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Brazil tainted meat: Three key markets resume imports

Bras - Brazil won a major victory Saturday in the fight to restore credibility amid a tainted meat scandal, with key markets China, Egypt and Chile lifting their bans on its products.

China lifts ban on Brazilian meat imports

Bras - Brazil, trying to recover from a rotten meat scandal that has pummeled its agribusiness industry, said Saturday that major trading partner China had lifted a ban on imports of its products.

Brazilian government orders meat recall

Bras - Brazil's consumer protection agency Senacom ordered recalls Friday of meat from three meatpacking companies involved in a tainted produce scandal that has hit the Latin American giant hard.

Brazilian meat inspectors skewer health violators

Rio De Janeiro - The team of health inspectors strode into the Rio supermarket Friday and before long had two trolleys filled to the brim -- except they weren't shopping."That will all be destroyed," a member of the team said.

'Worst is over' for Brazil's meat scandal: minister

Bras - Worldwide markets have been slamming their doors on Brazilian meat since revelations that rotten product was being sold with faked certificates, but the agriculture minister said Thursday "the worst of the process is over.

Food insecurity 'widespread' in North Korea: UN-led report

Seoul - Chronic food shortages and malnutrition are widespread in North Korea, a UN-led report said, as a senior official appealed to donors not to let political considerations get in the way of humanitarian assistance.

Brazil tries to rescue meat industry from scandal

Bras - Brazil's government fought Wednesday to save the country's meat industry from getting burned in a corruption scandal that has prompted several countries to pull Brazilian beef and chicken from the menu.

Trade fallout from Brazil's meat scandal: what we know

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil sells more than $10 billion of chicken and beef a year but a scandal over rotten produce and faked inspections has prompted import bans, threatening the world's biggest meat producer.

Brazilian meat health inspector: 'I'm a carnivore'

Rio De Janeiro - In the midst of a rotten meat scandal threatening one of Brazil's biggest industries, the three government scientists showed little concern at a pile of minced beef on a lab tray.

Hong Kong import ban deals Brazil meat industry big blow

Bras - Brazil's giant meat industry suffered a heavy blow Tuesday when Hong Kong banned imports in response to allegations that inspectors in Brazil were faking certificates for rotten produce.

Export bans hit Brazil's meat industry after scandal

Bras - The fallout from Brazil's rotten meat scandal accelerated on Monday when China, a huge client, suspended imports and the European Union demanded a partial ban.

Brazil president calls emergency meeting over tainted meat scandal

Bras - Brazilian President Michel Temer called an emergency ministerial meeting for Sunday to deal with a growing scandal over the safety of meat and poultry sold at home and abroad by the world's leading supplier.

Venezuela has a 'let them eat cake' moment

Caracas - After living through shortages of water, electricity, medicine, banknotes and beer, Venezuelans are now struggling to find one of the most basic foodstuffs of all, unleashing what President Nicolas Maduro has dubbed the "Bread War.

Should high calorie food be sold in plain packaging?

Cambridge - Obesity is a major health and social problem in most societies. This relates to various factors, including low rates of exercise and the consumption of ‘unhealthy’ foods. Is the answer to reduce the appeal of sugar-rich food through plain packaging?

Green initiative turns food waste into tires

A groundbreaking environmental initiative sees the turning of food waste into a material that can replace the petroleum-based filler used in manufacturing tires. Trials on the new type of material show that it exceeds industrial standards for performance.

GreeKrave is one of the new food choices for Nassau Coliseum

Deer Park - GreeKrave, the local Greek eatery in Deer Park, Long Island, has a major reason to be proud. It is one of the new food choices for the newly-renovated venue, Nassau Coliseum.

Elixir of life? Some Chileans nourishing infants with donkey milk

Melipilla - When severe food allergies kept Fiorella Fuentes from stomaching her formula -- leaving the infant on the brink of starvation -- her desperate mother turned to a curious source of sustenance: donkey milk.

Grapes of wrath sour Slovenia-Croatia relations

Ljubljana - Visiting Slovenia this week, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker will likely be offered Teran, a local variety of red wine. But it won't just be to delight the Luxembourger's palate.

NY museums wage cultural war against Trump prejudice

New York - Museums across New York are waging a cultural war on prejudice in Donald Trump's America, flexing the soft power of art and photography to compound the city-wide climate of protest.

'Our food, our stories': bringing west African cuisine to the world

Accra - It took a move to the United States from Ghana to convince food entrepreneur Essie Bartels that the world deserved to know more about west African cuisine. "You would always end up having to put on tons of stuff -- hot sauce, lots of salt, pepper.

S. Africa and EU spar over alleged chicken meat 'dumping'

Pretoria - South Africa's poultry industry says it is on the brink of collapse due to hotly-denied accusations that the European Union is dumping cheap chicken in the country in a dispute over free trade.

UN food agency hopes for continued US funding

Maiduguri - The head of the World Food Programme said she was hopeful of continued US funding for the organisation, despite reports that Washington was mulling heavy cuts in financial support.

Britons sizzle over chips and toast cancer warnings

London - A government health warning over the potential dangers of toast, roast potatoes and chips -- all traditional staples of the British diet -- had the country's tabloids hitting out Monday.

Food made from mealworms could address world hunger

Is the answer to global hunger and issues of food scarcity consuming insects? If so, can insects be turned into food, through processing, that is recognizable today? One food research group think so.

Ukraine president to end his sweets deal in Russia

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's confectionery company on Friday announced plans to shut down his key asset in Russia, a candy factory, after a barrage of criticism at home for his maintaining business activities on rival ground.

Frozen fish and meat recalled in U.K.

Several frozen fish and meat products are being recalled from sores around the U.K. The foods are reportedly "unsafe" for human consumption.

Vatican McDonald's row ends with hamburgers for homeless

Vatican City - A controversial branch of McDonald's that opened recently near the Vatican is to serve hamburgers to the homeless under an initiative with a local charity.

Something 'fishy' going on at LA sushi restaurants: study

Los Angeles - Next time you order halibut, red snapper or yellowfin tuna at a sushi restaurant in the Los Angeles area, you may want to ask for proof of what's on your plate.

Red meat link to common bowel disease: study

Paris - A diet rich in red meat has been linked to a heightened risk of a bowel inflammation called diverticulitis, according to a study published Tuesday.

Japan's 'Tuna King' wins annual auction for $636,000

Toukyo - Japan's self-styled "Tuna King" has done it again -- paying more than $600,000 for a single fish.
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A healthy vegetable stir fry
A healthy vegetable stir fry
David Kcdtsg
Park Seo-yeon  the meokbang diva  as seen on Afreeca TV.
Park Seo-yeon, the meokbang diva, as seen on Afreeca TV.
The Kyunghyang Shinmun
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Gazpacho recipe
At their height the Crumbs bakery featured large varieties of cupcakes made fresh every day. Their d...
At their height the Crumbs bakery featured large varieties of cupcakes made fresh every day. Their decline and closure left many people shocked.
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Come to the Ex hungry there's something ready to taste.
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The Fancy Food Show is sponsored by the Specialty Food Association. There are two each year, one in summer and one in winter.
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A plate of salmon sashimi.
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Homemade Tzatziki.
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Main dish at the Paul Bocuse Institute, Lyon France
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