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Fuel cells News

Toyota improves fuel cell truck

Toyota have been investing in low polluting fuel cells for large vehicles. The company has been experimenting with hydrogen powered fuel cell drive vehicles since 2017. The new design offers increased range.

Toyota expanding production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Toyota - Toyota Motor Company is increasing its investment in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV). It is designing lower-cost, mass-market passenger cars and sport utility vehicles and even pushing the technology into trucks and buses to produce economies of scale.

Battery or fuel cell? Assessing infrastructure costs

To power future devices and vehicles there are two competing research strands: looking at batteries or fuel cells. One research group has undertaking an assessment of the infrastructure costs associated with both options for vehicles.

Essential Science: Zero emission vehicles are on the horizon

Hydrogen may be a small molecule but scientists have big ideas for the element. This includes low cost, high output fuel generation for next-generation vehicles.

Most auto executives see fuel cells not batteries for future EVs

A survey by giant auditor KPMG finds that though there is a growing electric vehicle (EV) market in China and also increasing global pollution limits for autos run on fossil fuels, a majority of global auto executives take a dim view of battery-run EVs.

Clean energy innovations that will transform our world (Part 1)

Technological innovations in electricity generation, energy storage, and the smart grid are changing the way we power our world. Great progress has been made in developing renewable energy resources, changing the face of the energy industry.

The HY4 — a plane that runs on fuel cells and emits only water

Stuttgart - The vision of sustainable air travel took a great leap forward recently when German researchers took to the air in a four-seater airplane that runs on hydrogen fuel cells while emitting only water vapor.

Artifical platinum is the basis for cars of the future

Platinum is a rare and expensive metal, and one classed above gold. The metal has a more important use than jewelry; it is proving to be the most efficient catalyst for the power industry.

Graphene enhances fuel cell output

Graphene quantum dots can attach graphene platelets to enhance the properties of the fuel cells. Tests have shown that graphene functions better than more expensive platinum catalysts.

Super catalyst could make a hydrogen fuel cell

Bionic leaves might one day be developed to produce energy-dense fuels from sunlight, water and atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, with no byproducts other than oxygen. The development of a new catalyst could represent a step towards this goal.

Is hydrogen a silver bullet to fix the environment?

Clean energy technologies are on the minds of many who want a silver bullet to fix the environment. Hydrogen and fuel cells are being touted as one of those magic bullets, but are they?

New Catalyst Paves the Path for Ethanol-Powered Fuel Cells

A team of researchers, including a team from DOE, has developed a new catalyst that could make ethanol-powered fuel cells feasible

Op-Ed: Iceland to phase out fossil fuels

Iceland has clean energy from a variety of sources, but has been lumbered with the need for oil, like the rest of the world, through lack of choices. Oil is expensive, too, being an import. In a world first, Iceland is looking to switch to fuel cells.

Toyota to Ship Ethanol-Fuelled Cars

Digital Journal — Toyota, the second largest automaker in the world, plans to release a car in 2007 that can run entirely on ethanol, and an ethanol/gas blend according to CNET. Analysts now predict Toyota could replace GM as the world's largest carmake

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