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Fuel News

Essential Science: Zero emission vehicles are on the horizon

Hydrogen may be a small molecule but scientists have big ideas for the element. This includes low cost, high output fuel generation for next-generation vehicles.

Going greener: UK sets renewable energy record

London - The U.K. generated its greatest quantity of energy from renewable resources in 2017, surpassing all other records. In total, renewable energy sources generated over three times the amount of electricity that came from fossil fuels.

Turning air into water and CO2 into fuel — Two global challenges

The World Economic Forum's annual list of emerging technologies were selected for their potential to solve the many critical global challenges we are facing today, including techniques that convert air into water and CO2 into fuel.

Essential Science: Making more efficient biofuels

Are biofuels the answer to the world’s energy needs or do the problems, including diverting food crops for fuel, carry an unnecessary level of social and economic problems? If biofuels are the answer, how can they be made for efficient?

Tax-exempt NATO, Afghan military fuel sold on open market

Kabul - Tax-exempt military fuel imported into Afghanistan is being sold on the open market, industry officials and a new anti-corruption report reveal, causing the government huge revenue losses as Kabul struggles to wean itself off foreign aid.

Dozens protest rising fuel prices in Syria capital

Damascus - Dozens of protesters gathered in Damascus on Sunday for a rare demonstration in front of Syria's parliament against a 40 percent hike in fuel prices announced last week.

Donors pledge cash to keep Chernobyl safe 30 years after disaster

Kiev - Global donors on Monday pledged additional money to help Ukraine keep Chernobyl safe for generations after causing the world's worst nuclear power disaster 30 years ago.The 87.

EU voices support for German migrant fuel tax idea

Berlin - A German proposal for a continent-wide fuel tax to help finance the absorption of migrants has won backing from the European commissioner for the euro, news magazine Spiegel reported Saturday.

German minister proposes Europe petrol tax to pay for migrant crisis

Berlin - Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Saturday raised the prospect of introducing a tax on petrol in Europe to pay for solving the migrant crisis, in remarks to the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

Hydrogen-powered phone battery could provide charge for a week

A British firm has created a tiny hydrogen-powered battery that could let modern smartphones survive an entire week's usage without having to return to the charger. The company has already created a working iPhone 6 prototype device.

Gas prices are dropping but will we see $2?

The U.S. is already baffled by low fuel prices this year and experts are expecting those prices to continue to drop. Some are even expecting the prices to get as low as $2 this winter.

Just how ethical are biofuels?

Geneva - One subject sure to divide opinion is biofuel. Are they a a sustainable energy supply or a product harmful to the environment? Swiss Federal Laboratories have developed a new way to answer this question.

Using fungi to create jet fuel

Scientists have devised a method to create fuel for aircraft using a black fungus. The fungus is commonly found in decaying leaves and vegetation. The biofuel is predicted to be economically viable within five years.

New renewable fuel alternative using bacteria

London - Scientists have genetically altered a strain of the common the gut bacteria E.coli in a way so that the bacterium can generate renewable propane.

Efficient way of making raw ingredient for biofuel Special

Biochemists have begun building a one-hectare pilot unit for the production of microalgae in Portugal. The aim is to produce microalgae biomass for biodiesel production in a sustainable manner.

Gaza power plant restart delayed over fuel

Gaza - Gaza's sole power station will not resume operations until Monday, despite Israel reopening a crossing to fuel deliveries, the deputy chief of the Gaza energy authority said on Sunday.Officials had said Israel would allow the resumption of diesel deliv...

Duckweed makes for a good biofuel source

Duckweed is a tiny floating plant and often seen as an unwanted weed. Now it seems as if the plant could have an economic value: as a source for biofuels.

Venezuela threatens to cut off fuel to protest areas

Caracas - Venezuela's leftist government Friday threatened to cut off gasoline supplies to areas hit by opposition protests that have spiraled into the biggest challenge to Nicolas Maduro since he became president last year."We will be obliged to suspend the sup...

American fuel distributor shows $380 billion leaving U.S. economy

AMERIgreen fuel provider released an infographic that shows $380 billion leaving the U.S. economy in 2012 because of foreign fuel consumption.

Unusual bacteria to be used for extracting fuel

Highly resistant bacteria called Halomonas are to be used for hydrocarbon extraction. The selection of these organisms is based on their unusual properties.

Tricking algae into making biofuels

Scientists have found a way to manipulate the internal clock of algae into thinking it is permanent daylight. This technique could lead to increased biofuel production.

Making low-cost hydrogen from bacteria

The goal of making cheap hydrogen fuel has been often discussed. Given that some bacteria make hydrogen as a by-product, scientists have looked towards microbes for some answers.

Biofuel production becomes more complicated

Scientists trying to understand how the castor oil plant produces some very fatty beans from which oil is refined into biodiesel have found the plan to be more complex than previously realized.

Spain: Cádiz project world-first to convert sewage into bio-fuel

Chiclana - A waste-water plant in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz will be first in the world to convert sewage into clean fuel to be used in vehicles. Under the project, dubbed All-gas, the plant is using sunlight to create algae, which in turn is converted to gas.

Are electric cars on the horizon? Charging stations crop up in US Special

Centreville - Electric and hybrid cars have been explored as an alternative to gas-fueled cars, but they haven't really become a viable option to date. However, is this going to change? eVgo stands, which are electrical charging stations, are cropping up in the U.S.

Modified E. Coli bacteria can produce diesel fuel

Researchers have given e.coli bacteria a desired use by genetically modifying them to change sugar into an oil close enough to diesel that can be used in engines. Scaling up this process could be an alternative to fossil fuels.

Op-Ed: A Mideast conflict could turn garbage into energy

As the globe searches for superior power sources to become less dependent upon desert oil barons, the US has developed technology that converts fuel from garbage. This fuel source could become more necessary during the coming Mideast conflicts.

Continued power outages lead to long lines at U.S. gas pumps Special

Power outages in New Jersey affecting oil refineries, gas stations, business and homes are creating long lines at the gas pumps.

One solution for combating pollution and oil shortage

Wouldn't it be nice to combat the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere and the shortage of oil at the same time? Apparently now it is possible with this interesting approach.

Day of protest against Palestinian government over economy

Palestinian protesters took to the streets of the West Bank again Monday in the largest demonstration against the Palestinian Authority government in its 18-year history. People say they are fed up with the state of the economy.
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Reading Buses' cow poo-powered Scania Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 set a land speed record for an operational service bus whilst doing 76.785mph
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A truckstop near Colorado
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Membrane less fuel cell batery
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Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson
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Woman collecting Yak dung into piles for later use as fuel for the fire.
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