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Op-Ed: Press walkout on Johnson means a lot more than it looks

London - Boris Johnson has a knack for disaster. In this case, journalists were invited to No. 10 Downing Street for a briefing, rather than Westminster. The journalists refused, even the pro-Tory invitees. It’s a pretty bizarre story.

Op-Ed: Sean Spicer's Skype journalists — democracy or media death?

This week, amid many controversial, and often adversarial, moments, Trump’s new press secretary Sean Spicer unveiled plans to allow journalists ‘Skype seats’ at daily press briefings.

SC law would require journalists to register with the state

State Representative Mike Pitts (R) introduced a bill yesterday that would require journalists working in South Carolina to register with the state or face penalties.

Op-Ed: End of press freedom in Turkey signals end of Erdogan Special

Istanbul - Yesterday on live television, Turkish police closed a TV news station in Istanbul allegedly linked to a foe of President Tayyip Erdogan. Is this the end of journalistic freedom in Turkey or the end of Islamist leader Erdogan?

Op-Ed: No propaganda, Voice of America need not fear reform bill

Washington - Mismanagement by senior executives threatens journalistic independence of Voice of America (VOA) much more than the bipartisan bill in Congress designed to reform U.S. international media outreach. There will be no government propaganda from VOA.

Snowden affair opens up debates on journalist vs blogger rights

The Edward Snowden affair opens up new debates on the rights of a free press. Does the First Amendment declare the media can say or write anything they want to? Can just anyone pass along government secrets claiming press protection?

Today is World Press Freedom Day

Today May 3 is the 20th anniversary of World Press Freedom day. However, journalists and media groups from around the world believe that this last year has seen a marked decline in press freedom.

Reporters sans Frontières launch censored content website

Under the banner ‘We fight censorship’ journalists’ campaigning organisation Reporters sans Frontières last week launched a website which will carry content that has been censored, banned or which has given rise to reprisals against its author.

Op-Ed: Silencing the journalist — The reality of Eritrea

Image if tomorrow you went out to buy your favorite newspaper and it wasn't there, only newspapers that were put out by the government. On September 18, 2001 that was the reality in Eritrea.

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Freedom of the press

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keeping you informed about the news around the world.
keeping you informed about the news around the world.
keeping you informed about the news around the world.
keeping you informed about the news around the world.

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