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Fake Twitter account for new UN food agency chief shut down

Rome - A fake Twitter account opened immediately after the weekend election of China's Qu Dongyu to head the Food and Agriculture Organization has been shut down, the UN food agency said Monday.

Qu Dongyu becomes first Chinese to head UN food agency FAO

Rome - Qu Dongyu on Sunday became the first Chinese national to be elected to head the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, clinching the post in the first round of voting.

Yemenis fear starvation after partial suspension of aid

Sanaa - In Yemen's capital Sanaa, Mohammed Omar is terrified he will not be able to feed his five children after the UN announced the partial suspension of aid in the rebel-held city.

UN food agency to elect chief as climate change ups hunger

Rome - Candidates from China, France and Georgia are vying to head the UN's food agency, as the fight to eradicate world hunger takes a blow from global warming and wars.

World Food Programme announces partial suspension of Yemen aid

Rome - The World Food Programme (WFP) announced Thursday the "partial suspension" of aid to Yemen's capital Sanaa, controlled by Huthi rebels, citing problems with "diversion of food" from the neediest.

Striking French workers block world's biggest Nutella plant

Rouen - A factory in northern France that makes a quarter of the world's Nutella has been blockaded for a week by workers striking for more pay, causing key ingredients to run low, unions said Monday.

Descend, Eat, Marvel: Europe's first underwater restaurant

For the chef and diners alike, each meal beneath the waves at Europe's first underwater restaurant is a thing of wonder.

You can have your plate and eat it too, says Polish inventor

Polish inventor and entrepreneur Jerzy Wysocki catches a brown plate -- still warm -- as it drops out of a machine and he begins to eat the crunchy, fibrous tableware.

Fruit and vegetables lower risk of clinical depression

Researchers from the University of Warwick have detailed evidence of a longitudinal connection between current diet and later mental health. This indicates that consumption of fruit and vegetables could improve people's mental-health.

Denmark's fabulous food journey, from hearty fare to haute cuisine

Aarhus - Long known for their hearty meat-and-potatoes fare, Danish chefs have now carved out a name for themselves in the culinary world with trailblazing dishes at star-studded restaurants.

North Korea seeing worst drought in a century: state media

Seoul - North Korea is experiencing its worst drought in over a century, official media reported Friday, days after the World Food Programme expressed "very serious concerns" about the situation in the country.

'Extreme drought' in North Korea: KCNA

Seoul - North Korea's average rain and snowfall this year fell to the lowest level in 37 years, Pyongyang's state media said Wednesday, just days after the UN expressed "grave concerns" about food shortages.

Key Yemen grain silos come under fire: UN

Dubai - Grain silos outside the port of Hodeida that are vital to UN plans to feed millions of needy Yemenis were hit by gunfire just days after aid staff gained access, the UN said Friday.

The only way is down: subterranean survival warning

Naples - Solutions to the biggest threats facing our planet lie underground, according to experts who insist climate change, overpopulation and food shortages can all be tackled by going subterranean.

Tyson recalls 12 million pounds of chicken strips over metals

Tyson Foods Inc. has recalled approximately 11.8 million pounds of frozen chicken strips because the products may be contaminated with metal, the United States Department of Agriculture announced Saturday.

North Korea cuts rations after worst harvest in a decade: UN

New York - North Korea has cut food rations to their lowest level ever for this time of year and may be forced to further slash them without international aid, a United Nations report warned Friday.About 10.

French cheese recalled in Germany over E.coli scare

Berlin - Two types of French cheese have been recalled in Germany over fears they could be contaminated with E.coli, just a few days after a similar scare in France, the German food safety authority announced on Tuesday.

France to ban food additive E171 from next year

Paris - France will ban the use of a widely used food additive from 2020, its economy and environment ministries said Wednesday, after studies pointed to potential health risks for consumers.

Frenchman gets 6-month prison term over horsemeat fraud

Paris - The former director of a French meat processing firm was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison over a 2013 scandal which saw millions of meals withdrawn from European supermarkets after they were found to contain horsemeat instead of beef.

Del Taco to launch meat free taco option

Interest in meat-free products continues to grow, especially with products that taste like meat even though they are plant based. In tune with this 'new veganism', Del Taco have launched a meat free option.

Impossible burger? It looks and tastes like meat

The more people who adopt a meat free diet then the better this is for the environment, in terms of reducing humanity's carbon footprint. It also avoids rearing animals for slaughter. One challenge is developing a product that meat eaters will go for.

Grapes on Mars? Georgia winemakers aiming high

Tbili - Georgia is immensely proud of its ancient wine-making tradition, claiming to have been the first nation to make wine. Now it wants to be the first to grow grapes on Mars.

Desert truffles are Libya's 'manna from heaven'

Libya - Braving the cold and hostile Libyan desert, Milad Mohammed scratches the ground to extract what he calls "manna from heaven" -- white truffles coveted as a delicacy at home and abroad.

French sugar giant faces complaint over alleged Syria sorbitol supply

Paris - Business partners of French sugar giant Tereos have filed a complaint against the firm for allegedly supplying an artificial sweetener to Syria, where it is being used to make weapons, the plaintiffs' lawyer said Tuesday.

Bucking the crisis, Greek microbreweries bubble to the fore

Greece - Bent over a barrel, Greek microbrewer Sophocles Panagiotou lovingly draws a measure of his Septem Red Ale into a glass cylinder and expertly transfers it to a glass.

North Korea food production 'lowest for a decade': UN

Seoul - North Korea recorded its worst harvest for more than a decade last year, the United Nations said Wednesday, as natural disasters combined with its lack of arable land and inefficient agriculture to hit production.

High steaks: Meaty differences at Trump-Kim summit

Hanoi - Sanctions and nuclear plants are not the only bones of contention between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un: while the US president likes his steaks well done, the North Korean leader has rarer tastes.

FDA to adopt new methods to assess imported foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed a revised strategy to meet four goals in modernizing the oversight of foods imported to the U.S. The aim is to reduce the number of imported food safety issues.

UN reaches aid warehouses on Yemen frontlines, seeks $4.2 bn

Geneva - The UN said Tuesday it had finally reached vital food aid warehouses on Yemen's frontlines as it scrambled to raise $4.2 billion to provide desperately needed assistance in the war-torn country.

Slovakia slaps emergency checks on Polish beef

Bratislava - Slovakia on Friday decided to slap checks on beef imports from Poland after veterinarians in the neighbouring Czech Republic found the dangerous salmonella bacteria in a batch of Polish meat.
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A New York grocery store is depleted during Hurricane Irene
A New York grocery store is depleted during Hurricane Irene
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Book cover of The Food & Cooking of Greece
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carnival royal west amusements
carnival royal west amusements

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