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Forestry News

Gabon's sole train a lifeline for its people and economy

Franceville - The sky turns from indigo to ebony as the tropical night falls, and the train patiently thrusts through the jungle towards its destination, still hundreds of kilometres (miles) away.

Amazon fires a 'tipping point': forestry group chief

Kitakata - The fires tearing through the Amazon represent a "tipping point" for the health of the rainforest, the head of a top global forestry management body said Wednesday, urging the world to do more to save the trees.

'No need' for German Amazon subsidy: Brazil's Bolsonaro

Bras - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday said his country has "no need" for German aid aimed at helping protect the Amazonian forest, after Berlin said it would suspend some payments because of surging deforestation.

Gabon's timber industry reeling after corruption scandal

Libreville - Tropical timber is piling up at Gabon's main port as the country's logging industry reels from a corruption scandal that brought down the vice president and ushered in a veteran environmentalist to oversee its forestry.

Tropical forest the size of England destroyed in 2018: report

Paris - Last year humanity destroyed an expanse of tropical forest nearly the size of England, the fourth largest decline since global satellite data become available in 2001, researchers reported Thursday.

Tropical forest the size of England destroyed in 2018: report

Paris - Last year humanity destroyed an expanse of tropical forest nearly the size of England, the third largest decline since global satellite data become available in 2001, researchers reported Thursday.

Trump's forest remarks 'rake news' for Finland

Apo - Social media in Finland was ablaze with bemused comments on Monday after US President Donald Trump claimed the forest-covered nation prevents wildfires by raking its forest floors.

US, EU hardwood imports fuel Amazon destruction: Greenpeace

Rio De Janeiro - Scores of US and European companies selling the hardwood ipe for things like decks and garden furniture are fueling an illegal trade devastating the Amazon rainforest, Greenpeace said Tuesday.

Could regreening the Earth fight climate change? (Part 2)

Forests have the greatest potential to cost-effectively reduce carbon emissions. They absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, removing it from the atmosphere. However, wildfires have devastated our forests globally and we need to take this problem seriously.

Huge spike in global carbon emissions linked to El Nino

Miami - A huge spike in carbon emissions seen in the past couple of years has puzzled scientists, since there was no evidence of a rise in human activities, like fossil fuel burning, that might explain it.

Puerto Rico's hurricane-wracked environment faces long recovery

San Juan - Bees fly around, disoriented, searching for flowers to pollinate. The trees have no leaves and once-lush mountains are a mass of dry branches.

Forest loss means tropics emit more carbon than they trap: study

Miami - The widespread loss of forests in the tropics means the region emits more carbon than it captures, reversing its longtime role as a safeguard against climate change, researchers said Thursday.

Paying to preserve trees helps fight warming: study

Miami - Paying small amounts of cash to convince landowners not to cut down their trees is a highly effective strategy for reducing carbon emissions that drive climate change, researchers said Thursday.

Irish police go hi-tech to combat Christmas tree thieves

Newtownmountkennedy - Fed up with roaming gangs stealing their Christmas trees, farmers and police in Ireland have turned to smartphones and helicopter patrols to ensure they can keep delivering festive cheer to customers.

US landslide towns divided by mud, united by grief

Arlington - "We're still in shock, really," says Ben Sullivan. As the likely death toll from the monster landslide in the picture postcard valley town of Oso climbs into the dozens, that's a common feeling round here, more than a week after the catastrophe.

Native trappers defend Canada forests from logging

Waswanipi - Beyond a clear-cut in Quebec's far north -- marked by a sign that reads "the road of destruction ends here" -- aboriginal Canadians are fighting for an ancient forest and their traditional hunting rights.

Thai troops accused of killing 15 Cambodian loggers

Phnom Penh - Cambodia's military on Friday accused Thai troops of killing 15 villagers who illegally crossed the border to log for valuable timber.A Thai official denied the allegation.Twelve loggers were shot dead on March 5 -- followed by three more a week later ...

Huge population drift augurs as climate change alters ecosystems

Potsdam - Climate change is likely to transform landscapes worldwide, affecting most of Earth’s forests and agriculture — and it isn’t a far future scenario, says a new report. Profound changes in the world’s ecosystems could happen less than 90 years hence

British woodlands on the brink of devastation

War has been declared on the British woodlands, according to the British Forestry Commission, who remain the leading authority when it comes to safeguarding the British forests and woodlands.

In Inner Mongolia, nomads fight enemy of advancing desert Special

Chifeng - As the threat of desertification grows higher, a nomadic tribesman in Inner Mongolia is leading his community in their fight against the menace

Op-Ed: World resources running out, says UN report

Sydney - A UN panel has warned that the world’s resources of food, water and fuel are running out. The panel wants an “evergreen revolution” for sustainable development and management of resources. So after 50 years of warnings, someone’s noticed.

Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition Highlights 2011 Special

Calgary - This is a review of the Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition that took place in November in Calgary AB Canada. This was a groundbreaking conference. Find out why by reading further and downloading the full Congress Report.

New Brunswick Ministry Cancels Forestry Meetings

New Brunswick's Ministry of Natural Resources has cancelled a series of meetings that were to be held across the province to discuss the future of the forestry industry. No reason for the cancellation has been given.

New Brunswick Town Creates Own Response to Mill Closing

The Greater Dalhousie Diversification Committee, formed under a month ago in response to the impending closure of the Dalhousie AbitibiBowater mill, has begun to prioritise its activities. The Committee is encouraged by how the meetings are progressing.

British Columbia Sets Up Forestry Roundtable

The province of British Columbia has announced the creation of a forestry industry roundtable. The round table review all areas of the industry and report quarterly to cabinet on ways to expedite improvements.

Canada's Ailing Forestry Industry Takes Another Hit

Canfor Corp has shut down two wood-products plants in Fort Nelson British Columbia as a perfect storm of a collapse in the U.S. housing market and a high loonie sweeps across the country.

A Vision for Northern New Brunswick

A telephone interview with NDP leader Roger Duguay raises the question as to why the government doesn't consult with the people on issues as crucial as the local economy. People have knowledge to share but is the province willing to learn from them?

Canada: Relief for Ailing Forest Industry Anticipated

Apparently Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper is getting ready to make an announcement that will aid the struggling forestry industry by pumping some millions into retraining programs.

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