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Flu vaccine News

Llama antibodies may hold the key to a universal flu vaccine

Besides their soulful eyes, long, graceful necks and beautiful coats, llamas have another feature that is far less appreciated. Llamas make an array of immune system antibodies so tiny, they can fit into the crevices on the surface of invading viruses.

Outdated technology makes flu vaccine only 20 percent effective

Last year's flu vaccine should have matched the circulating virus strains that made people sick, but it was only 43 percent effective. This year's flu vaccine will be only 20 percent effective, and it's due to chicken eggs.

Children in Ontario can get a flu vaccination from nasal spray

If you are a kid in the Canadian province of Ontario this flu season you won't have to get stuck with a needle to get inoculated. The province is offering children the option of a nasal spray flu vaccine.

2014 flu vaccine not as effective — Virus has mutated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on Thursday that it is too late to make a new flu vaccine for the current flu season, saying antivirals may have to be used as a second line of defense.

Recent flu vaccine efficacy estimate higher in Canada than Spain

Canadian researchers estimate that this season's flu vaccine is about 70 percent effective so far, which is much higher than the recent 24 percent estimate reported by a Spanish team.

Health officials say the flu vaccine is safe during pregnancy

The flu season is here, and most people have already received their flu shot. Many pregnant women are unsure of taking the flu vaccine, but the CDC is saying the flu shot will protect the mother and the baby, up to 6 months of age, and is perfectly safe.

Flu vaccine prevented 6.6 million illnesses last year, says CDC

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu vaccines prevented 6.6 million illnesses and 79,000 hospitalizations last year. Health officials urge people to get flu shots to prepare for upcoming "peak" months of this flu season.

Utah mother is convinced her 19-year-old son died from Flu shot

Salt Lake City - Chandler Webb died one day after receiving a flu shot for his Mormon mission and died. A month later, his family is convinced, the flu shot killed their son.

Boy left brain-damaged, unable to walk or talk after vaccine

Sydney - On Saturday, it was reported that an Australian boy suffered severe brain damage, including seizures and encephalopathy or swelling of the brain, after a doctor in Australia accidentally administered an adult version of the CSL Fluvax shot.

UK doctors and nurses passing on flu vaccinations

Less than half of the doctors and nurses that work in the health care field in the UK were vaccinated last year. The Public Health of England released the figures this week and were very disappointed with the findings.

FDA approves insect-based flu vaccine

Silver Spring - The U.S. FDA have approved a new kind of flu vaccine. This is the first flu vaccine that is not grown in eggs, meaning people with egg allergies can receive it. The vaccine is insect-based.

Op-Ed: Canada & Europe ban Novartis flu vaccines

Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland are joined by Canada in temporary ban. The pharmaceutical giant Novartis has repeatedly stated that flu vaccines are allegedly "safe." It appears there are some countries who aren't convinced.

Flu vaccine — Healthy prevention or harmful chemicals?

With cold and flu season approaching, we start hearing more and more about the flu vaccine. What we do not hear about are the potential hazards ingredients of the vaccine can cause.

$132.5 million US for bird flu vaccine.

The US Department of Heath is shelling out big bucks for a bird flu vaccine.

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Llamas may hold the key to a universal flu vaccine.
Llamas may hold the key to a universal flu vaccine.
Johann "nojhan" Dréo (CC BY-SA 2.0 FR)
Indiana Public Media
Llamas (Lama glama) in the sunset near San Pedro de Atacama at an altitude of approximately 2 400m (...
Llamas (Lama glama) in the sunset near San Pedro de Atacama at an altitude of approximately 2,400m (7,900 ft), Chile Norte Grande.
Luca Galuzzi (CC BY-SA 2.5)
BC Gov Photos
Family Freedom Health Network
The flu vaccine is available for free in Alberta.
The flu vaccine is available for free in Alberta.