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Defying Unfavorable Attention, China's Liu Xiaobo Still in Prison

Melbourne - In December 2010, on International Human Rights Day, Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. One year later, as informed by a press release from PEN International, he and more than thirty other writers remain in prison.

Supreme Court appears split on video game violence

Washington - The Supreme Court debated sex, violence and free speech Tuesday, as several justices strongly argued for breaking new ground and upholding a California law that would forbid the sale of violent video games to those under age 18.

Op-Ed: Islam and You - The Politics of Geert Wilders

There is something about Geert Wilders. Wherever the provocative Dutchman goes, controversy tends to follow. He shuns political correctness and has become (in)famous for his comments about immigration and Islam, like comparing the Qu’ran to Mein Kampf.

Op-Ed: Deadly dangers of Freedom of Speech, alive tomorrow in Sri Lanka

What’s happened to journalists and others who speak out against the dictatorial government of Sri Lanka? Who’s on the “hit list” the government’s state intelligence units have drawn up? One day they’re here, the next day they’ve vanished.

Simon Singh obtains a victory for freedom of speech

Simon Singh, theoretical physicist and author, recently won a long and bitter court battle against the British Chiropractic Association. Edzard Ernst explains the importance of this victory.

Exclusive Interview: Westboro Baptist Church Shunned by West Va. Special

What if you held a parade or a protest and no one was there to watch? Well that's exactly what happened at some locations in Charleston, WV when Westboro Baptist Church staged hate protests, hoping for a reaction from the miners grieving families.

Israeli journalists on ice for report on Israeli assassinations

Of the two Israeli journalists who are involved in an exclusive story about the Israeli army assassinating targeted Palestinians, one is said to be under house arrest; the other left the country months ago.

Pennsylvania courts rule on students' freedom of speech on Web

The state of Pennsylvania's U.S. Circuit Court came to two different conclusions in two cases Thursday, but both involved suspending students for MySpace use.

Sen. Kerry Favors Amendment to Change Court Decision

Senator Kerry says he backs a constitutional amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding the recent Supreme Court decision on free speech to include corporations. This comes after a firestorm of protest over the decision.

President Obama's China Visit Tightly Controlled

Barack Obama is making his way through China, speaking out about freedom of speech and other issues as Chinese authorities keep a close watch.

Somali press freedom deteriorates as radio stations closed down

Somalia has been everything except for a paradise for journalists who speak their minds. Press freedom in the war torn country has taken yet another blow, now that two independent radio stations have been forced to close their doors.

Op-Ed: Press freedom in 2009? So far, not so good

2009 will be remembered for many things, from Obama's victory and Michael Jackson kicking the bucket to swine flu and the economic meltdown. It will also be remembered for some serious violations of press freedom.

Internet Defamation: What Are the Boundaries of Free Speech?

Recently in Sichuan, China Internet Activist Deng Yonggu was convicted for “slander” for his Internet posting. The China Free Press reported this a few days ago, showing even China is involved in Internet concerns about free speech.

Should the Lori Drew Cyberbullying Decision Be Overturned?

Young Megan Meier hung herself after she was spurned by her MySpace boyfriend. The boyfriend never existed. He was a creation of the mother of one of Megan’s classmates. The mother, Lori Drew, was found guilty Tuesday of creating a fake persona.

Obama’s 'Truth Squad' Threatens Freedom of Speech

A bold maneuver, unprecedented in American politics, has pitted the Obama campaign against freedom of speech. Missouri authorities will pursue criminal charges against those who speak “falsely” against Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: Boy’s Suspension from Colorado School Good Decision

Although I’m not a supporter of Barack Obama, I have to agree with a Colorado school for suspending Daxx Dalton, a fifth grader at Aurora Frontier K-8 School in Aurora, Colo.

Is The 'Sex Workers Art Show' Coming To A College Campus Near You?

Parents of college students everywhere will be elated to hear that The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg will host the "Sex Workers Art Show" on campus Feb. 4th. Virginia Commonwealth University will host the show the following day.

Pro-Gay T-shirt Sparks Debate Between School, Parents, Alumni, And ACLU

On September 21, Heathyre Farnham, 16, wore a T-shirt to school that had "Gay? Fine By Me?" printed on it. She was sent home from school for wearing it. The Principal of the Spencer-Van Etten High School says that it violated the school's dress code.

Op-Ed: Are journalists in danger of losing freedom of speech?

When you hear about the Patriot Act or The Military Acts do you think about freedom of the press? Do the bills that take away certain civil liabilities from United States citizens change the way online journalism will be a year from now?

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