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Foreign aid News

Nepal urges foreign aid workers to pack up and go home

Kathmandu - The Nepalese government is asking the estimated 4,050 international rescue workers in the country to pack their bags and head home. The government claims major rescue operations have been concluded and that locals can handle the rest.

Backpacker arrested for remaining in U.S half hour too long

A South American backpacker visiting the United States was locked in federal detention after reportedly over-extending his stay by 30 minutes. Diego Simonassi said he roamed freely with just a backpack in the United States for six months.

China unveils $12 billion aid package for Africa

Lagos - China has announced a massive aid package for Africa and extended the offer to share the technology necessary to build a high-speed railway on the continent.

Assad: Foreign powers must stop aiding Syrian rebels

Damascus - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has revealed he is open to peace talks, but says they will not become a reality until foreign nations stop supporting the rebel fighters trying to overthrow him.

Will the UK's end of foreign aid to India begin a donor trend?

The UK's decision to end aid to India in 2015 sets a number of questions in motion and ultimately may redefine the notions of national pride and of the donor-recipient relationship.

Don Cherry suggests $49.5 million Canadian aid to Haiti is 'nuts'

Ottawa - Don Cherry, the legendary hockey analyst for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, took to Twitter on Monday to voice his opposition to the Canadian government giving out $49.5 million in taxpayer money to the nation of Haiti as part of foreign aid.

Op-Ed: We are becoming consumer cattle of virtual goods

As long as we in the West consume we will be looked after by our governments because consuming is our 'purpose'. We are consumer cattle. The method of 'farming' is about to be refined. The new sought after consumer goods are virtual.

UK: Taxpayer funded aid for poverty consultants

An investigation by the Sunday Telegraph reveals how taxpayers' money devoted to foreign aid actually ends up in the pockets of very wealthy people.

Op-Ed: Will anything change in Canada's foreign assistance ministry?

Ottawa - This week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a small cabinet shuffle: the replacement of Tory Member of Parliament Bev Oda with former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino as Minister of International Cooperation. Will anything change?

British overseas aid to India not wanted by India government

British overseas aid to India has become a controversial subject due to Indian economic development. The Telegraph has revealed that the aid is not even wanted by the Indian government who dismissed it as "peanuts."

US foreign aid may be influenced by how countries treat gays

Decisions on foreign aid from the United States may in future be influenced by how countries treat gays and lesbians among their citizens.

Bill Gates is asking for more Western aid to fight poverty

Cannes - Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is calling on Western nations assembling for the latest G20 summit to promise greater efforts to fight global poverty.

Palestinians call on Arab nations for help with financial crisis

Ramallah - Palestinian leaders are urging fellow Arab nations for support in the wake of a financial crisis that has left over 150,000 government employees with cut salaries.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il sends $500,000 in aid to Japan Special

Pyongan - The North Korean government has donated $500,000 to the earthquake ravaged nation of Japan. Leader Kim Jong-Il sent the large sum of money to aid the Korean expatriates who are currently affected by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami.

EU Contributes 36M Euro for Health Program in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines--The European Union (UN) contributed 36 million euros to phase two of the Philippines' Health Sector Policy Support Program (HSPSP II) this morning as part of its launching held at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Op-Ed: In seeking spending cuts, U.S. should examine foreign investments

The American voting public is being told that our belts have to be tightened and that our benefits have to be sacrificed and that our taxes have to be increased - but should we not take an objective look at foreign aid?

Nobel Peace Prize winner wants to revolutionize aid spending

Montreal - Bangladeshi economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, has a suggestion for the government of Canada, which could change the way governments around the world provide foreign aid: A fraction of aid could be dedicated to "social business."

U.S. President gives Israel, Palestine billions of dollars

United States President Barack Obama signed the foreign aid budget law for 2010, which includes $2.8 billion in aid for Israel and $500 million for Palestine.

Oxfam: Climate change will increase incidence of world hunger

Oxfam International says the effects of climate change are becoming more devastating and changes in localized weather patterns are affecting global food production. Oxfam warns that increased hunger will result.

Op-Ed: Reunification with the South An Ignored Solution for North Korea?

Why the issue of North and South Korea reunifying is so rarely broached provides insight into the underlying complexities of the current stand-off and how it is likely to be resolved.

Pres. Obama Aids Zimbabwe with $73 Million

President Obama officially pledges $73 million to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe during PM Tsvangirai’s three-week international tour to seek international aid for the tyrannical-laden country.

Op-Ed: 'Progress' means trash the poor in Cambodia

It’s called progress, anyway. Most crimes have at least some euphemisms. Teams of workmen arrive at a residential location near Phnom Penh. They’re carrying axes. At 6AM they move in and start demolishing the houses. With the people still in them.

Google Earth Outreach Program

The "Google Earth Outreach" programme gives UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies the ability to use Google Earth and Maps to highlight their work on behalf of millions of refugees

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