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British man wakes up from coma thinking he's Matthew McConaughey

A British man awoke from a coma, following a terrible car accident, speaking fluent French and thinking he was Matthew McConaughey.

High Court denies damages to French-speaking Ottawa couple

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Air Canada does not have to pay an Ottawa couple that filed suit against the airline because they couldn't be served in their preferred tongue.

Launching a new classical season with flash and fury Special

Toronto - Who says classical music isn't exciting? The Toronto Symphony Orchestra launched its latest season in fine style this week, with superstar violinist Joshua Bell providing characteristic fire and drama.

Poll: Two percent of French women willing to go topless at beach

A poll, conducted by Elle magazine, revealed that as few as two-percent of women under the age of 35 are willing to bare their breasts at the beach.

Review: Toronto 'Tartuffe' has good moments, odd directorial choices Special

Toronto - It's a tricky business, trying to make an old theatre warhorse seem fresh and new. Bold or eccentric choices can spark new life into a classic, or they can massacre it. Soulpepper's new mounting of “Tartuffe” tastes both ends of the lollipop.

Interview with Lenou: Daughter of Nana Mouskouri Special

Singer-songwriter Lenou is the daughter of best-selling female recording artist Nana Mouskouri, and she is a gifted musician in her own right.

Director Alan Resnais has died

Celebrated French movie director Alan Resnais has died aged 91. Resnais movie career spanned more than 60 years. His death was announced on Saturday, the day after the Césars French cinema awards and on the eve of the Oscars.

French crook continues the con from behind bars

Lannemezan - A criminal, locked up in a prison cell in the south-western French town of Lannemezan, managed to continue his life of crime, despite being behind bars. However, once he was found out, he had literally nowhere to go.

Review: Marville's Paris On View At The Met Special

New York - A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcasing the work of French photographer Charles Marville strips away the romance of Paris, but offers a challenging commentary on the nature of transformation.

SocGen compensates some employee shareholders over Kerviel affair

Paris - French bank Society General has compensated about a dozen employee shareholders who demanded reparations following the scandal over rogue trader Jerome Kerviel, sources told AFP on Tuesday.

Hospital patient kicked out when requesting service in English

Montreal - A patient entered Verdun General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in an ambulance because of chest pains, but says she was kicked out when requesting that hospital staff speak to her in English, rather than French.

Miley Cyrus & Britney Spears banned from daytime French TV

A media watchdog group in France has declared the two pop stars' recent videos for "Wrecking Ball" and "Work Bitch" to be unsuitable for daytime television.

Child films security guards assaulting parents in Spain (video)

Torrevieja - A French family were on a Christmas holiday in Torrevieja in the Valencian Community of Spain when they visited a supermarket. When passing the shop's till, an alarm went off in the security barrier and they were badly assaulted by security guards.

Unemployed French man advertises CV on giant billboard

With the unemployment rate in Europe reaching new highs, a French man has found an ingenious way to find a job. Laurent Le Bret put his CV on a giant billboard next to a busy road.

French actress Rachel Kylian has many talents Special

Los Angeles - “Une très belle femme francaise” - a very beautiful French woman, Rachel Kylian, has fixed her sights on Hollywood stardom and appears to be on the right trajectory.

Writer Gerard de Villiers dies at 83

French writer Gerard de Villiers, whose spy thrillers have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, has died aged 83.

New find: The British ate frogs' legs before the French

Salisbury - For many years, the British have teased the French about their penchant for eating frogs' legs. Now the humor turns, as we find out that the British were actually the first to eat the "delicacy."

The Met's Balthus Show Offers Meditations on Power And Sex Special

New York - There’s a special sort of power in the new Balthus exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one combining the whimsy and fearlessness of youth with the tension of the male gaze.

France Senate approves gay marriage legislation

The French Senate has passed legislation that will allow for same-sex marriage, with a vote of 179 to 159. The vote solidifes one of the main campaign promises made by the French Socialist President François Hollande,

France: First ever Brit appointed as guardian of French language

Paris - The historic body charged with preserving the French language against the invasion of the linguistic hordes of Anglo-americanisms, this week made history itself as the Académie Française elected its first British born member.

Review: Haneke's latest masterpiece delivers a bleak love drama Special

At first, “Amour” may seem like a departure for Austrian director Michael Haneke, whose oeuvre includes disturbing, violent dramas “Caché” and “The White Ribbon”. But as the film unfolds, you realize no other filmmaker could have created it.

French town offers refuge to Mayan apocalypse believers

Bugarach - Bugarach, one of the least populated areas of France, is becoming a popular destination among people who believe that the end of the world is near.

Missing French girl found in trunk after routine traffic stop

A 15-year-old French girl who went missing was found tied up in the trunk of a car in Germany after a routine traffic stop.

Video: French media blackout of protest against radical Islam

Paris - France’s politically correct media failed to cover a patriotic march (in favour of French values and culture and against radical Islam) that took place in Paris last weekend.

New Beatles bio offers a graphic look at the Fab Four Special

A new, comic-book style book offers a new, creative take on the history of The Beatles. Combining history with comics, creator Herve Bourhis has fashioned a fascinatingly visual take on the story of the Fab Four.

Magazine ordered to surrender topless photos of Kate Middleton

A French judge has ordered Closer magazine to stop re-publishing or distributing photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless. It also has 24 hours to hand over the original photos or face a daily fine of 10,000 euros.

Headless torsos found in French forest

On Monday, French police said that a couple are being held for questioning about the killing and dismemberment of another couple.

Op-Ed: French ships keep busy in Antarctic, Indian Oceans Special

Cape Town - A scientist on a remote island of the Crozet Archipelago, one of France’s far-flung Scattered Island groups, which lies about half-way between South Africa and Antarctica, has been rescued by a frigate of the French Navy.

Gaddafi sponsored Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential bid with 50M euro?

Paris - In a report released by Mediapart, they state that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was sponsored by Muammar Gaddafi to the tune of 50 million euros.

Keep an eye on your cat if you plan to visit Angers, France

Angers - The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Angers, France warns all citizens to hold on to their furry little friends.
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French Image

French prisoners made a video dancing the Harlem Shake
French prisoners made a video dancing the Harlem Shake
Re-arming French Mirage 2000D fighter jet to enforce the UN no-fly zone above Libya.
Re-arming French Mirage 2000D fighter jet to enforce the UN no-fly zone above Libya.
EMA / Armée de l'Air
French police
French police
David Monniaux
An example of  Franglais  - the use of English words and phrases in French - in a Parisian restauran...
An example of 'Franglais' - the use of English words and phrases in French - in a Parisian restaurant
Jonanamary on Flick'r
French troops in Indochina.
French troops in Indochina.
A boarding party from the FS Tonnerre (French for  Thunder .)
A boarding party from the FS Tonnerre (French for 'Thunder'.)
EU Navfor
Two French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets ready for takeoff
Two French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets ready for takeoff
EMA / Armée de l'Air
The amphibious support ship  FS Tonnerre
The amphibious support ship, FS Tonnerre
Alain Roberts  French  Spiderman  scales highest steel tower in China.
Alain Roberts, French "Spiderman" scales highest steel tower in China.
Video screen capture
The French frigate FS Surcouf  ironically named after a pirate
The French frigate FS Surcouf, ironically named after a pirate
EU Navfor
French prisoner  dressed as a prison guard  lighting a joint.
French prisoner, dressed as a prison guard, lighting a joint.
The Beatles Graphic (originally published in France) also traces the post-Beatles career of the band...
The Beatles Graphic (originally published in France) also traces the post-Beatles career of the band's former members and their offspring; Bourhis here depicts Sean Lennon's recreation of father John Lennon's famous Annie Liebowitz shot of he and Yoko Ono, with his own girlfriend.
Omnibus Press
FS Floréal alongside at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town in the evening
FS Floréal alongside at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town in the evening