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Fourth amendment News

Op-Ed: Incoming – A.I., the cyber arms race and a new security culture

New York - The cyberwar has been ongoing for quite a while, since the beginning of the digital revolution. Now, it’s foreseeable that the current national security culture is eroding as technologies shift and evolve. The future is looking very complex indeed.

EFF: Law enforcement trying to hide use of Stingray surveillance

Law enforcement agencies around the United States are "desperately" trying to keep the public from knowing about their use of secret surveillance towers used to monitor Americans' cell phones, a leading digital rights group claims.

Sen Rand Paul to sue Obama and NSA over 4th amendment concerns

Libertarian-leaning and likely 2016 presidential contender Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced plans on Wednesday to sue President Barack Obama and the NSA over Fourth Amendment violations.

Judge rules NYPD violated rights, cites Trayvon Martin case

New York - Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled the New York City Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy has been in violation of individuals’ constitutional rights Monday, Aug. 12.

Supreme Court approves warrantless police DNA collection

Washington - In a 5-4 ruling, the US Supreme Court has affirmed the right of police to collect DNA samples from everyone arrested-- but not charged or convicted-- for felony offenses.

Supreme Court limits use of police drug-sniffing dogs

Washington - The United States Supreme Court ruled that the use of drug-sniffing dogs constitutes a "search" that requires a warrant as prescribed in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

Federal judge rules NYPD 'stop and frisk' unconstitutional

New York - A federal judge has ruled a portion of the New York Police Department's controversial 'stop-and-frisk' program unconstitutional.

Obama signs FISA warrantless wiretapping extension

Washington - President Barack Obama has signed a bill extending the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, a law allowing for the warrantless wiretapping of phone and electronic communications, through the end of 2017.

US Senate approves FISA warrantless wiretapping extension

Washington - The Senate has voted to reauthorize a controversial amendment that allows US intelligence agencies to wiretap communications without warrants.

Op-Ed: Ray Kelly's NYPD — Still worthy of the public's trust?

New York - A litany of abuses, civil rights violations, official misconduct as well as allegations of brutality and corruption has left many wondering if the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is still worthy of the public's trust?

Op-Ed: 1.3 million phone surveillance requests from US law agencies?

Sydney - U.S. carriers reported a total of 1.3 million demands for information from U.S. law enforcement agencies last year for subscriber info from cellphone carriers. Nobody's too pleased.

Supreme Court rules strip searches permissible for minor offences

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that jailers may strip search those arrested for minor offences, including non-payment of fines and minor traffic violations.

Op-Ed: What are the learning dimensions in Gates-Crowley?

President Barack Obama has welcomed Sergeant Crowley and Professor Henry Gates to the White House for a dialogue. He hopes it will be a teaching moment. But will the Gates-Crowley incident give good, lasting and useful education on the issues?

Op-Ed: Hawaii's plan to randomly test welfare recipients for drugs

Hawaii state legislators are considering a bill that would require people receiving public assistance to subject to random mandatory drug testing. If passed, the legislature will find itself in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Court Order Not Needed to Spy on Americans Overseas

The 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that a court order is not needed to wiretap Americans overseas. Fourth Amendment rights and protections cannot always be guaranteed to American spies when they leave this country.

US Supreme Court Strikes a Blow to the Fourth Amendment

At this point it seems like they are beating a rotten, decaying, dead horse, but the US supreme court has decided it is necessary to take another whack at the fourth amendment.

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