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Farmers push 'veggieburger' label ban in Europe

Apo - Angry European farmers are pushing for a ban on calling vegetarian products a "burger" or a "sausage" that they say mislead consumers into thinking certain products contain meat.

Emirates airline to produce kosher meals as Israel beckons

Dubai - The Emirates airline group unveiled plans Thursday to produce kosher meals in keeping with Jewish dietary rules, two days after the UAE and Israel signed a deal to normalise ties.

Junk food linked to age-marker in chromosomes: study

Paris - People who eat a lot of industrially processed junk food are more likely to exhibit a change in their chromosomes linked to ageing, according to research presented Tuesday at an online medical conference.

China's crash diet begs the question: is it facing a food crisis?

Shanghai - A national campaign to curb mounting food waste in China is feeding speculation that the supply outlook is worse than the government admits and fuelling warnings food could become another front in the worsening US-China rivalry.

China restaurant apologises for weighing customers

Bejing - A restaurant in China has apologised for its controversial policy of asking diners to weigh themselves before entry in an overzealous response to a new national campaign against food waste.

Powerful Medici family behind Italy's 'plague-free' wine windows

Florence - As 16th-century Florentines dropped like flies to the plague, survivors drowned their fears in wine, passed to them through small windows which are enjoying a renaissance during the coronavirus era.

An irresistible scent makes locusts swarm, study finds

Apo - The coronavirus isn't the only plague making headlines this year -- locusts are devastating crops in several parts of the world, and now scientists are discovering why the pest forms destructive swarms.On its own, a locust is fairly harmless.

After Beirut silos gutted, Lebanon faces new wheat woes

Beirut - Precious wheat spilled out of disembowelled silos, mixing with soot, debris and cement: Beirut's port blast has gutted Lebanon's largest grain storage and sparked public panic over bread shortages.

Spike in demand: stinky durians enjoy online virus boom

Petaling Jaya - When a coronavirus lockdown confined Malaysians to their homes, street traders selling durians moved their pungent produce online -- and have been enjoying an unexpected spike in demand.

'Model' customers keep Tokyo diners at social distance

Apo - The coronavirus pandemic might have left many restaurants empty, but one establishment in Tokyo is relying on some model customers to enforce social distancing: life-like mannequins keeping diners from getting too close.

Report links world's top meat firm to deforestation

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian firm JBS, the world's biggest meat processing company, was again accused Monday of "laundering" cattle from ranches blacklisted for destroying the Amazon rainforest.

The uphill struggle on the terraces of Amalfi's lemon growers

Amalfi - Squeezed by foreign competition and a lack of local labour, Italy's Amalfi lemon growers persevere in their gruelling work on the steep terraces rising from the Mediterranean.

Malnutrition in poorer nations costs firms up to $850 bln: study

Paris - Hunger, poor nutrition and obesity not only present a health burden in developing countries but carry a hidden economic penalty that costs businesses up to $850 billion a year, according to a new report published Wednesday.

Fresh virus outbreak hinders Beijing's return to normal

Bejing - A fresh coronavirus outbreak in Beijing has hampered the Chinese capital's hesitant return to normality, rekindling fears for the economy as some businesses grind to a halt and consumers stay away.

Virus 'hunger pandemic' threatens Latin America: UN

Geneva - The coronavirus crisis is pushing 40 million people into food insecurity in South and Central America and the Caribbean, the UN warned Tuesday, calling for urgent action to avert a "hunger pandemic".

UN chief warns pandemic could spark global food emergency

New York - The world is facing an "impending global food emergency" that could impact hundreds of millions of people as the coronavirus pandemic threatens already strained supply chains, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Tuesday.

Essential Science: Eating fatty food affects concentration

New research suggests that consuming fatty foods affects our ability to concentrate. The inability to focus appears greater after a person has recently consumed a meal composed of fatty foods.

Russia seizes 40 tonnes of embargoed European cheeses

Moscow - Russia on Wednesday seized 40 tonnes of European cheeses smuggled into the country in breach of an embargo on EU food imports, the customs service said.

Indian drones pursue locusts as swarms destroy swathes of crops

New Delhi - Huge swarms of desert locusts are destroying crops across western and central India, prompting authorities Tuesday to step up their response to the country's worst plague in nearly three decades.

Melon-aires not required as Japan premium fruit prices plunge

Apo - A pair of premium Japanese melons sold Monday for just a slice of the five million yen ($46,000) reached at auction last year, as the coronavirus bites hard.

Criss Angel donates food, tickets to Las Vegas families in need

On May 14, Greek-American superstar magician Criss Angel has donated $250,000 worth of food to Las Vegas families in need.

Lithuania capital embraces al fresco dining as lockdown eases

Vilnius - Just over a week after open-air dining was allowed to resume in the Lithuanian capital, a public square named after a doctor and independence activist was hopping with diners at several dozen tables.

Coronavirus 'takes flavour out of Ramadan' in North Africa

Alger - North Africans say they are missing the taste of Ramadan, as coronavirus restrictions deprive them of traditional mealtime gatherings, evening outings and beloved sweets during the Muslim holy month.

Violence and looting point to food crisis in S.Africa lockdown

Cape Town - "Mr President we are in the middle of a food crisis. It's war out here," warned Joanie Fredericks, a community leader in Mitchells Plain township in Cape Town.

Hungry S.Africans clash with police over food aid in Cape Town

Cape Town - South African police on Tuesday fired rubber bullets and teargas in clashes with Cape Town township residents protesting over access to food aid during a coronavirus lockdown.

Italy commune bans mixed-sex shopping to stem virus

Lombardia - Men and women have the same rights in the small municipality of Canonica d'Adda in Italy's north - except when it comes to shopping for food.

Bali's miracle: turning wine into hand sanitiser

Bali - Pharmacists on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali are tackling a shortage of anti-coronavirus hand sanitiser by making their own unique, tropical version -- from thousands of litres of fermented palm wine.

Deep learning provides dietary advice during COVID-19 isolation Special

The coronavirus triggered quarantine is a stressful period and the lack of physical activity, combined with more snacking, can lead to weight gain. Yann Harstein, dietitian at Foodvisor provides some tips, based on a deep learning app.

Stress, snacks equal more pounds in Italy's virus lockdown

Rome - Stress, boredom and a natural appreciation for culinary pleasures is sending millions of Italians under home confinement to the same place -- the fridge.

Q&A: The tech entrepreneur saving meal delivery Special

Food delivery is increasingly popular and yet many delivery startups are not turning a profit. Plus, there is a consumer trend to go directly to the restaurant. How can technology help address this issue?
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Green onions and sesame seeds.
Green onions and sesame seeds.
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carnival royal west amusements
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Grilling Indian Spiced Pork & Onion Kabobs
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Food in the refrigerator image by Rob Lawson.
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Screenshot of Death Row Dinners Club's twitter page
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midway carnival rides food summer time
carnival royal west amusements
carnival royal west amusements
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Come to the Ex hungry there's something ready to taste.
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Skewered pork and onions.
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