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Florida News

Mom turned in by 7-year-old son for allegedly cooking meth

Edgewater - A Florida mom faces drug and child neglect charges after her son revealed "mommy's bad stuff" in the trunk of her car to their landlord.

Photo Essay: Christmas in America's oldest city – St Augustine Special

Twinkling lights, twinkling eyes and happy faces await those who wish to go back in time and experience the holidays as the first settlers in America did nearly 450 years ago in St. Augustine, Fla.

Florida’s Public Service Commission does everything but serve the public Promoted

In Florida, as in most states, utility companies wield enormous power over both consumers and the elected officials who are meant to regulate them. This influence inevitably leads to conflicts of interest.

Op-Ed: Ten years later, photographer still remembers Hurricane Charley Special

Punta Gorda - It was 10 years ago that a reported tropical storm Charley was to make landfall about 90 miles north of Tampa as a weak category 2 hurricane. Instead, it made a sudden sharp right-hand turn and 30 minutes later, hit Charlotte Harbor as a category 4 storm.

Cat-eating Burmese python captured in Florida

Port St. Lucie - They can grow up to 23-feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds, and they are the apex predator of Florida's Everglades. We're talking about the Burmese python, a non-native species that has gotten loose, reproduced and taken over our southernmost state.

Monstrous red tide bloom moves in on Florida

A monstrous red tide bloom, the largest seen in Florida since 2006 is advancing on the state's beaches. It has already killed thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico, and officials are now concerned about health risks if it washes ashore.

Florida enacts lionfish ban, but is it too little, too late?

Fort Myers - If you want to see a perfect eating machine in action, you can hardly do better than watching a hungry lionfish. Since its introduction into the Atlantic off the Florida coast in the 1980's and 1990's, the fish has been on a disastrous feeding frenzy.

Florida father who beat son's sexual abuser now wants donations

Daytona Beach - Some who applauded the Daytona Beach father who battered a man he'd allegedly caught sexually abusing his son last week are now starting to retract their praise after seeing that he later tried to capitalize off the situation via crowd sourcing.

She's bluesy, ballsy, beautiful and brilliant – meet Beebs Special

Beebs and Her Money Makers are a funk, soul band with a slight twist of ska who are playing the Journeys/Warhead stages on this year's Vans Warped Tour.

Florida father pummels accused pederast

Daytona Beach - All men are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, but that didn't stop one Florida father from delivering swift, violent justice on a man he allegedly found touching his son.

Man claims he snapped photo of two-headed alligator

Recently some images of a two-headed alligator have surfaced, and they have caused a stir on the Internet, and have people questioning whether or not the images are real.

Florida inmates smuggle gun into prison to shoot themselves

Lake City - To paraphrase the poet Robert Burns, "the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Two Florida inmates can testify to that as an elaborate scheme to get their sentences reduced by shooting each other was a bust.

Man paints house like American flag to protest code enforcement

Bradenton - In a classic protest song, Bob Dylan once said "the answer is blowin' in the wind," much in the way of an American flag. For one Florida man, the answer was in the American flag, but this flag was certainly not blowing in the wind.

Bear ruins relaxing hammock area

Daytona Beach - Something very amusing happened recently as a bear recently wandered into a Daytona Beach backyard. It kicked back in a hammock and relaxed a bit as you can see in the attached video.

Port St.Lucie has a mayor with a heart Special

Port Saint Lucie - It is rare today to find a public official with an open genuine heart, but it is not impossible. JoAnn Faiella, mayor of Port St. Lucie, is such an individual.

Review: 'Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe' is a gem Special

Tarpon Springs - "Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe" is an educational children's book written by a Florida gift shop owner and Greek-American author Demetra Travaris-Lecourezos. It was co-created by Constantinos "Gus" Lecourezos.

Fire that killed four in Florida was arson, officials say

Tampa - A man who appears to have died along with his family when fire destroyed their rented Florida mansion this week had recently bought gas cans and fireworks, authorities said today.

Florida passes medical marijuana bill for epileptic children

Tallahassee - A strain of low-potency marijuana became legalized in Florida yesterday to help treat epilepsy and cancer patients, including children.

Proposed bill in Florida could kill craft brewing industry Special

Tallahassee - The fate of craft beer brewing in Florida is in the balance as a new bill has been introduced to regulate the craft beer industry. Craft brewers are calling it “extortion” and claim it favors big beer distributors.

Pedophile sting finds dwarf in van, urine

Longwood - Christopher Lanning embarked on an 18-hour cross-country journey to Florida with the intent of sleeping with an underage girl.

Man burns down his apartment to stop bug infestation

Orlando - A Florida man took drastic action when he discovered his apartment was infested with bugs — rather than call an exterminator, he decided to kill them with fire.

Women in Prison: No longer hopeless Special

Cells in jails and prisons around the United States are being filled by women at an alarming rate. Drugs. Crime. Children. Shame. A prison sentence is different for a woman than it is for a man.

Neighbors allegedly spot Florida man having sex with pit bull

Tampa - A convicted felon was arrested in Florida on Tuesday afternoon after neighbors allegedly witnessed him having sex with a dog in his yard.

Geoffrey C. Smith: Sculpts bronze trophies for IGFA Special

World renowned bronze sculptor Geoffrey C. Smith will travel to Costa Rica in April for the IGFA catch and release sailfish tournament.

Could Medicaid expansion debate turn into an immigration issue?

Proponents of expanding Medicaid in Florida argue that a 'no' vote means that legal immigrants will have access to insurance subsidies while some U.S. citizens go without coverage.

101-year-old Florida man citing experience running for Congress

Sarasota - Great-Great Grandfather Joe Newman is running as a write-in candidate against four-term Representative Vern Buchanan for Florida’s 16th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sporty Stingray and Jaguars spotted in Jacksonville Special

Jacksonville - A chic outdoor mall south of downtown Jacksonville, Fla. appears to be one place where the sleek, speedy animals of the car world roam. A local importer showcases feline machines around a high-end watering hole, which seems to draw other fast creatures.

Why the world needs more 'Jacks' Special

Jensen Beach - John Carcano is Holly Creek’s best kept secret. The quiet community in Martin County, Florida has a neighbor unlike any other.

Michael Dunn trial begins; case similar to George Zimmerman's

Jacksonville - Jury selection begins Monday in the trial for Michael Dunn, a white software developer, charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of Jordan Davis, 17, an unarmed black teenager.

George Zimmerman agrees to celebrity boxing match

George Zimmerman — the former self proclaimed neighborhood watchman acquitted of murdering unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin — has signed up to take part in a celebrity boxing match.
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Florida Image

Two Florida inmates smuggle gun into prison.
Two Florida inmates smuggle gun into prison.
Video screen shot
2014 Jaguar F-type Convertible.  Jacksonville  Fla.  2/8/14
2014 Jaguar F-type Convertible. Jacksonville, Fla. 2/8/14
The giraffe is slowly being introduced to the rest of the herd of 29 at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gar...
The giraffe is slowly being introduced to the rest of the herd of 29 at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. screen shot
An aerial view of the southern tip of the Florida Everglades.  It is a flowing river of freshwater  ...
An aerial view of the southern tip of the Florida Everglades. It is a flowing river of freshwater, moving 0.25 miles per day out of Lake Okeechobee and into the Florida Bay.
I took my new camera on a test drive...
I took my new camera on a test drive...
The Lightner Museum and city hall lights along with the hedges in the courtyard provide a fairy tale...
The Lightner Museum and city hall lights along with the hedges in the courtyard provide a fairy tale-like walk.
I took my new camera on a test drive...
I took my new camera on a test drive...
Swimming pool at the Holiday Inn Resort.  Pensacola Beach  Florida
Swimming pool at the Holiday Inn Resort. Pensacola Beach, Florida
A three-storey villa building in Summer Bay Resort near Disney World  Florida  collapsed into a sink...
A three-storey villa building in Summer Bay Resort near Disney World, Florida, collapsed into a sinkhole on Monday night.
2014 Jaguar XJL Sedan.  Jacksonville  Fla.  2/8/14
2014 Jaguar XJL Sedan. Jacksonville, Fla. 2/8/14
Behind the Scenes at the RNC
Behind the Scenes at the RNC
I took my new camera on a test drive...
I took my new camera on a test drive...
Picture of a red tide
Picture of a red tide
Protest of Ten Commandments monument in Starke  Florida.
Protest of Ten Commandments monument in Starke, Florida.

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