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Full Tilt Poker News

A freebie from Full Tilt Poker

The owners of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are offering their customers $20 totally free. It comes with strings, but it is still money for old rope.

Op-Ed: Full Tilt Poker a shadow of its former self

On November 6, Full Tilt Poker re-opened under new management after the Black Friday domain seizures. It was predicted to return with a bang, and it did.

Full Tilt Poker — Business as usual?

Full Tilt Poker is back under new management. How does it shape up after the first day of real money tournament and cash games?

Full Tilt Poker is back for play money until Tuesday

Full Tilt Poker will re-open sometime on Tuesday. Meanwhile, some players are already warming up on the play money tables. Everything else appears normal.

Poker with Bitcoin

The Black Friday domain seizures hit on-line poker badly; it wasn't only domains that were seized. One group of players think they have found a way around this.

Full Tilt Poker returns with a bang

Full Tilt Poker has been off-line since the Black Friday domain seizures, but when it returns on November 6, it will be with a big series of freerolls and a new big money festival.

More on the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker

When Full Tilt Poker is relaunched on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, it will be with a much simplified player loyalty and reward scheme.

Full Tilt Poker — Date of relaunch confirmed

After months of speculation, wrangling and false leads, the date for the resurrection of Full Tilt Poker has been confirmed. It will re-open under new management on November 6.

PokerStars readying for repayment, relaunch of Full Tilt Poker

Online poker giant PokerStars is following through on its promise to repay customers of former competitor Full Tilt Poker, which was shut down in 2011 - leaving millions of players without access to their bankrolls.

Summer Poker Promotions

Next month, PokerStars is running its World Championship Of Online Poker: minimum buy-in $109. The good news is that satellites are already running.

Op-Ed: Speed poker is here

Not content with taking your money, the poker sites want to take your money faster. Speed poker is here, for those would are prepared to oblige them.

Op-Ed: Poker: free tournaments, free money, but not for American players

A leading poker affiliate is offering a $10 bonus to clients who sign up with an on-line money transfer service. The big sites are offering free tournaments galore. And both Full Tilt and American players are still in the doldrums.

Op-Ed: Yet more poker tyranny by the American Government

Although Full Tilt Poker is the major victim of the Black Friday domain seizures, it was not and is not the only one. Now, the long arm of American 'justice' is reaching out to the Island of Malta.

Op-Ed: Poker supremo pleads guilty to making people happy

New York - One of the founders of Absolute Poker, a major on-line poker site, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy; Brent Buckley is now a self-confessed criminal, along with serial killer Ted Bundy.

Op-Ed: PokerStars on life after Black Friday and setting a world record Special

PokerStars is the world's largest poker site; unlike its rival Full Tilt, it has survived the April 15 domain seizures very well, and is now about to host the largest tournament in history.

PokerStars to host world record tournament with $1 buy-in

PokerStars, the world's self-proclaimed largest poker site, is attempting a world record on December 4, an on-line tournament with a $1 buy-in and a staggering 150,000 players.

Full Tilt Poker - back from the dead? PokerStars thunders on

The Black Friday domain seizures by the FBI and Department of Justice affected Full Tilt more than any other site, but it could just be coming back to life.

Op-Ed: Poker promotions into November

Full Tilt Poker is dead, but before it can be buried, the vultures are queuing up to pick the corpse clean. Meanwhile, other poker sites are offering promotions galore.

Op-Ed: Full Tilt Poker RIP?

The sad saga of Full Tilt Poker drags on and on; although there is still a glimmer of hope for its resurrection, most realists accept that it is in effect dead and buried.

Op-Ed: Internet Poker – free tournaments and free money

Full Tilt Poker may still be in limbo, but many other poker sites are doing fine, some are even giving away money, albeit with strings attached.

Poker is a party, for some

The sorry saga of the American Government’s criminalising of legitimate on-line gaming businesses has hit some harder than others.

Op-Ed: On-line poker goes on outside the USA as FBI war continues

An update on the FBI's war against on-line poker from a slightly irreverent viewpoint, and a perspective on poker outside the USA.

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January 29  2008: A pair of 4s scoops 3 ways.
January 29, 2008: A pair of 4s scoops 3 ways.
Circa January 27  2009: A decent win at Omaha hi lo.
Circa January 27, 2009: A decent win at Omaha hi lo.
November 23  2008: Winning a small sit  n  go.
November 23, 2008: Winning a small sit 'n' go.
February 25  2009: Quads batter aces.
February 25, 2009: Quads batter aces.
May 6  2009: This is a terrible way to lose a hand. I don t remember how it played out but I am 99% ...
May 6, 2009: This is a terrible way to lose a hand. I don't remember how it played out but I am 99% certain we were both all-in before the flop. It hurts even more to lose with kings against kings, as I did once.
September 9  2007: Congratulations  you have won the tournament.
September 9, 2007: Congratulations, you have won the tournament.

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