalism is on the horizon now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are set to take up countless jobs and Universal Basic Income (UBI) is proposed to unconditionally distribute the wealth.

Op-Ed: Assessing the future in a reliable way: Elizabeth Florescu Special

Since time immemorial, man has wished to see the future. Now, some people are fortunate enough to do it as their job. They are called futurists.

Team creates 'unhackable' brain scanner to replace passwords

Future security is topical at the moment as groups across the world are building different systems to prepare us for a passwordless future. One such team has come up with a very different solution that scans the brain to create an 'unhackable' ID.

West will remain vulnerable to IS threat: Experts

Washington - The Islamic State group has brought down a crowded airliner over Egypt, shot up Paris cafes and other soft targets, and inspired attacks like the shooting rampage last week in California.

Uncertain future for Turkey under emboldened AKP party

Istanbul - Turkey's long-dominant Justice and Development Party (AK) scored a stunning election success at the weekend with a vote that returned it to single-party rule after months of political uncertainty.

Citi trials cardless, screenless ATMs controlled by your phone

Citi has started testing a next-generation ATM design that has no keypad or display. Instead, it is controlled by the user's smartphone in what is being billed as a faster and more secure way of getting money.

Hydrogen-powered phone battery could provide charge for a week

A British firm has created a tiny hydrogen-powered battery that could let modern smartphones survive an entire week's usage without having to return to the charger. The company has already created a working iPhone 6 prototype device.

Samsung unveils world's largest hard drive — 16TB super-fast SSD

Samsung has created the world's highest-capacity hard drive, cramming 16TB of file storage space into a unit that fits into a 2.5-inch bay. Even more significant is that the drive is actually an SSD based around 3D NAND chips and not a hard drive at all.
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Future Image

A futuristic image  taken at the top of the Gherkin office building in London.
A futuristic image, taken at the top of the Gherkin office building in London.
The Mercades-Benz Future Truck 2025 provides a taste of developments in commercial vehicle technolog...
The Mercades-Benz Future Truck 2025 provides a taste of developments in commercial vehicle technology in the near future.
The mobile circular stage allowed Drake to perform for all levels at the ACC
The mobile circular stage allowed Drake to perform for all levels at the ACC
Drake performs to an adoring crowd on his birthday Thursday night at ACC in Toronto.
Drake performs to an adoring crowd on his birthday Thursday night at ACC in Toronto.
From left to right: Neil Canton  Huey Lewis  Mary Steenburgen  Christopher Lloyd  Michael J. Fox  Le...
From left to right: Neil Canton, Huey Lewis, Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale reunite in October 2010 for the release of the 'Back To The Future' 25th Anniversary Trilogy set
Lea Thompson  Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in  Back To The Future
Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in 'Back To The Future'
CC License:Attrition  no deriv. 
New Holland Concept tractor in operation.
CC License:Attrition, no deriv. New Holland Concept tractor in operation.
New Holland

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