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Flying car News

Uber tells Congress of flying car plans

During a July 24th hearing in front of the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology, Eric Allison, the head of aviation programs at Uber, gave a testimony about Uber's plans for flying cars.

New attempt made to build a flying car

A flying car sounds like something from a science fiction movie, shades of Fifth Element or Blade Runner. However, a tech company believe trey are close to launching a model, and it doesn't even need a pilot's licence.

Leader of Uber's flying car effort has stepped down

Jeff Holden, Uber's chief product officer — and the leader of the company's flying car effort, Elevate — has stepped down.

Israel's 'flying car' could be available for delivery by 2020

Yavne - An Israeli tech firm is optimistic that after 15 years of development, its 1,500 kilograms (1.5 tons) passenger carrying drone, dubbed the "Cormorant" will be ready to be marketed in 2020.

Uber's 'Elevate' project to bring flying cars to cities by 2026

Uber has launched a new project to bring flying cars to commuters by 2026. The company published a white paper today outlining its plans for Uber Elevate, a network of on-demand electric aircraft.

The promise of flying cars could be right around the corner

Flying cars may not just be a figment of "Back to the Future." "We’re going to have thousands and millions of flying drones in corridors, and then we’ll also see people carrying," Peter Diamandis said. "You know, I think it’s an inevitability."

Got money? Wanna fly your car — or drive your plane — come 2017?

Vienna - AeroMobil to release their first personal transformer sport plane with wheels that can drive -- or their first personal sport car with wings that can fly. If you are in the monied jet-set, you can park your own AeroMobil 3.0 in your garage come 2017.

The era of the flying car has finally arrived

Peter Thiel is wrong. His famous comment on the failed promise of the internet — "We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters" — is about to be upended as the first actual flying cars take to the roads and skies.

'Flying car' to take to the skies at Wisconsin airshow

Oshkosh - After a successful showing at a recent auto show, Terrafugia's "flying car" will make its debut at an airshow at the end of the month. While the car has previously been on display at the venue, this will be the first time the public gets to see it fly.

PAL-V Flying Car makes first test flight

For nearly 100 years, people all over the world have imagined what it would be like if vehicles could fly. The Dutch PAL-V company has created a vehicle geared to turn your imagination into reality.

It’s a plane. It’s a car. It’s at the New York auto show

New York - Getting around traffic gridlock may be much easier in the very near future as a street-legal airplane will touch down at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) starting next week.

Dutch flying car's first traffic test disappoints and delights

A test-flight to prove the short-take off and landing abilities for the planned new Dutch 'flying car' was held on the A1 highway next to Amersfoort in The Netherlands early on Monday morning.

Is it a flying car, an aerial bike, a gyro-copter or all three? Special

For many years, people have been dreaming of a flying car for fast door to door transport. Next week, the Dutch are test-flying a first model of their Personal Air and Land Vehicle. But is it a flying car, an aerial bike or a gyrocopter? You decide!

World’s first Flying Car

Massachusetts based Terrafugia have developed the Transition – a road legal car that can transform from a plane to a two seat car in 15 seconds is set to take to the air next month.

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The AeroMobil's Slovakian creators say it already has orders even if production won't star...
The AeroMobil's Slovakian creators say it already has orders even if production won't start until 2020
Terrafugia s new flying car concept
Terrafugia's new flying car concept
PAL-V: Dutch flying car
PAL-V: Dutch flying car
PAL-V Europe NV
The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle: BlackFly.
The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle: BlackFly.
Photo: Courtesy OPENER
Terrafugia Transition - the flying car
Terrafugia Transition - the flying car
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A top view of the glistening AeroMobil 3.0 to be launched in 2017. It drives like a car and flys lik...
A top view of the glistening AeroMobil 3.0 to be launched in 2017. It drives like a car and flys like a plane. Target for the jet-set, the two-seater has a hefty price tag.

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