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Freezer News

Which freezes faster: Hot water or cold water?

A debate has been raging in the world of physics over whether the long-held theorem that cold water freezes faster than hot water remains correct, and that, instead, hot water freezes faster. We assess the issues.

Review: New on DVD for January 21 Special

This week’s releases include a throwback creature feature; a reimagining of a Tennessee Williams classic; an acclaimed film based on true events; genuine comedy gold; and a couple of relatively unknowns.

Palma de Mallorca man kills, cuts up and freezes brother

Palma - Spain's National Police on Monday arrested a 39-year-old Palma de Mallorca man, who allegedly killed and dismembered his own brother. The prisoner handed himself in at police headquarters on the island.

30 dead dogs found in man's freezer

Danish police say that they were investigating complaints of loud barking when they discovered 30 dead dogs in a freezer.

10-year-old allegedly killed by family for taking a Popsicle

Phoenix - Phoenix Police have charged four people in the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal who is believed to have suffocated in a small locked box after family members allegedly put her in there as punishment for taking a Popsicle from the freezer without permission.

Father sentenced for putting his baby son in a freezer

Chandler - A Chandler Arizona man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for putting his son in a freezer for a temporary period of time while high on methamphetamines.

Body of husband stored in freezer found after death of wife

Carlsbad - The remains of a man who died in 1997 were found in a freezer in Carlsbad New Mexico. It was placed there by his wife so she could continue to collect his pension.

Man admits to putting cat in microwave, freezer and dryer

Torquay - A 44-year-old UK man who admitted that he put a cat in a switched-on microwave, tumble dryer and freezer, and filmed it on his mobile phone has said it was "drunken, stupid drugged-up mistake."

Defying the laws of gravity: ice spikes

This morning, while checking my freezer, I discovered a 4.1 cm long ice spike on an ice cube. It was the very first in nearly 15 years. Millions of ice cubes are made every day, yet only a few will develop spikes. Little is known about this phenomenon.

Body of French chef found in freezer

Lyon - The body of a chef who went missing two years ago was found in his girlfriend’s freezer this week. Authorities said Jean-François Poinard was placed in the freezer after being beaten to death in November 2008.

Endangered tiger among animals found in British man's freezer

Police raided a suburban house in Coventry, England, arresting a 52-year-old man. Among many different dead and frozen animals they found a tiger, a monkey and a chimpanzee in his freezer.

Pet's Plus owner charged, police find 22 animals in freezer Special

Pets Plus owner Aaron Ashley in West Virginia has been charged with Felon Animal Cruelty after Fairmont Police allegedly found 22 pets from the store inventory in the freezer including a dog, six kittens, mice, rats, and a reptile in assorted bags.

France: Verdict due for woman accused of freezing, burning babies

A trial in France is expected to reach a verdict later this week in the case of a French woman accused of murdering three newly born babies. Two babies were left in a freezer and one was burned.

Three dead babies found in freezer in Germany

A German mother of three was arrested on charges of killing three of her babies and storing their bodies in the freezer for two decades.

Baby Found in Freezer in Paris

Another disturbing case of infanticide has come to light Tuesday in Paris. A French couple has been detained after a relative found a baby in their freezer. This is the fourth infanticide case to hit France in the last two years.

Advice to murderers: Don't invite people for dinner

A 42-year-old man in Belgium's Verviers murdered his wife and son and put them in the freezer. Months later, July 2nd 2007, he invited a woman for dinner. She wanted to put the rest of the food in the freezer and discovered the body of a woman.

Body of missing Arcadia man found in freezer

The body of a man who has been missing since Feb. 10 was found stuffed in a freezer in the front yard of an abandoned house.

Thieves Lock Employees in Freezer

4 Swiss Chalet employees were locked inside the restaurant's freezer to conduct and armed robbery.

Lindsay Lohan Deep Freezes Her Appendix

After Lindsay Lohan had her appendix removed a couple of weeks ago, she became terrified it would somehow end up on eBay.

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