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Found money News

Homeless man turns over $40,000 found at TJ Maxx

Boston - A homeless man in Boston found a backpack containing $2,400 in cash and $39,500 in travelers checks, and graciously turned it over to the police.

Woman finds $36,000 at golf course and returns it to owner

Miami - A Miami woman found a bag of cash at the golf course she worked at. The bag contained $36,000. She turned it over to police, who were able to track down the owner.

Woman returns $30,000 found in pile of donated clothes

Bristol - A Pennsylvania woman stumbled upon $30,000 tucked in a bundle of clothes that had been given to her. She returned the money.

Austrian bus driver returns half a million dollars found in bag

Vienna - An Austrian driver found a bag left behind on a bus that was filled with a substantial amount of cash. He turned the bag over to local police and the money was eventually returned to its owner.

Massachusetts woman returns $11K found in a purse on store shelf

Swampscott - A Massachusetts woman found $11,000 earlier this week inside of a purse hanging on a store rack. She was able to return the money to its rightful owner.

Man who turned in $150,000 will be rewarded with new teeth

An unemployed carpenter in Illinois will receive a new set of teeth as a reward for being a good samaritan. This past summer, he turned in $150,000 to authorities after finding it in his garden.

Winner on Found Money

She tried to sell the winning ticket. The customer before Kristina Schneider bought her ticket must be kicking themselves right about now. Kristina took her own advice and brought it herself with a ten she had found at the store. She won.

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Wayne Sabaj  51  shown in picture  was an unemployed carpenter in August 2011 when he found $150 000...
Wayne Sabaj, 51, shown in picture, was an unemployed carpenter in August 2011 when he found $150,000 in his garden and turned it in to police. He died July 1st days before he was eligible for some of the cash.
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