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Q&A: How fruit flies aid personalized cancer treatments Special

London - London-based startup My Personal Therapeutics are pioneering the use of fruit fly avatars and big data to create fully personalized cancer treatments for patients. To find out more, we've interviewed founder Laura Towart.

Machine learning insight into how flies see the world

Toronto - The fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) occupies a world where it senses the environment through touch and smell. What isn’t clear is the extent that the fly visually interprets the world. To explore this, researchers have turned to machine learning.

Dietary supplement could lessen kidney damage

A dietary supplement appears to lessen kidney damage linked to genetic mutations. This is based on research conducted with transgenic fruit flies; however, the implication are wider and the supplement may prove of benefit to people.

Can bacteria reduce aggressive instincts?

A new study suggests that certain bacteria can alter the tendency for an animals to display aggressive behavior. This relates to studies conducted on scientists' favorite lab model: fruit flies.

Why species jumping viruses are more deadly

When harmful viruses leap from one species to another, their ability to cause infection can change. The degree to which this happens depends upon how closely-related the different species are to each other.

Fruit flies can sniff out drugs and explosives

New research suggests that a fruit fly's enhanced sense of smell could potentially be used to sniff out bombs and drugs.

Studying the eyes of fruit flies to fight cancer

Mutations in the human retinoblastoma protein can cause a form of eye cancer. To try and understand what is going on at the genetic level, researchers have begun studies in fruit flies.

Caffeinated fruit flies help spot insecticide resistance

To understand genetic mechanisms underlying insecticide resistance, scientists employed the strange combination of fruit flies and caffeine.

Fruit flies help for treatment of human liver

A study of the humble fruit fly may hold the key to new treatments for human liver diseases and diabetes.

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