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Food News

Vietnam's 12-hour Tet cake worth the wait

Hanoi - She may be edging into her nineties, but Tran Thi Tam still refuses to serve her children store-bought banh chung, the savoury rice cake prepared in a frenzy during Vietnam's lunar new year festival known as Tet.

Zimbabwe declares 'state of disaster' over drought

Harare - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Friday declared a "state of disaster" in many rural areas hit by a severe drought, with more than a quarter of the population facing food shortages.

No boost seen from giving antibiotics to starving kids

Miami - Children who suffer from severe malnutrition are routinely given antibiotics as part of their medical treatment, but a study Wednesday found the practice offered no boost to their nutritional recovery.

Mercury in seafood not harmful to aging brain

Miami - Eating seafood may lead to higher levels of mercury in the brain, but a study out Tuesday found that increased mercury does not appear to raise the risk of dementia.

No charges over girl dying after 'choking on Kinder Surprise toy'

Toulouse - French prosecutors say no criminal charges will be brought against Italian confectionery giant Ferrero over allegations a three-year-old girl died after choking on a toy from a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.

World's oldest tea found in Chinese emperor's tomb

Paris - The tomb of a Chinese emperor who lived more than 2,100 years ago has yielded the oldest remains of tea, said researchers who used it to re-date part of the ancient Asian Silk Road.

Link between autoimmune disease and processed food

Washington - Researchers have drawn a possible connection between the increase in the rate of autoimmune diseases and the increasing amount of food additive used in certain processed foods.

Looking ahead at food security for 2016

London - 2015 was a perilous year for food security. This period saw droughts, a rise in food prices, a migrant crisis and other issues that affected access to food. 2016 may not be any better, according to a leading expert.

German brewers cheer 500th birthday of beer purity law

Berlin - German brewers will be clinking glasses this year to the 500th anniversary of their "purity law", even as craft label designers complain the decree is cramping their style.

Cough mixture warning, and round-up of other recalls

A licorice coughing liquid has been voluntarily recalled, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The product was produced by the Ma Ying Long Pharmaceutical Group.

Op-Ed: Winter Fancy Food Show at Moscone Center features the unique Special

San Francisco - Moscone Center is gearing up for the annual Winter Fancy Food Show opening this Saturday, January 17. Sponsored by the Speciality Food Association, this is the largest specialty food trade event on the West Coast.

Ways to get more fruit and vegetables into schools

The European Union is keen to reform the types of food young people eat in schools. The proposal is to increase the quantities of fruit, vegetables and milk consumed.

Americans are still consuming too much sodium

The use of salt and the consumption of foods high in sodium remain too high in the U.S. according to a new report. This cuts across all demographic and ethnic groups.

Essential Science: Learn about the new field of neurogastronomy

Scientists aand chefs might appear as an unlikely combination, but representatives from each profession are working together within a new scientific field called neurogastronomy. The research area attempts to find out how the brain interprets flavor.

Do our brains become wired so we overeat?

Exeter - Tackling the rise in obesity cannot simply be met through health promotion and governments regulating for clearer food labeling. People’s bodies adapt to eating more and need to be "trained" to eat less.

Kyrgyzstan expels Briton after 'horse penis' Facebook comment

Bichkek - A Briton working at a Canadian-owned gold mine in ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan has been expelled after comparing a local delicacy to a horse penis in a Facebook post, an interior ministry spokesman confirmed Monday.

Russia confirms food embargo on Ukraine: PM

Moscow - Russia will introduce a food embargo against Ukraine next month over Kiev's trade deal with the EU, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Monday, extending punitive measures already in place against Western countries.

France passes bill forcing shops to give unsold food to charities

The French National Assembly has passed a new law that forces large supermarkets to not trash unsold food. Under the new law, large supermarkets will be required to partner with local charities that can help distribute unsold food to consumers in need.

Croatia helps migrants settle by cooking 'taste of home'

Zagreb - In a family kitchen on the hilly outskirts of Zagreb, a group of chefs from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Croatia sprinkle salt into flour and grate orange zest as they whip up a range of breads from their home countries.

420,000 die from tainted food annually, a third young children

Ginebra - Some 600 million people get sick from eating contaminated food each year, and around 420,000 die, the World Health Organization said Thursday, adding that young children account for nearly one third of those deaths.

Tokyo noodle shop awarded world's first ramen Michelin star

Toukyo - A tiny Tokyo noodle shop joined the ranks of the world's top restaurants Tuesday as it scooped up a star from the respected Michelin Guide.

China 'clone factory' scientist eyes human replication

Bejing - The Chinese scientist behind the world's biggest cloning factory has technology advanced enough to replicate humans, he told AFP, and is only holding off for fear of the public reaction.

Vampire bats vomit up blood to share with others

Panama - Stomach turning fact of the week: vampire bats vomit up blood they have recently eaten and share it with their fellow bats.

Bird flu raising price of turkey and other poultry

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the grocery stores are packed with shoppers looking to get everything for their Thanksgiving meal.

Study: Men eat more food when dining with women

New York - Men will eat bigger meals when they are dining with women than they do when eating out with other men. The psychology at play seems to relate to men trying to impress women with their voracious appetite.

Snail caviar a slimy delight for Sicilian start-up

Campofelice Di Roccella - It has an earthy taste with hints of grass and mushroom: snail caviar is a growing trend in Europe, the delicate white eggs sprinkled on everything from canapes to beef dishes and beetroot.

New process for approving ‘novel foods’ enacted

Brussel - Have you heard about the delights of chia seeds, flavonoids, glycyrrhiza glabra or rapeseed protein? These are all "novel foods," and a new process to review them will be enacted soon.

WHO says cancer report not a call for people to give up meat

Ginebra - The World Health Organization stressed Thursday that an explosive report this week linking the consumption of processed meat to cancer was not calling for people to stop eating meat altogether.

Milan celebrates World Expo, though critics doubt social impact

Milan - Dedicated to the problem of feeding the planet, the World Expo in Milan winds up Saturday amid celebrations over visitor numbers but doubts regarding its contributions to the global food debate.

Fear not, eat bratwurst, says German food minister

Berlin - Germany's food and agriculture minister said Tuesday that people should not be afraid of biting into a grilled bratwurst despite the World Health Organization’s warning that sausages and ham cause cancer.
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Food Image

Volunteers prepare food in the kitchen area of a Real Junk Food Project (RJFP) cafe in Brighton  sou...
Volunteers prepare food in the kitchen area of a Real Junk Food Project (RJFP) cafe in Brighton, southeast England, on September 11, 2015
Glyn Kirk, AFP
Food artworks decorate the hallways of Enderun Colleges  Culinary Arts Building
Food artworks decorate the hallways of Enderun Colleges' Culinary Arts Building
Porks marinating in a spiced rub
Porks marinating in a spiced rub
The Al Hamra: Raumerstr. 16  Berlin
The Al Hamra: Raumerstr. 16, Berlin
Turkish lady cooking.
Turkish lady cooking.
Tuna simmering away with onions and garlic in a spicy tomato sauce
Tuna simmering away with onions and garlic in a spicy tomato sauce
Spaghetti Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Photo by Ken Mayer via Wikimedia Commons
Some friends who are soon to be well acquainted with chicken.
Some friends who are soon to be well acquainted with chicken.
Thai seafood curry
Thai seafood curry
David Monniaux
Grilling Flank Steak
Grilling Flank Steak
Simmering creamy tomato sauce!
Simmering creamy tomato sauce!
File photo: Ground beef
File photo: Ground beef
Park Seo-yeon  the meokbang diva  as seen on Afreeca TV.
Park Seo-yeon, the meokbang diva, as seen on Afreeca TV.
The Kyunghyang Shinmun
Siakap merah goreng tradisi dihidang bersama sos liman kasturi  Daging kurma  Sayuran segar bersama ...
Siakap merah goreng tradisi dihidang bersama sos liman kasturi, Daging kurma, Sayuran segar bersama herba masala and Ayam merah dimasak dengan jintan
This chemical and e-coli free vegetable garden measures 30x30 and will feed the average family throu...
This chemical and e-coli free vegetable garden measures 30x30 and will feed the average family throughout the summer months and it to the fall.
Baked Mozzarella Sticks. :)
Baked Mozzarella Sticks. :)