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Food waste News

Global food waste has become an enormous problem

At its semi-annual summit in Istanbul, Turkey, agricultural ministers from the group of 20 leading countries issued a communique describing the great amount of food loss and food waste globally and how this has created an enormous economic problem.

EU group says 'best before' dates add to food waste

A discussion paper by a group of European Union countries argues that "best before" dates on food contribute to the mountain of food the EU throws away every year.

German retailers selling flawed vegetables at lower price

Under the brand "nobody is perfect", certain European retailers are now starting to sell "ugly" fruit and vegetables, that would normally be thrown away or used as animal feed. The produce is sold at a lower price, but the taste is exactly the same.

A third of the world's food goes to waste, U.N. says

A U.N. report published on Wednesday says a whole third of the world's food goes to waste, making it the third major source of greenhouse gas emission behind those of U.S. and China.

Up to half our food ends up in the trash, says new British study

Buy one get one free, often means buy one and bin the other one reports a new British study on food waste from the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers titled Global Food, Waste Not Want Not.

Food waste problem addressed in Brussels

Brussels - The FUSIONS program aims to reduce the approximately 89 million tons of food wasted every year in the European Union by 50 percent.

Scientists create new method to keep bread mould-free for 60 days

Lubbock - A technique developed by a research company linked to Texas Tech University can prolong the shelf-life of bread for up to two months. The new technology could become the most significant bread-related development since the invention of the bread-slicer.

Environment group says Americans throw away nearly half of food

New York - Americans are wasteful when it comes to food, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit environmental group. It released a report that highlights the high level of food that goes into the trash.

Saudi restaurant fines diners who do not finish their food

Dammam - The restaurant is charging customers who fail to eat everything on their plates, claiming that wasting food is contrary to the principles of Islam. Not everyone sees it that way.

Nearly one-third of the bread bought in UK is thrown away

British households throw away tons of food every year, but the item that most often ends up in the trash is bread. This staple is thrown away so often that 32 percent of all the bread bought by UK families ends up being discarded.

European week of waste reduction: Nov 19-27

London - A range of free cooking classes and demonstrations have set the tone across London in attempts to educate about the significance of reducing food waste. The events, which run until Nov. 27, are part of a Europe wide program.

Biodiesel to be produced from waste food

A British company based in North East Lincolnshire has announced plans to make use of the oil and fat contained in several food products.

NYC Restaurant Adds Surcharge For Uneaten Food

On Manhattan's West Side is a restaurant called Hayashi Ya, where for $26.95 you can eat all you want and the price includes Saki or soda. Should you fail to eat all of the food you've gotten, there will be a surcharge of 30 percent added onto your bill.

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Food waste
Food waste
Kiril Kapustin
Under certain conditions  bread can go mouldy in just a few days. Ten seconds of sterilization can k...
Under certain conditions, bread can go mouldy in just a few days. Ten seconds of sterilization can kill the mould spores and prolong shelf-life of bread as long as 60 days.
Matt Warthon
Globally  the amount of food wasted annually could feed 800 million people.
Globally, the amount of food wasted annually could feed 800 million people.
Satz Eesh
In the UK and America  30 to 40 percent of the food we buy gets thrown in the trash.
In the UK and America, 30 to 40 percent of the food we buy gets thrown in the trash.
FoodWaste TV

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