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Review: Dennis Quaid superb on relevant and timely new single 'Friends' Special

Worldwide superstar Dennis Quaid has released his timely new single "Friends" on November 27. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Jesse McCartney talks 'The Masked Singer,' 'Friends,' new music Special

Pop singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his latest single "Friends," and his experience on "The Masked Singer," where he performed as Turtle. He also recalled his time on "All My Children."

Review: Jesse McCartney releases refreshing pop single 'Friends' Special

Platinum-selling pop singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney is back with his latest single, "Friends." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Cast of hit sitcom 'Friends' reuniting for 25th anniversary

Los Angeles - It's finally happening!The cast of the hit US sitcom "Friends" is reuniting for a 25th anniversary special, much to the delight of fans.

Allee Willis, Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, dead at 72

The music community worldwide mourns the loss of one of its finest songwriters, Allee Willis. She passed away on December 24, 2019, at the age of 72.

The Rembrandts talk 'Via Satellite' album, digital age of music Special

Phil Solem of The Rembrandts chatted with Digital Journal about their forthcoming studio album, "Via Satellite," which will be released on August 23, 2019, via Blue Elan Records.

Jorgos and friends to perform biggest ever magic event in Greece Special

Athens - World renowned magician Jorgos chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming magic event, featuring special friends and guests, at The Christmas Theater in Athens, Greece.

German network aims to integrate refugees, one friend at a time

Berlin - As Germany seeks to integrate over one million refugees and migrants who arrived last year, one Berlin non-profit group argues that the first step is simple: "Start with a Friend".

Actress Laura Cayouette talks new John Schneider projects Special

Like an increasing number of established screen actors, the 51 year old from Maryland has recently worked with writer, director and actor John Schneider. She relayed the experience to Digital Journal.

Tiger befriends goat after it was served to him as live food

Primorskiy - Last week, zookeepers presented Amur the Siberian tiger with a live goat. Instead of eating the goat, Amur befriended it.

Yes, Windows 10 shares your Wi-Fi password: What you need to know

Windows 10 introduces a new option that allows you to automatically share your Wi-Fi password with your contacts, including people on Facebook. The feature is enabled by default and isn't pleasing people online. Here's what you need to know.

Facebook's new Moments app highlights photos of friends

Facebook has released a new photo management app that uses facial recognition to detect forgotten pictures of your friends in your camera roll. It then suggests tags, syncs the friends and tags to the photo's subject and shares the images with friends.

Facebook Messenger gets its own standalone website

Facebook has created a new standalone website for its Messenger service which can be used independently of the main Facebook site. The move follows the removal of messaging support from the core Facebook app on iOS and Android last year.

Friends episodes shorter on Netflix than on DVD?

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. On Thursday, Netflix added many new titles to its collection, including the TV show Friends.

Teen amputee saves, bonds with three-legged stray dog

Gainesville - A Florida teenager who lost his leg due to an ATV accident has found a new best friend, a Dachshund who also happens to be an amputee due to a vehicle accident.

'Friends' star Kudrow seeks new trial after ex-manager wins suit

Santa Monica - Actress Lisa Kudrow, a former star of the long-running US television show "Friends," wants a new trial after losing a $1.6 million breach-of-contract lawsuit to her ex-manager.

Arizona baseball fan plays for his hometown dream team Special

Tucson - Michael Hoard remembers sitting in the stands at Sancet Stadium as a child, cheering on the Arizona Wildcats baseball team.

Norwegian fox and hound make unlikely friendship

One morning last summer, photographer Torgeir Berge was walking in the woods with his dog Tinni. Suddenly they came across a young fox, and what happened next is amazing.

Friends: The secret to becoming smarter, happier and productive

Los Angeles - Our basic need to connect socially is as important as food and water according to findings in, 'Social-Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect,' by UCLA psychologist Matthew Lieberman. Strengthening our social super-powers will help our lives, he says.

100 Facebook friends show up at school to defend bullied student

A high-school bully said that he was sorry to another student who he bullied. This was after 100 Facebook users showed up to defend the bullied student.

Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry to reunite on new comedy 'Go On'

'Friends' alums Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry are set to reunite when Cox makes an April guest appearance on Perry's new comedy 'Go On.'

Smartphone app lets you have sex with Facebook friends

The Bang With Friends sex app claims that it anonymously hooks up users with friends on their Facebook profiles. The app claims it's registering five new users, or "bangers," every minute.

Photos: Unlikely friendship between a fox and a cat

A local fisherman in Van, Turkey would have never believed that the fox and cat he saw eating some leftover fish would become the best of friends.

Facebook users complain of virus that sends out friend requests

A growing number of Facebook users are saying that there appears to be a virus going around that is sending out friend requests to people they don't know or even to people they have blocked.

Remembering Amy Winehouse one year after her death

Family, friends and fans are preparing to mark the first anniversary of the death of singer Amy Winehouse, through interviews, musical tributes and art.

White-tailed Rudolph & friends chow on $80,000 of Christmas trees

New Hampton - When a herd of deer eat 12,000 Christmas trees off an eight-acre Christmas tree farm in one week, Santa Claus may be lucky to get his cookies and milk this holiday with over $80,000 of damage to a family's 40-year old business.

The price of romance is two friends says study

The cost of falling in love is two close friends, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University. It showed that one family member and one friend are usually distanced in order to accommodate the new lover.

Monkey in zoo befriends toad, carrying it around all day

Visitors at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England were treated to the bizarre sight of a monkey lovingly carrying around a little toad one day.

Drinking with friends may be good for you

Researchers in Japan have found that moderate alcohol consumption with your family or friends in a supportive social setting can not only reduce your chance of heart attack but can decrease your risk of stroke as well.

When Reality Shows Get Too Scary: Paris Hilton Wants A New BFF

Do you think shopping is like way hot? Or that stabbing your best friend in the back is so not even if that BFF goes PDA on your man? Then you may just get a chance to be Paris' next BFF. Yes folks that is the premise of a reality series. Scary, huh?
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Yay  us!  Bentonville natives toast their lifelong friendships.  Rogers  Ark.
Yay, us! Bentonville natives toast their lifelong friendships. Rogers, Ark.
A sign of friendship
A sign of friendship
by ruumo
Vice-president Joe Biden with Obama
Vice-president Joe Biden with Obama
White House Photo by Pete Souza
Dennis Quaid releases  Friends  single
Dennis Quaid releases 'Friends' single
Greg Allen
J Ocean Dennie
my late doggy friend   Fluffy
my late doggy friend, "Fluffy"
Cast of  Friends
Cast of 'Friends'
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Natives of NWA gather yearly for what is now dubbed the  Hen Party.   Bentonville  Ark.
Natives of NWA gather yearly for what is now dubbed the "Hen Party." Bentonville, Ark.
Laura Cayouette
Laura Cayouette
John Schneider Studios
MEMORY: A memorial honoring Sean Collier  the police officer killed as the Tsarnaev brothers tried t...
MEMORY: A memorial honoring Sean Collier, the police officer killed as the Tsarnaev brothers tried to escape Boston after the marathon bombings, is shown at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Mass.
Daderot/Wikimedia Commons
Putting  heads to gether
Putting 'heads to gether'
Cliff Schimdt

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