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Fruit News

Florida’s oranges continue to be hit hard by citrus greening

Miami - Cases of citrus greening continue to affect Florida’s orange groves. New figures indicate that up to 90 percent of the acreage and 80 percent of their trees are infected by the bacterial disease.

Tiny reason for why foodborne illness occurs with vegetables

Researchers find tiny ridges on vegetables that enable harmful viruses to adhere to commonly eaten food. Some fruits and vegetables are less likely to become contaminated than others.

Curing citrus greening with lasers

Tampa - A new method for tackling the serious citrus greening disease has been proposed. This involves powering a laser beam towards citrus leaves. Initial trials have proved successful.

Key to food scarcity is growing it under the sea

Noli - Agricultural experts, working with scuba divers, are developing a project designed to see if growing plants in pods on the seabed is a viable solution for future food security.

Consumers unsure about food labeling and information

Despite food labeling reforms, from levels of fats to salts or whether something is gluten free, labels are still causing confusion among consumers according to a new study.

New call for healthy eating in schools

Politicians in Europe are calling for a new scheme to be introduced to promote healthy eating in schools throughout the European Union.

Origins of modern citrus fruits revealed

Oranges and lemons have a common ancestor. This finding comes from an analysis of 34 chloroplast genomes. The study shows how and when modern fruit varieties evolved.

Op-Ed: Benefits of slow juice diets

London Colney - Juicing has become one of 2014's health trends. A new survey of consumer behaviors outlines some of the top juicing tips.

Genetic history of tomatoes unveiled

Davis - DNA sequencing of 360 tomato varieties has produced a genetic history of the fruit. The study has revealed that DNA around genes can lead to larger fruit size or enhanced resistance against diseases.

Russia issues ban on Polish fruit and vegetables

Moscow - Tensions continue to mount between politicians in Moscow and those across the Western world regarding the nearly five month-old Crimean Crisis.

Pair of Japanese mangoes fetch $3,000 at auction

Tokyo - A pair of mangoes grown in southern Japan sold Thursday for a whopping 300,000 yen ($3,000), a record price for the fruit's first auction of the season, Kyodo News reported.

Peaches inhibit breast cancer

New research indicates that treatments with peach extract inhibit breast cancer metastasis in mice. Specifically, treatments with peach extract inhibit breast cancer metastasis in mice.

Grapes infested with Black Widow Spiders found in some states

Black Widows have been discovered in grapes across the states of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

Deadly spiders hatch in woman's banana

A woman in the United Kingdom was halfway done with a banana when she noticed some spots on the skin. It ended up being spiders.

Science fights back against fruit pathogens

Scientists have uncovered the mechanism by which an aggressive fungal pathogen infects almost all fruits and vegetables. This finding could lead to some novel anti-fungal treatments.

Bacteria help fruit trees to grow

Scientists have used different strains of fungi and bacteria to promote development and health in trees, which have enabled them to accelerate growth of different species up to 40 percent.

Photos of Chinese kids dressed in watermelons go viral

The latest odd trend going viral on Chinese social media sites? Photos of children wearing "suits" made out of sliced watermelon sections.

Storing fruit & vegetables differently may boost health benefits

It may seem a little strange, but storing fruit and vegetables differently could help to boost their health benefits in relation to chemical like antioxidants.

Scientists investigate ways to slow down the ripening of fruit

Scientists have pinpointed the mechanism which results in fruit ripening. This relates to a plant gene which is activated by the production of the gaseous hormone ethylene.

Polk's Plus market continues a family tradition spanning decades Special

Pooler - For generations the Polk family has provided customers in the Savannah area with the freshest farm grown products around, and Hezekiah Polk's daughter, Becky, and her sons are continuing that tradition with their market in Pooler.

Video: Meet Ron Finley — a guerrilla gardener in South Central LA

Los Angeles - Ron Finley is an artist and a designer, based in South Central LA. He is also a guerrilla gardener, planting food in vacant lots, traffic medians and along curbs in the area.

Greek farmers give away 55 tons of free fruit & vegetables

Athens - On Wednesday farmers in Greece, while protesting high production costs, gave away tons of free fruit and vegetables to needy Greek people outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens.

The changing Japanese diet: more meat, less veg

Tokyo - The Japanese government is concerned about the diet of the typical citizen. The average volume of vegetables, fruit and seafood that Japanese adults eat every day has fallen during the past ten years leading to concerns about health and nutrition.

New spray in development to slow-down banana ripening

Potential good news for those who dislike their bananas over-ripening too quickly. A spray-on coating is in development that consumers could use to delay the ripening of bananas.

Could Elmo encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables?

Fort Worth - Could a cartoon character like Sesame Street's Elmo make children healthier? A new report suggests that cartoon stickers could encourage children, who usually avoid healthy items, to eat fruits and vegetables.

Is it possible to produce ‘healthy’ chocolate?

Is it possible to produce a more healthy form of chocolate? A scientific team think so, provided that half of the fat content is replaced with fruit juice.

Is avocado oil the new health tonic?

New research has indicated that avocado oil is a rich source of anti-oxidants and the findings suggests that a diet high in anti-oxidants may be beneficial for disease prevention.

Is popcorn more healthy than fruit?

Scranton - Some new research suggests that popcorn may be healthier than fruit or vegetables, at least in terms of the levels of antioxidants.

Watermelons a business opportunity for developing countries?

A debilitating shortage of watermelons in Japan might just be one golden opportunity poor developing countries need to make some much needed cash.

New research discovers tangerines help obesity

A surprising new discovery will help fight obesity and heart problems. The University of Western Ontario has carried out research and discovered a substance in tangerines that helps obesity and gives protection against type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis.
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Food found at a grocery
Food found at a grocery
A basket full of fresh vegetables
A basket full of fresh vegetables
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Screenshot from video called Tattoo a Banana
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A box designed to grow a single square watermelon
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Freshly picked organic oranges, even with an orange blossom still attached.
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Drosophila species fly.
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A variety of berries
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The plasticulture method of growing strawberries.
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The stem of the tomato plant is grafted onto the root of the potato plant.
Peach on tree
Peach on tree
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home-made pies: cherry, apple and blueberry
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A banana peel on ice