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Foreclosure News

Woman loses everything after company forecloses on wrong house

Logan - A woman's house was recently wrongfully foreclosed on, and because of a mistake, she lost almost everything she owned. A repossession company deemed many of her personal property as "junk" and said the items were sent to a dump.

Roswell's 'Chicken Man' avoids foreclosure by burning down home

Roswell - A Georgia man has set his house on fire while still inside to avoid foreclosure and is now dead. After years of battling with the City of Roswell, he has taken a final step.

U.S. Banks uncooperative in foreclosure inquiry

Several major banks have had their foreclosure procedures investigated. They often refused to fully comply with the investigation.

Occupy the Bank of America — 'Fight BAC' day 15 March 2012

Occupiers, who have lost their homes to the Bank of America decided it was time to move into the bank and set up their living room.

The 12-year-old who saved his grandmother from foreclosure

Noah Lamaide has saved his grandmother from foreclosure. The 12-year-old has been active in community service since the age of 9.

Foreclosure firm's Halloween party mocks homeless

Buffalo - An Amherst, N.Y. law firm is currently experiencing some heat after a New York Times columnist ran an article about the company's 2010 Halloween party which reportedly had mocked people who lost their homes due to foreclosure.

Mistaken foreclosure costs Florida man his personal possessions

Tampa - A Florida man has filed a lawsuit after a company hired by Countrywide Home Loans, to clean a home in foreclosure and remove the belongings, mistakenly went to his home and emptied it of all his furniture and personal possessions.

Florida couple hire attorney to foreclose on a bank

Naples- Warren and Maureen Nyerges purchased a house in 2009 from Bank of America in Naples, Florida, which they paid cash for. You can imagine their surprise when the bank filed foreclosure papers on them.

US home values keep falling, equal ‘darkest days’ of recession

Washington - Home prices across the country continue a downward skid, with first quarter values this year dropping by three percent in virtually every metro area, the largest quarterly drop since 2008, and experts suggest the trend will continue well into 2012.

Foreclosure blamed in California arson, murder-suicide

Santee - A California family's downward economic spiral took a deadly turn this weekend when a man allegedly set his home ablaze after shooting his wife and then himself in what appears to be a murder-suicide brought on by their financial ruin, police say.

40 states plan probe into foreclosure documents

Up to 40 state attorney generals are planning to announce a joint investigation into banks' use of foreclosure paperwork.

Man accused of stealing home, suspected of trying to steal others

In Lake County, Montana, Brent Arthur Wilson is accused of stealing property, literally. Targeting homes in or about to enter foreclosure he would enter, change the locks and file a plethora of bizarre paperwork hoping to obtain ownership.

Op-Ed: How to Successfully Rescue Residential Real Estate

The federal government should self-refinance the original mortgages directly with homeowners at 4% fixed for 20 or 30 years, ultimately turning these mortgages into GNMAs.

House 'flipping' makes a comeback

Flipping homes has come back in fashion just four years after the collapse of the U.S. housing bubble. Now flippers are looking at foreclosures as a way to make fast cash.

Detroit property on sale but buyers aren't interested

The once proud Motor City is becoming a ghost city reports the media. With the failure of the once-booming manufacturing industry, the city is fighting to stop the slow slide into destitution.

Op-Ed: Kitchen Renovations Show Greed not Need Causes Money Crunch

Recently a friend introduced my husband and me to the Home Improvement Channel. My husband likes it for the fun of renovation. I think it gives the wrong message of greed not need when people should be cautious financially yet beneficent to others.

Foreclosure Looms at Watergate Hotel

It's been five years since Watergate Hotel shuttered its doors and it's about to get worse for the physical icon that brought down a powerful president.

St. Pete Sued for Targeting Homeless

St. Petersburg Florida is in the crosshairs of a lawsuit for targeting the homeless. Perhaps this might just be the beginning because so many of the new homeless are people who lost their homes and have nowhere to go.

Senator Feinstein's husband cashes in on the economic crisis

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to deliver $25 billion to the FDIC after the agency awarded a lucrative contract to her husband's real estate firm.

Home owners wreck properties in a final act of vengeance

In an act of undisguised frustration, the owners of homes awaiting government repossession have taken it upon themselves to damage their properties as a kind of retaliation for what they see as an injustice to their livelihoods.

Op-Ed: Distraught Elderly Woman Flees to Safe Haven in Avocado Tree

From house to tree house. An 86-year-old woman, distraught over being evicted from her home, fled authorities by seeking a temporary safe haven in the top of a 20-foot high avocado at the rear of her home.

Will The Octuplets' Family Lose Their Home?

The octuplets' family will lose their home if the mother won't pay her debt. She is almost $23,000 behind in payments, according to reports.

Op-Ed: On the Mortgage Stimulus—Where's My Carrot?

Does President Obama's anxiously awaited and recently unveiled $75 Billion Housing stimulus plan do enough to help stable homeowners whose home values have plummeted?

Octuplets' Family Face Eviction Threat

According to Los Angeles County property records, the Suleman family are behind on their mortgage payments and the lender may sell the house through an auction in the coming months.

Celebs' Loan Defaults Become Part of Foreclosure Misfortune

While the rank and file of Americans struggle to pay their mortgages, and some default and lose their homes, even the famous aren’t free from the trouble.

Op-Ed: Could That Foreclosure Be The Best Thing To Happen To You?

You bought a house plopping down the impressive $0 down payment. Your mortgage costs are a stretch but as long as that job you have holds on and your VISA is just this side of the limit all is well.

Habitat for Humanity homeowner faces rare foreclosure

Habitat for Humanity, the global non-profit that seeks to provide homes for those living in poverty, was forced to foreclose on a homeowner last week. It was a rare action for the organization that has built 300,000 homes for 1.5 million people worldwide.

US Foreclosures up 81 percent in 2008

A US foreclosure is up 81 percent in 2008 as reported by RealtyTrac. The data moreover shows that one in fifty-four households have received a notice for filing in the last year.

U.S. Homes Will Lose $2 trillion in Value by End of 2008, California Hit Hardest

American homeowners will altogether lose $2 trillion in home value by the end of 2008, according to real estate experts at The worst performing markets were in California while the best market was in Jacksonsville, N.C.

Massachusetts Utility Company Threatens Blind Elderly Woman's Livelihood Over A Penny

In today's economy, the variables contributing to one's inability to pay their bills can be overwhelming. In Attleboro, MA, one utility company was apparently serious about its collections when it threatened a 74-year-old woman's livelihood over a cent.
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Foreclosure Image

A U.S. home under foreclosure notice.
A U.S. home under foreclosure notice.
Screen capture from video of Occupiers moving into the Bank of America.
Screen capture from video of Occupiers moving into the Bank of America.
Sign of the times - Foreclosure
Sign of the times - Foreclosure
Home in foreclosure.
Home in foreclosure.
respres/flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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