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Foreign policy News

China stops buying Canadian canola seed as tensions rise

Ottawa - Chinese importers are unwilling to purchase Canadian canola seed at the moment, the group that represents the industry in Canada says. This is hurting an industry that sells billions of dollars worth of Canadian canola to China.

Op-Ed: Why NATO needs to be led by Europe

NATO was erected with America having the first and final say over its activities, but European countries make up the majority of members and have little say over their military commitments in the alliance. That needs to change.

Op-Ed: Terror in France — Blowback of an interventionist foreign policy

Paris - The terrorist attacks in the lovely city of Paris has many people calling for the same reaction that has been the go-to solution for years: escalate the bombings, expand foreign policy interventionism and empower the state even more.

Op-Ed: Canada's Green leader wins on foreign policy in leaders debate

Toronto - Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May was the big winner during last night's federal leaders debate. But it wasn't on the economy or energy. It was her stance on foreign policy and tough criticisms of our involvement in the Middle East.

Op-Ed: Hillary Clinton, U.S. should stop giving orders to Canada

Winnipeg - Former United States Secretary of State and possible 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told an audience at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce that Canada and the rest of the globe must defeat the "ideology of hate" and terrorism propaganda.

Op-Ed: U.S. skepticism on defeating ISIS raises risk of Iraq War 2.0

With the beheading of a third Westerner by ISIS the U.S. and Britain face intensifying calls to action...but an NBC News poll has found that almost 70 percent of Americans doubt that the U.S. will be able to destroy ISIS. What can be done?

Op-Ed: Perry vs. Paul battle could strengthen GOP position in 2016

Republican titans Rand Paul, outspoken libertarian U.S. senator from Kentucky, and Rick Perry, outspoken longtime governor of Texas, are taking potshots at each other. Democrats should beware of the victor coming out stronger for 2016.

Afghanistan cited as motivation behind London terror attack

London - Details have been emerging about the motivation behind today's grisly attack thanks to a woman who confronted one of the attackers.

Iran condemns Boston attacks

Tehran - The supreme leader of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, condemned the recent bomb blasts that took place in Boston, while speaking to military leaders.

Will the UK's end of foreign aid to India begin a donor trend?

The UK's decision to end aid to India in 2015 sets a number of questions in motion and ultimately may redefine the notions of national pride and of the donor-recipient relationship.

Op-Ed: Obama-Clinton joint interview an endorsement of Clinton legacy

Washington - Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama sat down for a rare joint interview with CBS's Steve Kroft, which was aired Sunday night on newsmagazine show 60 Minutes. The interview was arranged at the request of the White House.

Op-Ed: American ignorance of Islam results in confused Syria policy

New York - Lack of Western understanding of Islam and of the critical importance between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims is fueling a disastrous American policy in Syria, as it has elsewhere in the region.

U.S. Congressman says Twitter is 'enabling the enemy’

Washington - U.S. Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas) repeated his demands this week for Twitter to ban accounts associated with government-designated terror groups.

State Department downgraded security at Libyan embassy

Washington - The Obama administration reduced security at the American embassy in Libya, even as violence from militias and criminal groups escalated earlier this year, according to testimony from the former military officer in charge of security.

Talking tough, Romney slams Obama on Middle East leadership

Lexington - Fresh from his sugar high surge from the debate, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Monday had harsh words for President Barack Obama, saying he has failed America as a leader in the Middle East.

Obama campaign: Romney foreign policy 'unmitigated disaster'

Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, took a swipe at Mitt Romney’s foreign policy gaffes today when responding to a reporter’s question during an on board briefing in route to Virginia Beach, VA for a campaign event.

Op-Ed: Is Romney the Neoconservative's new Front Man?

Before embarking on his overseas trip to England, Israel and Poland, Mitt Romney delivered a major address at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Reno, Nevada. Sadly, Romney’s speech lacked anything original or genuine to say about the subject.

Op-Ed: Foreign Policy — Rise of the So-Called Conservatives

A significant percentage of self-described Conservatives support the US "War on Terror". But does the war truly deserve the support of Conservatives?

Op-Ed: The Quiet Wars That No One Ever Knows

The Nobel Prize is without purpose. In my previous column, "Bush's two wars, an Obama continuation," I deeply criticized Obama's handling of Iraq and Afghanistan as identical to Bush's handling of the wars.

Op-Ed: Bush's two wars, an Obama continuation

As the joke goes, Barack Obama is the only Nobel Peace Prize laureate to kill civilians in drone strikes. If he's a peaceful president, then George W. Bush is a peaceful president, too.

Op-Ed: Iran, the Story of Our Future War

“The stage is set, the actors are in their places, and the orchestra strikes up the prelude: all that remains is for the curtain to rise on Act One of ‘World War III in the Middle East,’” writes Justin Raimondo.

Ron Paul PAC releases video imagining foreign invasion of Texas

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul released a video through his Revolution Political Action Committee that imagines a scenario where Texas is invaded by a foreign power, drawing lines to America's foreign policy.

Ron Paul grassroots supporters release video on US foreign policy

In a long-form video released by grassroots supporters of the Ron Paul presidential campaign, American militarism and foreign policy in the Middle East is explored in depth.

The 14th G.O.P debate summary: Foreign policy & National security

The 14th G.O.P debate took place at the DAR constitutional hall in Washington D.C. The debate was about national security and foreign policy, giving the candidates a chance to tell the American public how they will defend their country in times of crisis.

Ron Paul campaign disrupts perceptions on his foreign policy

Ron Paul's official campaign blogger Jack Hunter released a video for the Conservative-leaning web property The Daily Caller, disputing claims that the Paul campaign does not have a foreign policy that can be endorsed by the GOP.

Expert: US-Pakistan relations 'even more complicated' now Special

Osama Bin Laden's death will undoubtedly strain America's relationship with Pakistan even further, says a foreign policy expert on Muslim issues, but the U.S. should be probing Pakistan's intelligence service, not government officials.

Helen Thomas: White House, Congress controlled by Zionists

Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, detailed her views on Zionist control - saying that American institutions and foreign policy objectives are dominated by Jewish interests.

The world according to Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff Special

Montreal - Canadian Liberal opposition leader in a major address in Montreal this week, outlined his party's foreign policy agenda, while impugning Harper's Conservatives for diminishing Canada's stature on the world stage with their reactionary policies.

Ron Paul challenges Ben Stein, others to a foreign policy debate

On "Larry King Live" this past week, Economist Ben Stein called Congressman Ron Paul's foreign policy arguments "anti-Semitic" and now the Republican Representative is challenging Stein and others like him to a public foreign policy debate.

European Union President, Foreign Policy Chief selected

After weeks of speculation on who the top front-runners were for the top two posts in the European Union, officials made their final decision on who would be its President and Foreign Policy Chief.
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