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Review: Photo Essay — The wild gardens of Cornwall Special

Saint Austell - The Eden project in Cornwall plays host a dazzling array of flowers, plants and trees. Digital Journal paid a visit to the remarkable eco-project that was once a disused clay pit.

How to make cut flowers last longer? A touch of silver

A new study has shown that the addition of silver to a solution can prolong the bloom of cut-flowers by several days. The new technique harnesses nanotechnology.

Op-Ed: Zombie bees terrorize Bushwick

Brooklyn - Near Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the bees, like the freaks, come out at night. Earlier today the whole neighborhood was abuzz with talk of swarming bees near Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore St.

Canadian artist infuses florals with emotion Special

Toronto - Artist Bobbie Burgers is one of Canada's most celebrated and popular working artists. Known for her lush, large-scale floral depictions, she's had sold out shows for over 10 years. Her latest exhibition explores emotion and the fleeting nature of beauty.

Photo Essay: Spring in Jilin, China Special

Jilin - Spring came late to northeast China. Walk with me beside the Songhua River of Jilin and see the flowers, people out walking or riding bikes, teens playing in the flooded river, and remnants of their recent Dragon Boat Festival.

Canadian company says “Express It With Flowers” Special

Waterloo - A Canadian company, Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc., is asking people to express their feeling by buying more flowers. The Digital Journal found out why.

Photo Essay: Spring has sprung in Savannah and on Tybee Island Special

Savannah - The arrival of Spring has brought forth Mother Nature's color palette and visitors to Georgia's coastal empire. Flowers are blooming, swimmers and sunbathers are at the beach, and all are enjoying the sunshine.

Jellyfish bloom ‘like flowers’

Scientists are trying to understand why, in the spring, jellyfish emerge in the sea in high numbers. The effect has been described as "blooming like flowers." A biochemical trigger is thought to play a part.

Lunar New Year at the Muttart Special

Edmonton - One of Edmonton's most popular indoor attractions is the Muttart Conservatory. A new exhibit opened this past weekend to brighten much of the winter months.

Photo essay: A summer garden in the Spanish countryside Special

While it tends to be very hot and dry in the Spanish countryside at this time of year, there are still some colorful flowers to be found, some complete with insect visitors and others providing food.

Photo Essay: Beauty and Serenity at Savannah Botanical Gardens Special

Savannah - The Savannah Botanical Gardens is a 10-acre oasis in the middle of the City of Savannah, Georgia offering fountains, gardens full of flower and ferns, and one of only two pre-Civil War farmhouses in the Savannah area.

Evidence at ancient graves suggest ceremonial use of flowers

Experts working in northern Israel have found prehistoric graves with the bodies positioned atop flowers. Experts place the graves at being over 10,000 years old. This is the oldest discovery of funerary floral use that has been found to date.

Polish man steals flowers from florist as nearby TV crew films

A man in Poland stole a bouquet of flowers from a florist and thought he'd gotten away with it. However, what he failed to notice was the TV crew filming live not far from his theft. The camera caught the grabbing of the flowers and him running away.

Polk's Plus market continues a family tradition spanning decades Special

Pooler - For generations the Polk family has provided customers in the Savannah area with the freshest farm grown products around, and Hezekiah Polk's daughter, Becky, and her sons are continuing that tradition with their market in Pooler.

Op-Ed: Smithsonian's Mary Livingston Ripley Garden ─ A peaceful haven Special

Washington - The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden is located in downtown Washington, sandwiched between two Smithsonian Museums. It's worth stopping in for a visit when walking on Independence Avenue either while touring or on a lunch hour.

National Park Service's tulip garden showing bursts of color Special

Washington - As temperatures kick into a summertime feel, the National Parks Service's Tulip garden in Washington, D.C., is also blooming into season.

UK man's laptop gets stolen, tells him where it is a month later

London - A blog on Tumblr takes us through the story step-by-step. A guy called Dom Deltorto was burgled, his laptop was stolen. Police basically did nothing. Then suddenly, his laptop woke up and told him where it was - 3,000 miles away in Iran. (Updated)

Unsolved crime victims receive flowers from UK police

London - Victims of unsolved crimes in the London borough of Barnet are receiving bunches of flowers, seemingly as an apology from the cops who couldn't solve said crimes.

Video: Flower time-lapse video goes viral

Opava - A new time-lapse video from photographer Katka Pruskova captures the moment various flowers burst into bloom, creating stunningly beautiful images.

Glorious clematis blooms heralding the end of the southern winter Special

While residents of the northern hemisphere prepare for the fall colors and the first frost of the season, in the southern hemisphere becomes apparent that winter is clearly in retreat, as the early-blooming plants proclaim the arrival of spring.

Op-Ed: Springtime blooms at Oatlands Historic House and Gardens in Va. Special

Leesburg - Over 200 years ago, a man named George Carter inherited a large parcel of land in Northern Virginia, over 3,400 acres. On this land he built a plantation, complete with a mansion, with the primary crop being wheat.

Op-Ed: Photo Essay — Tulips give Chicago an incredible splash of color Special

Chicago - Nothing says springs like tulips and the vibrantly colored flowers can be seen across the downtown area of the Windy City.

Review: Photo Essay — Kew Gardens in the spring Special

London - Kew Botanical Gardens is one of the most alluring and beautiful places in London. With an early best of 'summer sunshine' I have been venturing around taking some photographs which capture the magic of Kew.

Greece springs into bloom Special

Inspired by Digital Journal's photo essays of Spain and Washington in full spring bloom, it is time to showcase Greece in her spring glory.

Op-Ed: Spring has sprung in southern Spain and flowers abound Special

As spring takes hold in the Spanish countryside, a myriad of beautiful flowers appear, making a walk an absolute pleasure.

Toronto's Music Gardens give quiet beauty to visitors Special

Toronto - There's beauty in the sound of a soft breeze flowing through the flowers at Toronto's Music Gardens. Inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Unaccompanied Cello the gardens have been in the city for a decade.

Flowers offer clues to biodiversity

Researchers in the UK have demonstrated nature’s talent for cross-breeding plants to create new flowers. These findings may help explain the rich biodiversity of the natural world.

Festival of flowers and fresh produce at Arkansas farmers market Special

Bentonville, AR - Crowds braved temperatures hovering around 90 degrees by 11:00 a.m. to enjoy the flavors, flowers, and fitness tips available at the Bentonville Farmers Market on Saturday.

Buying a flower to help fund AIDS research in Toronto Special

Toronto - Four Toronto subway stations have flower stands on Monday and Tuesday for AIDS research. In Canada there are about 73,000 people living with HIV/AIDS. Twenty-seven percent of those are unaware that they carry the virus.

Inside Washington's Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Special

La Conner - In the North-Western corner of the very North-Western state of the USA, the 27th Tulip Festival starts in the first weekend of April. It sounds like to get there, a trip to the edge of the world is necessary but the venture is very worthwhile to take.
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Flowers Image

Throughout the afternoon several different types of bees could be spotted in the various gardens. He...
Throughout the afternoon several different types of bees could be spotted in the various gardens. Here are two of them steadily at work in the main garden near Mount Vernon's greenhouse.
Greek flowers
Greek flowers
Wild flowers growing in Radolfzell  Germany
Wild flowers growing in Radolfzell, Germany
Photo from Hawa island in South Korea.
Photo from Hawa island in South Korea.
Tulips in Chicago.  April 2012.
Tulips in Chicago. April 2012.
Wild and garden flowers in southern Spain - bougainvillea.
Wild and garden flowers in southern Spain - bougainvillea.
June flowers
June flowers
Bobbie Burgers  latest exhibition explores the roles of memory and longing  using the context of flo...
Bobbie Burgers' latest exhibition explores the roles of memory and longing, using the context of florals as a means for expression.
Billy Wishloff
Pink flowers and a motorbike along the Songhua river walk
Pink flowers and a motorbike along the Songhua river walk
Tulips in Chicago.  April 2012.
Tulips in Chicago. April 2012.
My Hydrangeas share the small garden with fruit and veg
My Hydrangeas share the small garden with fruit and veg
Butterfly on wild flower
Butterfly on wild flower