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Freeze News

Baghdad dismisses Kurd offer to freeze independence vote

Baghdad - Baghdad on Thursday dismissed an offer from Iraqi Kurdish leaders to freeze the outcome of a vote for independence last month in a bid to pave the way for dialogue.

Iraq Kurds offer to freeze independence vote

Arbil - Iraqi Kurdish leaders offered Wednesday to freeze the outcome of last month's vote for independence, taking a step back in a major crisis that prompted Baghdad to seize swathes of disputed territory.

Human waste on Everest is becoming a major problem

Officials in Nepal have warned that human waste building up on Mount Everest is becoming a major problem that could begin to spread disease on top of the world's highest mountain.

In Photos: The Great Freeze of 2013 in Toronto Special

Toronto - Toronto is left thawing out just before Christmas as approximately 250,000 households across the Greater Toronto Area have been out of power. It could be until after Christmas that power is fully restored across the city and other parts of the area.

iPhone 5S users facing 'Blue Screen of Death' crashes

It looks like Apple is experiencing quality control issues with the latest iPhone release. iPhone 5S users are complaining about several issues surrounding their devices.

How does a small fish survive the Arctic waters?

The bald notothen is a small fish that lives in the freezing, icy waters of Antarctica. Scientists have figured out how the fish manages to survive in conditions that would kill most other sea creatures.

Hostess will freeze some Twinkies before shipping them

On Friday Hostess confirmed that some of their Twinkies will be frozen before they are shipped when the pastries are re-released this month.

Mexico loses 80-100% of crops to freeze, US prices to skyrocket

Houston - The cold weather experienced across much of the US in early February made its way deep into Mexico and early reports estimate 80-100 percent crop losses which are having an immediate impact on prices at US grocery stores with more volatility to come.

Woman dies in a historic Swedish castle

Kalmar - A woman froze to death after being trapped in a castle after a special mass on New Years Eve, only to be found by a janitor.

500 rare African penguins killed by big freeze in South Africa

Johannesburg - Nearly 500 rare African penguins have died in the past 24 hours as a result of extremely cold weather in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province.

Florida Orange Growers Brace for Possible Killing Freeze

Orange growers in Florida are preparing to deal for record cold to hit the citrus belt as an Arctic blast plunges temperatures into the kill zone Saturday and Sunday nights.

Michigan man freezes to death after electric company cuts power

A senior citizen froze to death inside his home in Michigan after his electric company cut the power off for unpaid electricity bills. The chief medical examiner reported that he died “a slow and painful death.”

Scientists clone 16-year-old frozen mice, mammoths next?

Scientists were able to take cells from mice frozen at -20 deg C for 16 years, and grow them into healthy clones. It raises hopes of reproducing extinct animals in the future.

Did Climate Change Kill Off the Neanderthals?

Did a sharp cold spell mean doom to our ancient ancestors? A new study says it could have been.

Dad left toddler outside to freeze to death

Father knocked child out then left her outside

When your PC quits: Tips for surviving computer meltdowns

Hamburg (dpa) - It's every PC user's worst nightmare: The monitor goes dark, and the system won't respond to anything you try. It's a system crash. It's easy to forget PCs consists of dozens of components and parts - each of which can caus...

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This picture was taken on December 27. Notice the ice on the beach along the Cape.
This picture was taken on December 27. Notice the ice on the beach along the Cape.
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
Winter in Poland
Winter in Poland

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