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Food shortages News

Outbreak of locusts in east Africa nears biblical proportions

The United Nations secretary-general has appealed for “speedy and generous” financial assistance to curb an outbreak of locusts in the eastern African desert, which may be nearing biblical proportions.

Op-Ed: Trending environmental issues that will affect the world in 2016

The climate meeting in Paris this month ended with a pact agreed upon by nearly 200 countries to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But with climate change already impacting the world, what trending issues should we be watching in 2016?

U.S. military declares war on climate change

Speaking at the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas in Arequipa, Peru on Monday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel outlined the challenges that climate change presents to the military and national security.

Drought in Midwest drives corn production down and food prices up

The Midwest is experiencing its worst drought since 1988 , and corn crops are suffering as a result. Shortages are predicted due to the damage already done by the drought. But if drought conditions continue, the damage will be felt deeply by consumers.

Greek prisons running out of food

As the economic crisis in Greece worsens, exacerbated by the lack of an elected government, Greek prisons are running out of food to feed the prisoners.

Kuwait braces for eminent food shortage as Customs workers strike

Kuwait is headed for an impending food shortage as supply of basic commodities is being hampered by the on-going strike at the nation's Customs office as employees are demanding higher wages from the government

Nearly one-third of the bread bought in UK is thrown away

British households throw away tons of food every year, but the item that most often ends up in the trash is bread. This staple is thrown away so often that 32 percent of all the bread bought by UK families ends up being discarded.

Jim Rogers: Food shortages coming, commodities to go through roof

Co-founder of the Quantum Fund and Chairman of Rogers Holdings, Jim Rogers, spoke with CNBC to discuss the financial state of commodities. What's his view? Well, agricultural commodities will go through the roof and food shortages are coming.

3,035th white farmer shot dead in South Africa in front of wife

In another of the tens of thousands of horrific armed attacks against white farm families, a young South African veterinarian was shot dead in Limpopo province next to his nursing wife who was pistol-whipped. Killed was Dr Paul Meyer, 38.

North Korea Using Executions To Keep Citizens In Line

North Korea is using public executions as a way to keep citizens in line according to an U.N. investigation on human rights in the nation. The report came out on Thursday that the use of executions are intimidating the residents of the communist county.

Are Food shortages in Canada Possible?

Churchill, a small town in northern Manitoba, is facing food shortages because of problems with the railway. They are now relying on restaurants and hotels to airlift food to the community.

G8 Irony, Leaders Talk About Food Shortage, Leaders Dine on 8-Course Dinner

While the G8 leaders talk about shortage of food worldwide and food costs, there is a sheer irony of the aspect presented in that regard.

Canada Warned That Food Costs Will Be Increasing

As the world's food prices raise Canada will not remain immune. Within months the problems dealing with the rising cost of food will be appearing on the Canadian horizon reports the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Food prices and shortages getting worse as rice meltdown hits world's poorest

Food riots are becoming part of the global picture, and the outlook is bleak. According to the FAO, food prices have risen 57% in the last year. In what must be one of the most grotesque events in modern history, a global food crisis is looming.

Food Riots Predicted By Top Experts As World Food Supply Dwindles

Stocks of grain and of rice, wheat and maize are down at levels not seen since the early 1980s. Experts are predicting that the next 12 to 24 months may see violence erupt across the globe as food shortages cause panic. We consume more than we produce.

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Near-empty shelves in convenience store in Mizonokuchi  Kawasaki-shi  a suburb of Tokyo.(March 15  2...
Near-empty shelves in convenience store in Mizonokuchi, Kawasaki-shi, a suburb of Tokyo.(March 15, 2011, Photo by Mike Morpeth)

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