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Frogs News

Selling $600 frogs -- to save them from poachers

Quito - Poachers in Ecuador have long known the hefty prices their country's rare frogs can fetch. But now environmentally conscious firms are starting to sell the amphibians too -- to try to save them from the black market and threatened extinction.

First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

Buenos Aires - The first naturally fluorescent frog was discovered recently in Argentina -- almost by chance, a member of the team of researchers told AFP Thursday.

Frog foam inspires drug delivery method

Glasgow - Scientists have been inspired by a foam made by miniature frogs to protect their eggs. This is as a means to deliver healing drugs to burns patients.

Read about the latest research on cancer tumors

New York - Scientists from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have shared the latest research on tumor growth and how the body reacts. The data is drawn from studies on frogs.

Review: Giant animals and unhip vampires prey on this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a hilarious supernatural mockumentary; a less funny unnatural thriller; several ‘70s creature features; an action-packed historical miniseries; and the second season following a highly volatile family.

Op-Ed: Ever wonder why you're afraid of spiders? Evolution provides clue

San Jos - When you live in the tropics, the neighbors tend to invite themselves into your house. In my case, sometimes it's a two-toed sloth. Other times it's a beautiful morpho butterfly. And other times it's a large, hairy spider.

Skin of a frog determines its disease susceptibility

The relationships between microbial communities on skin and amphibian disease resistance have been explored. This is in relation to combating a frog-killing fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.

Boosting frog populations by creating aquatic nurseries

A new study suggests that mimicking the rainforest water holes left by peccaries can help boost frog populations and to preserve some endangered species.

Studying human development via tadpoles

In order to find out the role that thyroid hormones play in development, researchers have turned to studying tadpoles and are charting their transformation into frogs.

New species of frog can breed in a unique way

A newly described frog species engages in internal fertilizations and gives birth to tadpoles. This method of reproduction has surprised scientists.

Deadly virus is killing frogs throughout Spain

Several frog, toad, newt, and salamander populations are being attacked by an emerging pathogen in a major national park in Spain.

Costa Rica deports German caught smuggling hundreds of animals

San Jos - Costa Rica is famous for its wildlife and scenic grace. The country's biodiversity is astounding, but so is its illegal wildlife trafficking. In this land of unparalleled beauty, there are car alarms in the jungle and treachery is not unheard of.

Bats use echolocation to hunt for túngara frogs

A new study has shown how male túngara frogs are easily detected and eaten by bats. Because the frogs bellow, the bats can find them through echolocation.

Alaska frogs survive in freezing conditions

Anchorage - In subarctic Interior Alaska, wood frogs spend winter in the ground covered by duff and leaf litter in conditions where temperatures can remain below freezing for more than six months with minimum temperatures of minus four (minus 20 Celsius).

Tackling frog-killing fungus

Scientists have found that repeated exposure to a harmful fungus can help a proportion of frogs ward off infection. Through this, many frogs have been shown to self-clear infections.

African frog uses chemicals to hide from killer ants

The West African savanna frog avoids being eaten by African stink ants by exuding a chemical that conceals the frog from the maundering ants.

Preview: Chile documentary shows the wildlife of a long country

A team of adventurous filmmakers has made a documentary that shows the opportunities to see wildlife along Chile, from the arid regions of the Atacama Desert to the Patagonia and Antarctica, and from the high Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

72-year-old man survives wilderness eating squirrels, lizards

A 72-year-old man says he was able to survive living in the wilderness while lost for 19 days by eating lizards, squirrels and frogs. Gene Penaflor recovered in a hospital in San Francisco, California.

Salamanders suffering from flesh-eating fungus

Fire salamanders in the Netherlands have been suffering from a fungus that erodes their skin. The fungus has resulted in several deaths.

Video: Japanese diners enjoy live frog sushi

Tokyo - A controversial YouTube video of a young Japanese woman enjoying a dish of live frog sushi is the latest viral sensation.

Deadly fungus spreads through the world's frog population

Many of the planet's population of frogs are in danger from a fungal infection that is killing them off by the thousands. The fungus could lead to multiple extinctions of frog species.

Mountain Chicken Frogs at risk of extinction lay eggs

London - Mountain chicken frogs that were rescued from the Caribbean have laid many eggs. Mountain chicken frogs were at risk of extinction due to a deadly disease, known as chytrid fungus.

Autistic man survives 3 weeks in Utah desert on frogs and roots

Colorado Springs - An autistic man, William Martin LaFever, 28, of Colorado Springs, walked a distance of 40 miles in the Escalante Desert of Utah, surviving on frogs and roots, and drinking from the Escalante River before he was rescued on Thursday, weak and emaciated.

New frog species spotted in New York City

New York - A new and unusual species of frog has been found in New York. Scientists have undertaken genetic tests and have confirmed that it is a new species. Due to their scarcity there have been calls for the frogs to be protected by a conservation order.

Op-Ed: The Toad Patrol — Preserving Britain's amphibious heritage Special

Peterborough - There is an unseen migration in the British countryside at this time of year as toads make their way back to the ponds where they were spawned, in order to breed. Many would end up under the wheels of cars, but for a small army of volunteers.

Previously believed extinct Hula painted frog found in Israel

Jerusalem - A frog, previously believed to have perished, has been (re)discovered. The Hula painted frog, found in Israel, has been thought to be extinct for the last 15 years. The last Hula frog was found in Northern Israel back in the 1950s.

Darwin’s tiny frogs could be saved from extinction Special

Santiago - Researchers in Concepción, Chile, have succeeded in ex-situ breeding of threatened Darwin’s little frog. Good news, as scientists commemorate the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s death, which occurred on April 19, 1882.

Traffic noise ruins the sex lives of frogs

An Australian researcher announced Friday that the traffic noise in the city of Melbourne ruins the sex lives urban frogs.

Save the Frogs Campaign gathers pace in Goa Special

The night season has set in. The rain drops are striking at a ferocious pace and tiny rain drops find their way on to my bed through the tile roof house of mine.

'Frog marriage' conducted to bring rain to Bangladesh

People from two neighboring villages in Bangladesh conducted a marriage ceremony between two frogs as part of a custom believed to bring rain to the region.
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Found in Madagascar  this amphibian has an incredible defense mechanism. When a predator tries to ea...
Found in Madagascar, this amphibian has an incredible defense mechanism. When a predator tries to eat the frog, the frog’s skin secretes a thick fluid that sticks to the mouth and eyes of the predator, causing the animal to release the frog. This species is listed in CITES Appendix I due to an unsustainable pet trade.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters
Strawberry poison-dart frog contains numerous alkaloids which deter predators.
Strawberry poison-dart frog contains numerous alkaloids which deter predators.
A tadpole in pond water
A tadpole in pond water
Jason Smith
A green frog  hiding from the sun.
A green frog, hiding from the sun.

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