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Food crisis News

Aid organizations warn of market collapse in CAR

Bangui - The continuing violence between the Christian majority and Muslims in the Central African Republic (CAR) has torn the country apart. With the continued exodus of thousands of Muslims from the country, there are now fears of a market collapse.

Op-Ed: The dying fish epidemic continues as earthquakes increase

Recently, 10,000 fish died in Missouri’s Blue Springs Lake; the sardine apocalypse continued as 200-tons of dead fish washed up at port, a 6.0-magnitude quake shakes Peru, and Katla volcano continues earthquake activity under icecap.

Is a food crisis coming?

Food could soon hold a greater value than gold to many people with rising prices, civil unrest and food products such as corn being converted into fuel. Americans may soon understand what other countries such as Egypt already know.

Canada gives $6.8 million to hunger crisis in Niger and Chad

On Saturday the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, announced that the Government of Canada will be adding $6,825,000 to Chad and Niger's hunger crisis.

Aid agencies say West Africa on the brink of starvation, need aid

Niamey - Two of the largest humanitarian agencies, Oxfam International and Save The Children, are stating that the western region of Africa is on the brink of starvation. The aid agencies launched campaigns that appealed for $10 million just to help Niger.

1984 famine in Ethiopia to repeat itself

History is repeating itself in Ethiopia. Twenty-five years after a devastating famine killed one million people, famine looms again - threatening 6.5 million lives.

Guatemala declares food crisis, seeks international assistance

Guatemala's President, Alvaro Colom, declared a 'state of calamity' last week, hoping to get international assistance to help some 54,000 families who are at high risk because of a regional food shortage.

World Bank Issues Call to Help The Hungry

The World Bank Group has called for more resources and greater focus to help the millions of people around the globe who go hungry each day.

Combating Desertification Could Help Tackle Other Global Crises

A senior United Nations environmental expert highlighted the “silent” crisis of desertification or land degradation which if approached properly, can help address food crisis, climate change.

FAO Says Agriculture Production Must Rise

The head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says agricultural production must be raised to end the global food crisis, which has driven more than 75 million additional people into hunger and poverty.

WFP Announces 4 Year Plan To Battle Global Food Crisis

The Executive Board of WFP has approved a new four-year strategic plan that will be critical to addressing soaring hunger needs due to the global food crisis.

UN Announces $6 Billion in New Funding for Global Food Crisis

The top United Nations relief official said today that $6 billion in new funding to tackle the global food crisis has been pledged.

Op-Ed: The Menu At U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization's Summit Tastes Divine

As world leaders discuss what can be done about the global food crisis they gorge themselves on the best that Rome has to offer. While people across the globe can only hope for a cup of rice they are indulging on puff pastries with mozzarella and shrimp.

UN says food production will need to rise by 50 per cent to meet demand in 2030

Truly grim reading, the global food crisis is now generating some statistics. One of those stats is that the poor countries of the world can look forward to a 40 per cent increase in food costs. There are plenty of ideas, and they all focus on trade.

Expert: Media, Policy Makers To Blame For Food Crisis

A food security expert at the University at Buffalo says the worldwide food crisis is a direct result of the choices made by policy makers and the lack of attention paid to the food system and its relationship to global warming and fossil fuels.

World Bank Contributes $1.2 Billion To Fight Food Crisis

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed $1.2 billion in funding from the World Bank to help tackle the global food crisis.

Saudi Arabia Offers $500 Million To Assist With Food Crisis

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s landmark offer to contribute $500 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Op-Ed: Crop research budgets slashed as rice supply crash worsens

Trust some jerks with a sense of occasion to help screw up the global food supply a bit more. Some bright bastard got the idea that the world food supply situation was “solved”, and research has been starved like the people it was supposed to help.

UN Report Suggests Severe Global Economic Downturn Ahead

The report issued by the UN’s Department of Social and Economic Affairs (DESA), predicts that world economic growth will fall steeply to 1.8 per cent this year and 2.1 per cent next year, down from 3.8 per cent in 2007.

Coupon Websites Surge in Popularity on Heels of Economic Downturn

When food prices rise and the economy weakens, coupon websites win big. Consumer pain is pure joy to sites such as and, who offer digital coupons to people looking to save money wherever they can.

Canada's Green Party Says Focus On Food Crisis Issues

The Green Party is urging meaningful actions by the Harper government in order to address the growing global food crisis.

UN Commission Examines Issues Underpinning Current Food Crisis

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) kicked off a two-week meeting today, closely examining the issues underpinning the current food crisis.

UN Rights Chief says Do Not Forget The Marginalized

Solutions to the current food crisis spurred by soaring global food prices must include marginalized groups, the top United Nations human rights official said today,

UN Gives Poor Farmers $200 million to Cope With Food Crisis

The United Nations rural development arm announced today that it is providing up to $200 million for poor farmers during the upcoming cropping season.

UN Calls Global Food Crisis 'Silent Tsunami'

The head of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today called for urgent action to tackle the “silent tsunami” of rising food prices

UN Secretary-General Urges Immediate Long-term Steps to Fight Food Crisis

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for both immediate and long-term measures to tackle the growing global food crisis,

Canadian Government Will Donate $3 Million to Burundi

Canada will make the donation through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),

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