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Op-Ed: Obama wins big with immigration deal

President Barack Obama will use his executive authority to delay the deportation of the family members of U.S. citizens, prompting a political battle that may affect the 2016 presidential election.

Op-Ed: Is the call for an Article V Convention wise?

For over two hundred years, the American people have relied on a document written by our founding fathers that established a strong, but limited government, specifically designed to protect an individual's rights and freedoms.

First book printed in United States sold for record $14 million

New York - A Book of Psalms, dating from 1640, the first printed volume in what would become the United States, was sold at auction in New York, Tuesday. Priced at $14 million, it became the most expensive printed book ever sold at auction.

Op-Ed: The Ground Zero Debate — A disappointment to the Founding Fathers

April 1 saw the beginning of the sifting of WTC debris for human remains. About 60 truckloads of construction debris have been collected around the lower Manhattan site over the past 2 1/2 years.

Op-Ed: A Canadian thanks the U.S. for its founding principles

Toronto - On July 4, more than 300 million Americans will celebrate the 235th birthday of the United States of America. In Canada, this one Canadian would like to thank the U.S. founding fathers for its principles of liberty and freedom.

Lawsuit against National Day of Prayer dismissed

Chicago - A US Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation that challenged the annual Presidential proclamation of a National Day of Prayer saying "a feeling of alienation cannot suffice as injury."

Op-Ed: The Great Void In Education

Watching teachers lead young children by the hand to demonstrate on the streets of Wisconsin, educating them on the finer art of union bargaining methodology, it becomes abundantly clear that great voids exist in the educational continuum.

Op-Ed: A Pakistani American Celebrates July 4

Thousands of Pakistani Americans celebrate the July 4 Independence Day holiday with their friends and families across the United States today.

CNN poll: Founding Fathers would not be pleased with the current status of U.S.

A CNN poll asked the respondents how the founding fathers would feel about the way the country has turned out 232 years after declaring its independence from Great Britain. A majority say they will not be pleased with it.

New Book Reveals Details on Founding Fathers' Religious Beliefs

A new book out by Rev. Gary Kowalski paints a different religious picture of the Founding Fathers than many have envisioned. The book gives well-rounded insight as to the honest beliefs of these men.

Op-Ed: A Founding Foreign Policy

Noninterventionism was the policy of many of the founding fathers of the United States and it is a policy that should be readopted. Doing so will decrease the tax burden on all citizens and increase national security.

They Risked It All

The men that signed the Declaration Of Independence did so knowing that they would be in danger. They wanted freedom more than their personal safety. They believed in the cause and were willing to risk it all. And they did lose much.

The United States Was Not Started As A Christian Country

Although it's what we are lead to believe the United States was not founded by a rock of Christians. The pledge of allegiance didn't include God until the 1950's. Religious freedom is quickly going into the hamper.

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