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Vampire bats vomit up blood to share with others

Panama - Stomach turning fact of the week: vampire bats vomit up blood they have recently eaten and share it with their fellow bats.

Bird flu raising price of turkey and other poultry

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the grocery stores are packed with shoppers looking to get everything for their Thanksgiving meal.

Study: Men eat more food when dining with women

New York - Men will eat bigger meals when they are dining with women than they do when eating out with other men. The psychology at play seems to relate to men trying to impress women with their voracious appetite.

Snail caviar a slimy delight for Sicilian start-up

Campofelice Di Roccella - It has an earthy taste with hints of grass and mushroom: snail caviar is a growing trend in Europe, the delicate white eggs sprinkled on everything from canapes to beef dishes and beetroot.

New process for approving ‘novel foods’ enacted

Brussel - Have you heard about the delights of chia seeds, flavonoids, glycyrrhiza glabra or rapeseed protein? These are all "novel foods," and a new process to review them will be enacted soon.

WHO says cancer report not a call for people to give up meat

Ginebra - The World Health Organization stressed Thursday that an explosive report this week linking the consumption of processed meat to cancer was not calling for people to stop eating meat altogether.

Milan celebrates World Expo, though critics doubt social impact

Milan - Dedicated to the problem of feeding the planet, the World Expo in Milan winds up Saturday amid celebrations over visitor numbers but doubts regarding its contributions to the global food debate.

Fear not, eat bratwurst, says German food minister

Berlin - Germany's food and agriculture minister said Tuesday that people should not be afraid of biting into a grilled bratwurst despite the World Health Organization’s warning that sausages and ham cause cancer.

Brazilians have a beef with UN meat warning

Rio De Janeiro - At Rio de Janeiro's famed Churrascaria Palace restaurant, the sizzling of steaks, the swish of carving knives and sighs of satisfied diners drowned out a UN warning that meat can cause cancer.

Egg-humed? Russian police bust caviar smuggled in coffin

Moscow - Russian traffic police have busted a caviar smuggling operation after stopping a speeding hearse with half-a-ton of black caviar hidden in a coffin.

Australia says linking sausages to tobacco risk 'a farce'

Sydney - One of the world's top meat exporters Australia Tuesday ridiculed a landmark UN report linking sausages and ham to cancer, saying it was "a farce" to suggest they could be as lethal as cigarettes.

Sausages, ham cause cancer, red meat 'probably' too: agency

Paris - Sausages, ham and other processed meats cause bowel cancer, and red meat "probably" does too, a UN agency warned Monday, in a potentially heavy blow for the fast-growing livestock industry.

Making sure organic food is legitimate

European regulators are proposing a series of new measures to check that food being marketed as "organic" actually meets the criteria for organic food.

Councils taking action on fast-food obesity

A number of councils in the U.K. are attempting to force fast food outlets to use more healthy ingredients in their cooking processes.

Monk goes nine days without food, water or sleep

On Wednesday, a Japanese monk finished a nine-day ritual of not drinking, eating or sleeping as he chanted sutras 100,000 times.

Processed foods alter gut bacteria, trigger inflammatory disease Special

Bethesda - The composition of bacteria in the human gut shapes whether a person is more prone towards obesity. In turn, this gut composition can be affected by diet with processed foods presenting some modern day challenges.

Call for safety guidelines for insect eating

In many parts of the world people eat insects as a source of protein. In other countries, the snacking on insects has become popular. Is it time for some safety guidance?

Longtime San Francisco waterfront restaurant puts off eviction

San Francisco - An iconic waterfront restaurant that evoked a simpler time in San Francisco's colorful history filed for bankruptcy last Wednesday morning, just in time to head off eviction by the city's sheriff's department.

Feminist restaurant gives migrants a starter in Britain

London - In a feminist restaurant housed in a theatre, seven immigrant female chefs are bringing a taste of their homelands to Londoners, whilst earning themselves a stake in British society.

Bayer - no charge that probiotic is wrongfully promoted (update) Special

Washington - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has accused drugs maker Bayer of illegally promoting the effect of its probiotic, a collection of bacteria that it says “support digestive health.” However, the Justice Department will not pursue the charge.

Guatemala's Mayan heritage lives on in spicy pepian

Guatemala City - The smells of a bygone era waft through the air as Elsa Morales tosses an ancient Mayan spice on her sizzling grill to make a batch of pepian stew.

British food recycling cafes go global in fight against waste

London - When former chef Adam Smith opened a small cafe in Britain's post-industrial North two years ago, serving up dishes with food destined for the scrap heap, he had big aspirations -- to fight global food waste.

World beer giant Heineken buys into California craft brewer

Petaluma - It's been two weeks since European beer giant Heineken announced it was buying half of pioneering California craft beer-maker Lagunitas Brewing Co. and, so far, everything still looks good.

Only one way to tackle obesity: Cut portion sizes

London - In might seem obvious but in the world of quick-fix miracle diets and must-eat / must-not-eat foods, obesity can be addressed by eating less high calorific foods. This is the outcome of a new research study.

No break for Nestle as EU rejects Kit Kat claim

Luxembourg - Swiss food giant Nestle failed Wednesday in a bid to get the EU's top court to let it trademark the shape of its four-fingered Kit Kat chocolate bar in Britain.

Can eating fish keep depression at bay?

New research suggests that a high consumption of fish helps to keep depression at bay, for those who are risk from mental health problems.

Tears as India's soaring onion cost poses challenge for Modi

New Delhi - A leap in onion prices has left a bitter taste for Surinder Anand, owner of a New Delhi restaurant that sweats its way through a hundred kilos a day, but it could pose even bigger problems for India's leader.

EU lawmakers want full animal cloning ban

Strasbourg - EU lawmakers backed calls Tuesday to tighten up a proposed ban on cloning animals for food so as to ensure they never find a place on European farms.

Greek crisis prompts a rethink on food waste

Atenas - With little end to their economic misery in sight, Greeks are finding inventive ways to feed the poor while also fighting waste -- a movement that is chipping away at traditional attitudes to food.

Veggie meals for all schools, a solution in secular France?

Paris - To serve or not to serve pork in the canteens of France's secular state schools?
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Food Image

Gazpacho recipe
Gazpacho recipe
Shredded potatoes releasing their moisture.
Shredded potatoes releasing their moisture.
A New York grocery store is depleted during Hurricane Irene
A New York grocery store is depleted during Hurricane Irene
carnival royal west amusements
carnival royal west amusements
A warehouse is full of food baskets that will be distributed to needy families by Metro Nashville Po...
A warehouse is full of food baskets that will be distributed to needy families by Metro Nashville Police Officers on Christmas eve.
Food in the refrigerator image by Rob Lawson.
Food in the refrigerator image by Rob Lawson.
Making some shrimp quesadillas
Making some shrimp quesadillas
A bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva. Used with permission from Liqourature.
A bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva. Used with permission from Liqourature.
Lance Surujbally, Liqourature
midway carnival rides food summer time
midway carnival rides food summer time
Salon  Paul Bocuse Institute  Lyon France
Salon, Paul Bocuse Institute, Lyon France
Yummy Thai Udon Noodles & Meatballs
Yummy Thai Udon Noodles & Meatballs
yummy gorgonzola being added to my creamy and bacon-y tomato sauce
yummy gorgonzola being added to my creamy and bacon-y tomato sauce
Come to the Ex hungry there s something ready to taste.
Come to the Ex hungry there's something ready to taste.
Greek Garbanzo Bean & Cucumber Salad
Greek Garbanzo Bean & Cucumber Salad
Home baked bread can be a healthy  tasty  inexpensive alternative to store-bought loaves.
Home baked bread can be a healthy, tasty, inexpensive alternative to store-bought loaves.
Chicken and rice dish  prepared Latin-style
Chicken and rice dish, prepared Latin-style
Spain: Members of the SAT fieldworkers  union expropriate food from supermarkets and give to the poo...
Spain: Members of the SAT fieldworkers' union expropriate food from supermarkets and give to the poor.

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