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Food supply News

Indoor farms gaining investors as pandemic disrupts food supplies

Seed money from investors is helping indoor farms to position themselves as one of the solutions to climate change and pandemic-induced disruptions to the harvesting, shipping, and sale of food.

Increased risk of 'food insecurity' brought on by COVID-19

The closing of the Tyson Foods pork processing plant in Iowa has significant ramifications for U.S. food supply chains, according to experts. But closing processing plants is just one of five threats to our supply chain to be considered.

CBD rules process in U.S. could take three years or longer

The outgoing head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggested on Tuesday that it would take several years for the agency to come up with rules around allowing hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) in food products—unless Congress steps in.

Pentagon's project called 'Insect Allies' - Is it a bioweapon?

A new Pentagon program wants to make insects that spread viruses to food crops to ensure food security, but scientists say the "Insect Allies" program is a biological weapon waiting to happen.

Shortages in U.K. food supply are now part of Brexit conversation

Britain’s prolonged heatwave will impact food supplies later this year and would exacerbate any disruption caused by a hard Brexit, an industry lobby group warned on Wednesday.

How digital technology can help secure the food chain

Food safety and security are of paramount importance. Digital technology promises a new series of safeguards, such as the use of smart sensors to assess changes in storage environments to the use of blockchain.

Reducing food waste through the Industrial Internet of Things

World hunger is a major concern and one set to become ever more pressing as the world's population expands. Reducing food waste, through the use of connected technology, can help to address the problem.

Fur seals washing up dead or emaciated off California coast

A near record number of Guadalupe fur seals are washing up either dead or emaciated along California's coast due to the unusually warm waters threatening their food supply.

Can child nutrition be boosted by lipid supplements?

A new project, examining childhood nutrition, has found that a lipid-based nutrient supplement leads to improved growth and development. In addition, children in the study had improved iron levels.

Report: Over 40 percent of China's farm land degraded

Beijing - Over 40 percent of China's arable land is suffering degradation, according to a report released on Tuesday by Xinhua, China's official news agency. The report cites state agriculture ministry statistics based on the second national land survey in 2013.

Early puberty in boys may be linked to American food supply

A recent study released this week says that boys are reaching puberty at a younger age than has been consistently observed in the past.

Op-Ed: World resources running out, says UN report

Sydney - A UN panel has warned that the world’s resources of food, water and fuel are running out. The panel wants an “evergreen revolution” for sustainable development and management of resources. So after 50 years of warnings, someone’s noticed.

Missouri governor declares state of emergency from Joplin tornado

Joplin - The deadliest tornado to hit the US in almost 60 years ripped through Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, leading Governor Jay Nixon to declare a state of emergency as the city now deals with the storm’s devastation which has claimed at least 90 lives.

Op-Ed: Mississippi River — Sandbagging our way to flood control

Natchez - Mississippi River floodwaters continue moving south, leaving in their wake thousands of flooded homes and businesses and millions of acres of flooded land, an event Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, in his comfort zone, urged citizens to be wary of.

Pew Environment Group: Governments cannot manage tuna balances

Though the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration acknowledges that bluefin tuna populations are 'low,' the Pew Environmental Group believes that governments hold fishing interests over ecosystem interests.

China's Industrialisation Increases Global Food Supply Fragility

Recent research, into the agricultural stability of China conducted by the University of Leeds, states global grain markets are facing breaking point.

Op-Ed: Persuading the fishing industry to allow stocks to rebuild

In what must be one of the more bizarre efforts to talk an industry into saving itself, new research is pointing out the benefits of having something to catch. The world’s chronically over-fished oceans are becoming expensive places to earn a living.

A World Without Fruit?

One-third of our diet comes from pollinated food by honeybees. Could the decline of the bee have us all living on bread and water?

Disappearing Pollinators Impact Food Supply

As much as one-third US food supply will be effected.

Tainted Hogs Might be in Human Food Supply

A report has been released by the government today indicating that some hogs may have eaten contaminated pet food. Those same hogs might also have entered the human food supply.

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Detecting physical contaminants in food  such as metal  glass  stone  plastic and bone is like tryin...
Detecting physical contaminants in food, such as metal, glass, stone, plastic and bone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially when the contaminant may be as small as 1 mm in diameter
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