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Flying News

New governance rules for drones in Canada

The use of drones, especially by hobbyists and causal users, has increasingly come under the spotlight over safety issues. In Canada new laws have been passed and there are heavy fines, and even jail time, for those who flout the rules.

United incident shows how few rights you have on a flight

United Airlines has come under fire for a viral video that shows a passenger being forcibly removed from a plane after refusing to give up his seat.

Flying could be bad for your health

Air travel is one of the safest ways to travel. However, what impact does it have on your health? What are you breathing in when you kick back and eat the free peanuts?

Pilot feud results in locked cockpit, scare on Air New Zealand

Perth City - Following a few frightening moments aboard a Trans-Tasman flight from Australia, two Air New Zealand pilots have been temporarily relieved from duty.

The app that helps you join the 'mile high club'

Want inconspicuous sexual encounters while you fly? There’s an app for that. Wingman, a new smartphone and tablet app has launched which aims to “connect you with attractive people on your flight, all before you touch down…”

Video: How do snakes fly?

Well no snake can fly, and most fall when flung into the air. However, the paradise flying snake sure can glide and it does so through some remarkable properties.

Photo Essay: A gull family in Fuengirola, from nest to wing Special

Fuengirola - Back in May 2013 the writer noticed a seagull nesting on the roof of the old mill across the road from her apartment. The progress of this little family has been captured in a series of images and on video.

Air Force Museum flying day full of surprises Special

Pretoria - It might have been any first Saturday of the month at the South African Air Force Museum at Swartkop Air Force Base, Pretoria, but it turned out to be a special day with a one-of-a-kind aircraft making its debut and a surprise helicopter ride.

Mid flight emergency procedures results in marriage proposal

Chicago - In what may be one of the most unique and imaginative proposals on record, the pilot of a 2 person plane proposes to his girlfriend during a mid flight emergency.

Airline loses 10-year-old girl en route to summer camp

A California family experienced a scare one would hope never to see happen when trusting their child to be supervised. United Airlines allegedly recently lost track of a 10-year-old girl en route to summer camp in another state.

Op-Ed: Airport security — How much is too much?

As acts of terrorism and other crimes have occurred over the past decade, government entities across the globe continue to tighten airport security.

New technology may help find Amelia Earhart's plane

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly the Atlantic and was famous for her flying exploits until the sudden disappearance of her plane in the Pacific. New research, however, may finally answer the question of where Earhart's plane came down.

JAT Airways to fly Belgrade to Split in Croatia after 20 years

More flights connections between Croatia and Serbia are announced, with the Serbian national airline resuming its route to Split after 20 years.

Photo Essay: South African Air Force impresses with power Special

Pietersburg - The South African Air Force (SAAF) gave an impressive spectacle of raw power during its Air Capability Demonstration earlier this week. The event was for invited VIPs and selected media, and Digital Journal was there.

Man arrested for masturbating on United Airlines flight

A man was arrested for public masturbation on a flight from Spokane to Denver last Thursday. FBI agents charged him with "obscene and indecent exposure of his person."

Classic plane surprises at South African Air Force Flying Day Special

Pretoria - A former Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) P-51D Mustang fighter surprised onlookers at the first South African Air Force (SAAF) Flying Day of 2011 at the Swartkop Museum by an unexpected visit from nearby Lanseria Airport, near Johannesburg.

Skateboarder and 'flyin lion' dog gain stardom

Venice - A skateboarder and Pomeranian in California have received international attention for performing as Johnny and Austin the Flyin Lion.

Greater Security for Inboard International U.S. Flights

The Transportation Security Administration has announced increased security measures will be taken on flights in-bound to the United States from a number of different countries.

Newark Airport on Lockdown

Newark's Liberty Airport is currently on lockdown as Transportation Security Administration officials search for a man who went through the exit of a security checkpoint into the secured area.

Travel much? This salesman has racked-up over 8 million miles

Tom Stuker is truly a frequent flier. This year alone, the automobile salesman has flown 700,000 miles and accumulated 8.8 million airline miles.

Blogger finds TSA screening procedures posted online

An Internet blog site found outdated, yet confidential information about the Transportation Safety Administration's (TSA) screening practices posted online.

Plane Crashes in Algonquin Provincial Park, Killing 4

A small plane plummeted into Ontario's Algonquin park on Saturday, October 10th, the first crash at the park in over 10 years.

Spike in Plane Crashes Highlight Air Safety Concerns

Since the start of 2009, a major theme in news headlines has been a cause of worry: 4 major air crashes have grabbed top story status, with a 5th crash being reported in Montana. Is this cluster of air-related crashes a coincidence, or cause for concern?

Detachable Flying Penis Makes Appearance at Russian Opposition Assembly

There is nothing like a flying penis to bring seriousness to an opposition rally. The comic relief came amidst a speech in support of Democracy in Russia.

Could the Flying Car Become a Robotic Ambulance?

Could flying cars become robotic ambulances? Israel seem to think so and America is not far behind. A group of Israeli technological firms are working on it.

Sky-High Concept Car: The Cell Craft G440

An Italian helicopter pilot and designer has created a flying sport scar for commercial use. The concept car can be flown horizontally and allows vertical drop-off landing and hovering.

Flying Car Coming to a Lot Near You Soon?

Moller International, a company founded by a UC Davis professor devoted to developing a flying car, announced in a statement recently that it has begun production for its "Jetsons-like M200G Volantor.

Flying home in a Fisker

Wheels' chief auto reviewer gets us to the show on time in a standout car

The World's First Flying Car...For Real

Flying cars about to become reality! Only $148,000,

India's first-time fliers are unruly

As first-time fliers take to India's skies, new budget airlines are reportedly dealing with all kinds of problems -- like passengers trying to open the doors while the planes are moving.
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Flying Image

Interior of a Southwest Airlines plane
Interior of a Southwest Airlines plane
Eric E Johnson
An Air Canada plane
An Air Canada plane
briYYZ (CC BY-SA 2.0)
A photo of Chicago from a plane  on Tuesday January 7  2014
A photo of Chicago from a plane, on Tuesday January 7, 2014
Credit: Hank Cain
Colonel Iyer in  his  De Havilland Vampire.
Colonel Iyer in "his" De Havilland Vampire.
Geese flying
Geese flying
A Dornier Do-17 during the Second World War.
A Dornier Do-17 during the Second World War.
A JetBlue plane
A JetBlue plane

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