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Forensics News

Blood, bones paired to probe IS crimes against Iraq's Yazidis

Baghdad - Six drops of blood and a vial of ground-up bone: a sample of evidence that an Iraqi forensics lab has gathered of the Islamic State group's multiple brutal crimes against the Yazidis.

New laser scanner finds unmarked graves

The laser based technology LiDAR might be more commonly associated with the development of autonomous cars, but it has another application of interest to pathologists: finding unmarked graves.

Chemist uses blow fly eggs as forensics tool

Something new for the world of forensic science: solving crime mysteries with the help of blow fly eggs. With this, experts can establish the body’s time-of-death to within a few hours.

Forensic microbes work out time of death

Working out the time of death is important for forensics. By looking at bacteria and fungi living in the soil beneath a decomposing body reveals the time, and even the place, of of death.

Improved crime scene forensics with fungal DNA

New York - Scientists have come up with a computer model indicating where a dust sample came from within the U.S. This is based on the DNA of fungi found in the sample.

Op-Ed: DNA on old stamp identifies girl's murderer

DNA testing for genetic material on the back of a stamp has once again provided a crucial piece of evidence in solving tough criminal cases.

Sloppy work at FBI lab could affect thousands of cases

Touted as a state-of the-art crime-fighting facility, the FBI forensics lab has long been regarded as the final word on analyzing evidence whether it’s DNA or fingerprints, or anything else that might be linked to a crime.

Call for 'microbial forensics'

There have been major advances with screening human DNA to solve crimes. Progress has been much slow with screening microorganisms for potential bioterrorist attacks, according to a new report.

Forensics key to Pistorius case

Pretoria - Fallen South African athletic star Oscar Pistorius will rely on a hand-picked team of forensic experts when he mounts his defence against murder charges at a trial beginning Monday."We are going to see a clash of experts in this case.

Forensics examine Richard the Lionheart's sweet-smelling heart

A forensic team in France has analysed the remains of the embalmed heart of Richard the Lionheart. This week, the results of their research were published revealing how the heart of the Crusader king was treated with holy reverence after his death.

Autopsy rules suicide in Chavis Carter death

Jonesboro - In a ruling that is sure to bring outcries of disbelief, injustice and outrage, Arkansas State Crime Lab has given its finding on Chavis Carter’s death. Suicide.

Ohio coroner's office cremates wrong toddler

Columbus - An Ohio Coroner's Office once again mixed up two bodies. Grieving parents, who had picked out a white tuxedo to bury their son were visited by the Coroner Sunday and given the devastating news "their baby boy had mistakenly been cremated."

Black Box found in Air India Express Crash

Mangalore - In what is being called the first break into the crash of of the Air India Express, Investigators sifting through the charred wreckage of an Indian passenger plane that have found the cockpit voice recorder. It's being taken to Delhi, India

Forensics: bacteria from human fingers tool for investigation

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder have found a new forensic tool – bacterial colony deposited on keypads and PC mice by individual computer users.

Israeli pathologist confesses to taking organs from Palestinians

The story dates back to the 1980s, and centers on the illegal harvesting of body organs by Israeli physicians. The crimes have come back to light after Chief Pathologist Dr. Hiss admitted to the thefts in an interview from 2000.

Writers with Criminal Intent on the 'Net Revealed By Forensics

Those who thought they get away with saying anything they wanted to on the Internet may find themselves in hot water. That’s if forensic investigations turn out to be as planned as current studies reveal.

An Alleged Wife Killer, Bizarre Story Undone by Forensics

One of the lesser known mechanisms of determining guilt or innocence is content analysis. It is an investigative, forensic tool that is used to evaluate statements to determine whether they are truthful or not.

Forensics Exam, Exhibits, Key to Determining Caylee’s Killer

Forensic work requires that the evidence be gathered, prepared and exhibited properly, for the best resolution of a case.

McCanns must wait to be cleared

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of missing Madeleine McCann had hoped forensic test results would clear them as official suspects in Madeleine's disappearance but Portuguese police are returning to Britain to question their friends.

Op-Ed: Madeline McCann case news - It’s all in how you read it

When does news become speculation? The search for the four year old has taken a course change in terms of news content. The alleged discovery of her hair in the boot and traces of bodily fluids in the car has changed the tone of the reporting.

Secure Data: Inside the PC Forensics Lab and the Search for Criminal Evidence

White-collar crime and workplace fiascos is putting data forensics on the front lines of crime scenes. We take a look into how one IT specialist dig deep to find the buried treasure on suspicious hard drives.

Study: Cause of Death...Undetermined

How many times have we read a news article that listed the cause of some one's death as "undetermined"? Coroners across the country have been puzzled as to the amount of deaths there have been with that determination and they may have found some clues.

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