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Food safety News

Budget cuts increasing risks to food safety in Canada

Edmonton - At a news conference on Tuesday in Edmonton, the national president of Canada's Agricultural Union said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) cutbacks in the number of inspections of processing plants is putting people at risk of foodborne illnesses.

New food safety protocols issued for reusable plastic containers Special

The Reusable Packaging Association has responded to a number of reports critical of the safety of plastic shipping containers used to transport fruit and vegetables to markets. On March 10, the RPA issued new science-based protocols.

Spread that manure in your garden, but wait until fall

While most gardeners use synthetic fertilizers to add nutrients to the soil, there is nothing wrong with using manure, as long as you have a way to transport it. But manure also has a down-side you need to know about.

Research shows how climate change is impacting food safety

While there is controversy over the magnitude of its effects, climate change is having an indisputable impact on our food production, supply chain, food safety and the prevalence of foodborne diseases.

U.S. National Food Safety Month

Atlanta - September is National Food Safety Education month in the U.S. The CDC has issued some new guidance to help producers and consumers to avoid food poisoning.

U.S. company withdraws outdated, tainted food products

Rocked by a recent food safety scandal, a prominent U.S food supplier is withdrawing all products produced by its Chinese subsidiary due to health and safety concerns.

Beijing bans outdoor grills in effort to tackle pollution

Beijing - Government authorities in Beijing, China, deeply concerned over high pollution levels issued a new law that goes into affect May 1. The law targets outdoor grilling, and with the approach of summer, the impact of the law is sure to create dissention.

GM crop contamination disrupts global food trade

Rome - Increased production of genetically modified crops worldwide has caused a sharp rise in the number of incidents where low levels of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been found in food and feedstuffs traded between nations, disrupting trade.

Hot Pockets recalled over diseased meat

Multinational food giant Nestlé announced Tuesday that it was issuing a voluntary recall of hundreds of thousands of cases of its popular Hot Pockets snack sandwiches because they contain diseased meat.

FDA warns about dangerous vitamin supplement

The U S Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to purchase or use Ortiga, an unapproved product promoted for a variety of health conditions and sold on multiple websites, including eBay, and in some retail stores.

U.S. government 'safe' sugar level harms mice

A high-sugar diet, comparable to one consumed by up to a quarter of U.S. citizens, renders mice less able to compete for territory and reproduce, according to some new research.

Producers of fake condiment detained in China

Shanghai - Producers of a fake chicken and gourmet condiment have been seized in Shanghai, China, in the latest food safety scandal in the country.

Op-Ed: Processed chicken free of human body parts says factory worker

The confessions of a chicken processing plant worker caused much clucking on a Reddit thread but when it comes to chicken nuggets, the insider gave re-assurance that processed chicken products contain nothing in the way of human body parts.

Food: EU to relax rules on animal protein in animal feed

Lost amongst the Europe-wide furore concerning the discovery of horsemeat in processed foods, on February 14 the European Union quietly announced a partial lifting of the ban on animal proteins in feedstuffs.

Call for food safety testing to be expanded

Scientists in the U.S. have raised concern that food safety testing does not include screening of toxins produced by certain types of fungi.

UK: Horsemeat scandal romps home as police raid two meat plants

The scandal involving horsemeat in foodstuffs and ready-made meals was portrayed by the UK government as a fraud involving criminal gangs outside the UK but yesterday, events took a new turn as food inspectors and police raided two UK based meat plants.

UK: Some frozen lasagne may have contained '100% horsemeat'

The UK’s horsemeat in food scandal took a new twist last night as a government body, Britain’s Food Standards Agency, the FSA, reported that tests on Findus brand frozen beef lasagne ready meals showed they may have contained 100 per cent horsemeat.

Wal-Mart food safety concerns in China

The U.S. company Wal-Mart has been accused by the Chinese government of two significant food violations. One relates to high levels of potentially carcinogenic chemicals in some foods and the second to selling pork unfit for human consumption.

Manufacturer recalls tons of raw tuna in U.S.

The manufacturer of raw yellow-fin tuna frequently used for sushi, sashimi, ceviche and other dishes, is recalling nearly 59,000 pounds of the product because of possible salmonella contamination.

U.S. government to privatize chicken, turkey carcass inspections

Washington - A pilot program by the United States Department of Agriculture privatizing inspection of poultry products is being allowed to proceed, even though records show scabs, feathers, bile, sores and digestive tract tissue often remain in poultry carcasses.

Some Chicago restaurants now do their own food safety inspections

Chicago - A new “self-certification” program in Chicago would allow restaurants with no record of food-borne illnesses and retailers selling pre-packaged foods to inspect themselves and then submit reports with the city health department.

GOP calls for end of food safety laws against deadly bacteria

Holly - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a statement regarding the seriousness of listeria, derived from eating cantaloupe. Yet, the GOP is calling for a decrease in food safety laws that protect people from diseases like listeria.

House Republicans seek $285 million cut in food safety program

Washington - US House Republicans are seeking a $285 million cut to the Food and Drug Administration’s fiscal year 2012 budget, an 11.5 percent reduction over FY2011. This news comes when the agency is attempting to implement a new food safety law.

China confronts recycled cooking oil trade to protect consumers

Chinese authorities have stepped up its campaign to stop the recycling of used cooking oil in its effort to protect the consumers from the potential dangers of substances mixed with recycled oil.

Premium eggs are more expensive, but are they healthier?

Athens - Consumers can chose between factory, free-range and organic eggs with a price that vary according to the perceived benefits of getting a healthier product. But are a $3.99 a dozen organic eggs healthier and safer than a $1.69 a dozen factory product?

Customer loyalty cards proving to be a useful food safety tool

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently put customer loyalty cards to a novel use: tracking down the source of contaminated food.

Contaminated Watermelon Reminder of National Food Safety Concerns

Recently the New York Times reported on the safety of the nation’s food supply, finding no improvement during the past three years. Contaminants have been found in many foods. Today a dramatic example at my home showed the problem visibly.

Canada: agriculture committee proposes food-safety overhaul

The House of Commons agriculture committee has produced a report recommending an overhaul of Canada’s food-safety system.

Movie uncovers facts about the food we buy

Robert Kenner's film Food Inc takes a close look at the United States food production and distribution system. The film offers several solutions on how to reduce corporate control of our food system and fighting obesity.

New bill to give FDA broad new enforcement tools

The proposed legislation could result in the food supply chain becoming more transparent and inspections of food facilities would become more frequent.
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Reusable plastic containers replace cardboard and wood containers and pallets to help customers redu...
Reusable plastic containers replace cardboard and wood containers and pallets to help customers reduce material handling costs and improve supply chain efficiency.
Buckhorn Inc
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals can enter the environment through industrial and urban discharges  ag...
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals can enter the environment through industrial and urban discharges, agricultural run-off and the burning and release of waste. Photo: UNEP
United Nations Environmental Programme
Infections from Listeria hit over 1 600 people a year in the U.S. resulting in 260 deaths.
Infections from Listeria hit over 1,600 people a year in the U.S. resulting in 260 deaths.
CBS Evening News
Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey includes hundreds of volunteers and over 100 group ...
Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey includes hundreds of volunteers and over 100 group partners. Pictured here are some of the volunteers at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
This Michigan Salad with grilled shrimp looks mighty good  but how safe are our shrimp?
This Michigan Salad with grilled shrimp looks mighty good, but how safe are our shrimp?
Steven Depolo
Chicken carcass.
Chicken carcass.
I ll pass on getting this extra protein in my diet.
I'll pass on getting this extra protein in my diet.
Climate change in impacting food production and food safety.
Climate change in impacting food production and food safety.
Vince Bucello
A pile of manure on a field somewhere in England
A pile of manure on a field somewhere in England
Paul Clarke