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Florida News

Op-Ed: Donald Trump's companies seek to import and hire 1,100 employees

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has based his political platform on keeping jobs in America, but his companies have turned around and sought to import at least 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000. Hypocrisy much?

Op-Ed: Surfing waves for Special Olympics Florida Special

Polynesian surfing has been practiced for over a thousand years. Westerners first caught a glimpse of surfing in 1767 off the coast of Tahiti when the British Royal Navy’s crew of the HMS Dolphin visited the island.

BP agrees to settle claims from 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

New Orleans - Oil giant BP Plc has agreed to pay nearly $19 billion in penalties to U.S. and state agencies to resolve claims still outstanding from a 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 and ravaged the southern U.S. coastline.

New Guinea flatworm posing serious threat to Florida

One of the world's most notorious invasive species has made its way to the U.S. mainland. The New Guinea flatworm is a large, predatory land flatworm that eats snails and earthworms, making it a threat to local ecosystems.

Inside Florida's horse industry Special

“Horses built America.” ~Kathy Brown, Founder of Martin County Horse Council, Martin County, Florida In 1776, General George Washington developed the first American Cavalry, used to patrol the Atlantic coast during the American Revolution.

A Single mom’s dream: Sheriff deputy retirement Special

Dreams still come true. Major Jenell Atlas recently retired from Florida's Martin County Sheriff’s Office after a 26-year career.

Florida man threatens suicide, cops shoot him dead

Justin Way was a recovering alcoholic who'd been on the wagon for five weeks. Then he lost his job. He became suicidal and had a setback. Way's girlfriend Kaitlyn Christine Lyons found him drinking a bottle of vodka and lying in bed with a large knife.

Bounce house flies in air and injures three children

Three children playing inside a bounce house were injured when a waterspout came onshore and lifted it in the air in Fort Lauderdale.

Sadistic dentist accused operating 'house of horrors'

A Florida dentist accused of torturing his young patients has agreed to cease practicing dentistry amidst a series of lawsuits from former clients.

Florida governor signs emergency concealed carry bill into law

The governor of Florida has signed a new bill that allows gun owners in the state to carry concealed firearms without a permit during a state of emergency.

Two children shot while riding school bus in Florida

Jacksonville - Two public school children riding in a school bus have been shot in Jacksonville, Florida. It is believed the shooter or shooters were outside the bus when the incident occurred.

Op-Ed: Woman who damaged Satanic Temple seeks funds for war on Satan Special

Tallahassee - Last December, Susan Hemeryck created a stir when she allegedly vandalized a holiday display put up by The Satanic Temple. She was arrested for her trouble, on a charge of criminal mischief. However, the charge was dropped in March.

Inside the civil rights movement for people with disabilities Special

One in six children in the United States will have a developmental delay or disability. Developmental disabilities begin during the developmental period of life, either prior to birth or during infancy.

Florida jailhouse guards arrested in murder plot linked to KKK

Jacksonville - Three prison guards arrested in Florida Thursday are members of the Ku Klux Klan and it's alleged that they used Klan meetings to plan the murder of a black inmate upon his release.

Heated protests over four-year-old Florida boy's circumcision

Boynton Beach - An estranged Florida couple's fight over whether or not to circumcise their son has been going on for four years, involving a prolonged court battle, protests and now, a national debate over whether circumcision is necessary.

'Numerous bodies' found in Florida home, cops search for killer

New Port Richey - The Pasco County Sheriff's Office is investigating an early morning shooting that left "numerous" people dead in a new Port Richey mobile home today.

Two die in shooting at Florida shopping mall

Melbourne - Two people were killed and a third wounded Saturday in a shooting at a shopping mall in central Florida, authorities said.

Pacquiao traveling to Florida, London to attend social function

While waiting for a word from potential opponent Floyd Mayweather, Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will soon be traveling to Florida, USA and London, England to grace important social functions.

Same-sex couples wed in Florida as gay marriage ban ends

Miami - Scores of same-sex Florida couples tied the knot early Tuesday after the state's ban on gay marriage ended.

Florida: 'Catholic Warrior' arrested for damaging Satanic display

Tallahassee - Apparently a display by the Satanic Temple that showed an angel falling into a pit of flames with the message "Happy Holidays from the Satanic Temple" was not one Florida woman's cup of eggnog. Susan Hemeryck, 54, began trying to remove the display.

Police officer shot and killed in Florida Sunday

Tarpon Springs - The Pinellas County Sheriff's Department is reporting that a Tarpon Springs police officer was shot and killed this morning. The shooting took place at 3 a.m. this morning on Grand Avenue, according to Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Cecilia Berreda.

Go south for the winter to St. Augustine, Florida Special

Saint Augustine - Wintertime may be the perfect season for those living in colder climates to head south. A scenic and historic destination worth the trip is St. Augustine. One landmark in America's first city is America's first parish and there are many others to see.

Florida gives Satanists right to erect 'Angel in Hellfire' scene

Miami - In 2013, Florida passed a law which gave equal representation to Christians, Jews, secular humanists, atheists, and Pastafarians, thus allowing them to construct testaments to their own faith (or lack thereof) on the grounds of the state Capitol.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline: Were there other options? Commissioned

The many critics of Florida’s Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline have already made numerous compelling arguments why the project is an unnecessary boondoggle.

Florida public school sets grade minimum

A public school in Florida has instituted a hard floor along its grading scale to help students pass classes that they were on the brink of failing.

Holiday Fla. sinkholes growing in number

Holiday - Several residents of the Pasco Mobile Home Park in Holiday, Florida have taken up temporary residence at a local hotel because of the fear of additional sinkholes forming in their neighborhood.

Fascinating history found at the Castillo de San Marcos Special

Saint Augustine - Built by Spaniards on Matanzas Bay between 1672 and 1695, the Castillo de San Marcos (Castle of Saint Mark) is a remarkable historical site. View a sample of the sights offered at this fortress.

Seniors hold the key to Florida’s marijuana vote

Tallahassee - Citizens in Florida are deciding, as part of the U.S. midterm elections, whether to legalize medical marijuana. Poll watchers think that seniors are key to the outcome rather than younger people.

A menu of St. Augustine, Florida restaurants to choose from Special

Saint Augustine - Restaurants in the oldest city in America feature everything from luscious seafood to traditional Cuban and Spanish favorites served in Florida’s oldest restaurant. The selections showcased will make your mouth water.

Police flush out man accused of stealing restaurant plumbing

St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg, Fla. police have arrested a homeless man accused of stealing plumbing parts from toilets in a number of restaurants in the area. The alleged thief is one Brian Rinda, said to be 28 years old.
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Florida Image

Jacksonsville  Fla.  9/8/13
Jacksonsville, Fla. 9/8/13
View of the Bridge of Lions over Matanzas River.  St. Augustine  FL
View of the Bridge of Lions over Matanzas River. St. Augustine, FL
Folks enjoy a picture perfect day fishing from a pier off Shoal Line  Road on along Gulf.
Folks enjoy a picture perfect day fishing from a pier off Shoal Line Road on along Gulf.
Paper drinking straws at Ted s Montana Grill in St. John s Town Center.  Jacksonville  Fla.
Paper drinking straws at Ted's Montana Grill in St. John's Town Center. Jacksonville, Fla.
A line of National Guard soldiers work a checkpoint only letting in residents into the disaster area...
A line of National Guard soldiers work a checkpoint only letting in residents into the disaster area. Other duties included distributing supplies, guarding critical facilities, and helping citizens with their needs during the recovery for Hurricane Charley.
Florida Gopher Tortoise In Green Swamp  Central Florida.
Florida Gopher Tortoise In Green Swamp, Central Florida.
MELBOURNE  FLA: City hall in the central Florida city of Melbourne is shown.
MELBOURNE, FLA: City hall in the central Florida city of Melbourne is shown.
Leonard J. DeFrancisci
Tour guide wrestles with huge snake
Tour guide wrestles with huge snake
Fox News
A typical bank scene along the river.
A typical bank scene along the river.
Sheriff s deputies respond to a call of multiple gunshots in New Port Richey  Florida on Monday.
Sheriff's deputies respond to a call of multiple gunshots in New Port Richey, Florida on Monday.
Protest of Ten Commandments monument in Starke  Florida.
Protest of Ten Commandments monument in Starke, Florida.
I took my new camera on a test drive...
I took my new camera on a test drive...
2-meter shark caught in the backyard canal of Miami Shores dad
2-meter shark caught in the backyard canal of Miami Shores dad
Alex Zaldivar
Satellite image of Hurricane Charley has it slams into Charlotte Harbor  between Punta Gorda and Ft....
Satellite image of Hurricane Charley has it slams into Charlotte Harbor, between Punta Gorda and Ft. Myers.
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