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Funding News

Ukraine probes former PM's 'campaign funding' by Kadhafi

Kiev - Ukrainian anti-corruption investigators on Thursday told AFP they were looking into whether former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko took cash from Moamer Kadhafi's regime in Libya for a presidential campaign.

DOE announces $3 million in funding for HPC in manufacturing

Washington - On February 1, the Department of Energy announced up to $3 million will be made available to U.S. manufacturers for public/private projects aimed at applying high-performance computing to industry challenges for the advancement of energy innovation.

Trump wants to withdraw funding for International Space Station

It has been learned the Trump administration is preparing to end support for the International Space Station (ISS) program by 2025, to free up resources for higher priority, deep space missions such as Mars.

For Palestinian refugees, US cuts spell 'catastrophe'

- The UN's agency for Palestinian refugees is the only reason Umm Mohamed could afford a C-section delivery, send her five children to school or have her rubbish collected.

Sweden warns against cutting US aid to Palestinians

New York - Sweden, a big donor country that has recognized Palestine as a state, warned Tuesday that any US decision to withdraw funds to the UN agency for Palestinians would be destabilizing for the Middle East.

New York offers $3.5 million in funding to accelerate EV use

New York - New York state's Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the availability of $3.5 million in funding for innovative research and development (R&D) proposals to accelerate the use of electric vehicles in support of his aim to reduce greenhouse gases.

Lyft lifted by $1bn investment led by Google subsidiary

Ride-hailing service Lyft has raised $1 billion in a funding round led by Google investment firm CapitalG. The Uber rival is now worth $11bn, giving it more spending power as it expands its presence around the world. Uber has recently faced some setbacks.

Google announces AI fund to 'make science fiction nonfiction'

Google has announced a new venture capital fund that it will use to help innovative AI companies bring their products to market. The company said it wants to make the technologies of science fiction reality by giving entrepreneurs the resources they need.

Startup Dandelion uses geothermal energy to heat and cool homes

Dandelion, a company that makes geothermal cooling and heating systems for homes, was incubated for two years inside Alphabet's innovative Moonshot lab. Now, after raising $2.0 million, the company has taken root and is set to launch.

UN chief set to lobby US Congress next week to save funding

New York - Drastic cuts in US funding to the United Nations would create an "insolvable problem" for the world body, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday as he announced plans to lobby US lawmakers to reject the cutbacks.

Funding increased to fight neglected tropical diseases

London - The British government has invested an extra £200 million ($225 million) into various programs designed to fight the world's neglected tropical diseases.

Global Warming and rising seas — Alaska village votes to relocate

Shishmaref - The coastal village of Shishmaref, Alaska voted to relocate away from their ancestral home on Wednesday, although they won't be going anyplace anytime soon. Rising sea levels due to climate change have left the village at risk for flooding.

Top food companies urging funding to combat antibiotic resistance

A large number of the nation's top food companies and others sent a letter to Congress this week, urging lawmakers to include funding in the Fiscal Year 2017 budget for the National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic- Resistant Bacteria.

UN appeals for record $20.1-bn for aid work in 2016

Ginebra - The United Nations appealed Monday for a record $20.1 billion (18.6 billion euros) to provide aid to a surging number of people hit by conflicts and disasters around the globe.

Shipwrecks along U.S. coastal waters pose environmental threat

In the past 100 years, commerce and warfare have left the coastal waters of the United States littered with thousands of sunken vessels. Even though shipwrecks are fascinating, there are now environmental concerns that need to be addressed.

Discovery engine Flipora announces $1.5 million in funding

Just after releasing its iPhone mobile app in May, game-changing content discovery company Flipora announces $1.5 in funding

PandaDoc closes $5 million Series A to enhance sales automation

PandaDoc, a document automation solution for sales reps, recently closed a $5 million Series A round of funding. With funding it looks to expand its team of 35.

Snapchat is now worth over $16bn, snaps up $538m more funding

Popular messaging app Snapchat has raised another $537.6 million by selling off stock, leaving it valued at $16 billion. The app has gone from strength to strength since launch, helped by its popularity with teenagers and simple but intuitive appeal.

This $9 computer wants to 'work, play and everything in between'

A $9 computer seeking crowd-funding right now is making waves in the technology world because of its promise of being able to do anything an ordinary computer could do, while still fitting with ease into the palm of your hand and carrying that low price.

Op-Ed: The onslaught of ad blockers is killing websites and the Internet

The vast majority of websites rely on revenue from adverts displayed on their pages to be able to operate. Yet many consumers install ad blockers that hide them from sight, preventing websites from getting much needed money - and the trend is growing.

Neptune Suite lets you power TVs, tablets and phones from a watch

A company called Neptune has released six different pieces of hardware that all integrate seamlessly with each other. Powered by the Neptune Hub quad-core smartwatch, the firm promises a new era of computing centered around the watch.

Op-Ed: Viruses are adapting faster than the vaccines

If the next pandemic is inevitable, and if entire categories of cancer are known to originate from infections, should society not be investing more money more urgently into viral research - or are we comfortable relying on vaccinations?

Mobile rewards platform Freecharge raises $80m in funding

Mobile transactions firm Freecharge has raised $80 million from new investors to help fuel its growth. The company enables users to get free rewards such as food or entertainment by simply paying phone bills through its mobile app.

UN appeals for record $16.4bn for aid work in 2015

Geneva - The UN appealed Monday for a record $16.4 billion (13.4 billion euros) to provide aid to nearly 60 million people worldwide next year, with almost half the amount aimed at helping victims of Syria's drawn-out conflict.

VigLink acquires audience development tool LinkSmart

VigLink, the platform on which site-to-site clicks are priced, bought, and sold, announced the purchase of LinkSmart. In connection with the acquisition, VigLink also received additional funding from VC firms Foundry Group and Costanoa Venture Capital.

The story of fashion trucks, the new American shopping craze

Walking along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on a Tuesday or Thursday lets you experience a new, growing all-American trend: fashion trucks. Parked by the side of the road, you can find a full boutique and dressing room inside. Here, we look at their success.

Obama to ask Congress for millions to fight Ebola outbreak

President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for close to $1 billion in funding to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As part of his response, the president also plans to include more U.S. military involvement in the crisis.

U.S. cuts resources for project involved in Ebola in Sierra Leone

Kenema - Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone was part of a project that started 10 years ago to test for and treat Lassa Fever, a hemorrhagic disease like Ebola. Now it is being used to treat patients with Ebola, a disease that has hit the country hard.

Museum that sold Sekhemka statue loses funding

Nottingham - A U.K. museum has lost its accreditation status after a controversial sale of a 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue to a private collector.

Schizophrenia research receives large cash donation

The philanthropist Ted Stanley has announced he will donate $650 million to psychiatric research. The donation will be used to conduct studies aimed at findings the genetic causes of the mental health disorder.
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Blood cell saver. A machine used in bloodless medicine to save blood that would otherwise be lost. I...
Blood cell saver. A machine used in bloodless medicine to save blood that would otherwise be lost. It is washed by the machine and then pumped back into the patient, eliminating the need for blood transfusion.
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The fifth HPC4Mfg Program solicitation seeks concept papers that spur the use of national lab superc...
The fifth HPC4Mfg Program solicitation seeks concept papers that spur the use of national lab supercomputing resources and expertise to advance innovation in clean energy technology.
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The United Nations refugee agency blames the current refugee crisis on deplorable conditions at refu...
The United Nations refugee agency blames the current refugee crisis on deplorable conditions at refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. UN agencies are running out of money, unable to provide basic needs. And that's forcing families to flee.
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The Aedes aegypti mosquito.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito.
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