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Canadian dollar, Mexican peso rally on hopes of early NAFTA deal

The White House wants to reveal a preliminary NAFTA framework by mid-April. The loonie was up 0.91% versus the dollar Tuesday morning, and the peso advanced 0.25%.

Canada's economy grew less than expected in last half of 2017

Ottawa - Canada's economy slowed down in the fourth quarter of 2017, bringing to an end the surge in growth seen in the first half of last year, signaling the economy is settling into a growth path that is closer to potential.

Op-Ed: Trade in Services — The Age of Deregulation free lunch arrives

Sydney - Information released by Wikileaks indicates that a tide of deregulation in conjunction with global outsourcing of foreign financial, IT and legal workers could create global financial superpowers, unaccountable to law.

Op-Ed: Pacific Free Trade Deal (TPP) terms kept from public perusal

Washington - Free trade agreements are almost automatically regarded as beneficial by global capital whether in the U.S. or elsewhere. The Pacific Free Trade deal (TPP) is no exception even though the terms have not been made public.

Op-Ed: Free Trade, Free Markets and TRIPS

Brandon - While many politicians and business people applaud the idea of free markets and free trade, in reality free trade agreements stress intellectual property rights (TRIPS) that are intended to give monopoly rights to large corporations.

Op-Ed: Canadians show apathy to NAU assimilation prospects Special

On 7 December 2011, President Obama and Prime Minister Harper unveiled the the Beyond the Border (BTB) Action Plan and the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) Action Plan. These two initiatives are part of an envisioned North American Union.

Washington Post panel explores exports as business growth engine Special

Washington - At a breakfast event hosted by the Washington Post on Monday, a panel offered export-oriented solutions to the ongoing unemployment challenge facing the United States.

Canada signs free trade agreements with Honduras and Colombia

San Pedro Sula - Following his tour of Latin America earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has signed free trade agreements with both Honduras and Colombia.

Op-Ed: Do Not Believe The Pundits On China’s Century

While countries struggle, muddling their way through stimulus packages and bailouts, China is being touted as everything from, “the best current place to invest,” to being, “the engine that will pull the globe out of its recession.”

Op-Ed: Obama’s Not-So-Free Money

Government interference has simply never, repeat never, enhanced the efficiencies of markets. While Obama may claim to be a scholar of history, he appears not to heed what he has read, or simply does not believe it.

Will European ban on seal products harm free-trade deal?

Canada's Prime Minister is scheduled to hold free trade talks with European leaders but a ban on seal products may affect those talks.

Canada's Green Party Expresses Concerns About Free Trade

The Green Party of Canada has serious concerns over further plans for corporate "free trade" negotiations with Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Op-Ed: McCain's Position On Free Trade Might Hurt Him In Michigan And Ohio

Free trade has been beneficial for the GE plant outside Cincinnati but it has hurt many others in Ohio and Michigan. John McCain looks workers straight in the eye and tells them that some jobs will never return to the United States.

Op-Ed: Colombia – Free Trade Prospect or Harbour for Drugs and Kidnapping?

Although the recent rescue of kidnap victims from Colombia is cause for celebration, perhaps the time has come to re-examine free-trade negotiations. Drug trafficking, kidnapping, and an inability to combat crime must also be weighed in the equation.

Majority of Americans Increasingly Opposed To Free Trade

A new poll result shows that an increasing majority of Americans are starting to become opposed to the idea of free trade.

Is Barack Obama Flip Flopping On NAFTA?

In February,2008, Obama sent out a mailer which stated that Hillary Clinton was for NAFTA and Obama had always been against it. Fortune Magazine conducted an interview with Obama where he seems to admit his NAFTA talk during the primary, was "rhetoric"

Op-Ed: Democrats Show They Love Chavez

What will it say if the United States turns its back now on this strong friend of America, who has done all the right things to try to bring his country to stability, democracy, and prosperity?

Bush Opens Free Trade With Peru

December 14, 2007 President George W. Bush and President Alan Garcia sign into law H.R. 3688, the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act opening free trade with Peru.

Africa European Union Sign Free Trade Pact

The European Union and the African countries that were present at the recent Portugal Summit have signed a pact that is designed to promote free trade and democracy, although no formal trade agreements were produced.

Thousands in Costa Rica protest free-trade deal

Tens of thousands of students and teachers opposed to a free-trade pact with the United States marched in Costa Rica's capital on Monday, while the deal itself remains bogged down in Congress.

US and Colombia sign trade deal

The Bush administration has signed a multi-billion dollar free trade agreement with Colombia.

Colombia's President pushes US trade

Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe has begun talks in Washington DC aimed at promoting his country's free trade agreement with the United States.

Political Crisis: US Wants To Impose Tariffs On Canadian Lumber

OTTAWA (voa) - Canadian Int'l Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew and the Canadian lumber industry condemned a U.S. decison to impose duties on Canadian softwood lumber. ''I am sorry that the American administration did not find the nerve to confront it...

Montreal Pollster: Two-Thirds Of Canadians Support The Free Trade

MONTREAL - About two-thirds of Canadians expressed some form of support for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, a poll released Tuesday suggested. Asked whether they strongly supported, somewhat supported, somewhat opposed or strongly opposed the ...

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Obama as realizing Bush Sr. aims through TPP
Obama as realizing Bush Sr. aims through TPP