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Freedom of religion News

Op-Ed: Say no to creationism being taught in schools

Wake up Americans, our education system is under attack, and not by the government but by creationists who believe they have the right to indoctrinate your children with their version of intelligent design.

Op-Ed: Woman who damaged Satanic Temple seeks funds for war on Satan Special

Tallahassee - Last December, Susan Hemeryck created a stir when she allegedly vandalized a holiday display put up by The Satanic Temple. She was arrested for her trouble, on a charge of criminal mischief. However, the charge was dropped in March.

Bryan Fischer: ‘Freedom of Religion’ only applies to Christianity

Bryan Fischer, a conservative Christian pastor stated in an interview for that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution’s guarantee freedom of religion must only apply to Christianity.

Op-Ed: What Mexico can teach the US about religious freedom

Religious freedom is something afforded to citizens of the United States as outlined in the Constitution. As people go back and forth on whether or not we are losing our religious freedoms in America, it is interesting to take a look outside our country.

Ontario MPPs vote to support freedom of religion and expression

Toronto - The purely symbolic motion was introduced to show Ontario will never go the way of Quebec and ban the wearing of religious symbols by government employees.

Op-Ed: Canada's Supreme Court redefines hate speech

What constitutes freedom of speech and hate speech has often been an emotional debate in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) has redefined the definition as it applies to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Op-Ed: Four Christians arrested in Libya on charges of proselytizing

Benghazi - Four Christians have been detained by Libyan authorities. The four are suspected of proselytizing according to the spokesperson for the Protective Security Service of the Libyan military.

Op-Ed: United We Stand; Divided We Pray

Chicago - As the 2012 elections begin to heat up, religion will continue to play a big part in the decisions that Americans make on election day.

Christian group wins constitutional challenge in Puerto Rico

A federal appeals court in Boston ruled Monday that a Puerto Rican law intended to keep neighborhoods safe from crime has been used to interfere in the rights of free speech of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Biblical scholar says Jehovah's Witnesses wrong about blood transfusions

A biblical scholar says he woke up convinced he must wade into the blood battle in British Columbia involving four babies, their Jehovah's Witness parents, their church and the government.

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Freedom of religion

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Religious symbols that are banned under the Quebec Charter of Values
Religious symbols that are banned under the Quebec Charter of Values
Government of Quebec

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