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Flooding News

Body of missing deputy swept away by flood waters recovered

Austin - Rescue crews frantically searched for a missing Texas Sheriff's deputy after her patrol car was swept away by rushing flood waters early Thursday morning.

Month's worth of rain, 100mph winds as 'Wild Wednesday' hits UK

Large swathes of the UK are preparing for "Wild Wednesday" with 100 mph winds and a month's worth of heavy rain, including in the South, where thousands of homes are already waist deep in flood water.

Winter storms and localized flooding spreads to UK's eastern area Special

The West Country and south western counties of England and many parts of Wales are now into the third month of successive Atlantic storms. There are major floods and a serious risk to life.

The West Country deluge and the response

Flooding has recently caused devastation in the UK, especially Somerset. The authorities have been severely criticised for the way they handled it.

UK braced for a New Year's Day storm, bringing more flooding

Parts of the UK experienced severe flooding over the Christmas period and the bad news is that bad weather is set to return as Britain welcomes in 2014.

Cleaning up after the floods

Flooding was in the news earlier this month, and it still is, but some people are even unhappier with the response than they were with the deluge.

The UK Floods — Old and new

Whether it is global warming or something else, floods have been a reality for people living in some areas of the UK, and for longer than you'd think.

Colorado flooding exposes huge environmental damage

Following the Colorado flooding, thousands of gallons of oil have been spilled. The waters swept clean the state's booming oil and gas industry as the authorities in Colorado counted "notable" oil spills.

Colorado flooding: Thousands evacuated as heavy rain continues

The flooding that swept off the mountainside communities in Colorado on Friday reached downstream, causing a major overflow of the rivers and creeks, forcing thousands of people being evacuated.

Op-Ed: Photo Essay — Honoring the Calgary Zoo post flood 2013

Calgary - This Photo Essay honors the Calgary Zoo animals that were traumatized during the devastating flood in Calgary, Alberta, June 2013. A revisit to the zoo on June 22 was postponed due to massive flooding of the Bow and Elbow rivers from torrential rainfall.

Cape of Storms: Western Cape, S. Africa hit by storms, hail, snow

Cape Town - Bitter cold conditions, heavy rains and hail have wreaked havoc in Cape Town, South Africa, with a new cold front set to arrive on Monday. The mountains close by have seen heavy snowfall.

Large sinkhole swallows 3 cars on Chicago's South Side (video)

Chicago - One driver was hospitalized on Thursday when a large sinkhole opened up in a street on Chicago's South Side, swallowing three cars. This may have been caused by heavy rains damaging the cast iron water main.

Buenos Aires under water from torrential rains — Updated

Buenos Aires - A combination of torrential rains and violent winds have inundated Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. At least five people have died. Later reports say up to 40 people dead.

Sicilian city of Catania hit by torrential rains and flooding

Catania - Catania in Sicily, Italy has been inundated by torrential rains on Friday, flooding the streets and causing traffic chaos.

Athens, Greece flooded after torrential rainfall and thunderstorm

Athens - As if Athens hasn't got enough problems, the city was hit by torrential rains today and flooding has caused traffic jams, disruption to train and tram services and affected homes and businesses.

Video: Toddler, 2 women airlifted as flood waters quickly rise

Biloela - As many throughout Australia were celebrating "Australia Day" or watching the finals of the Australian Open, Queensland rescuers were busy rescuing a toddler and two women from a nearly submerged vehicle, catching the dramatic rescue on film.

Op-Ed: Video: 2012 'Year of the new normal' — Weather extremes

Many have noticed that 2012 was a year of very extreme weather conditions worldwide. HawkkeyDavisChannel on YouTube has compiled a video, showing just how extreme this weather was.

Mushrooms grow in woman's apartment carpet

Sacramento - One woman in Sacramento, California need not go to the grocery store for mushrooms. Her crop may not be edible, but she has her own homegrown variety.

Major flashfloods and landslides in Sri Lanka kill 25 (video)

Colombo - Torrential rains continued to lash Sri Lanka after Wednesday's floods and landslides killed 25 people and left over 18,000 homeless, in most parts of the country.

Flooding in San Andreas, Ca.

San Andreas - The third large rainstorm moved through Northern California today and the demands it placed on storm drains was too much.

Power cuts as gale force winds & torrential downpours hit Britain

Britain has been hit with flooding, as gale force winds and torrential downpours go into a second day on Thursday, leaving thousands without electricity.

Torrential rains and flooding in Málaga city, Spain (video)

Heavy rains for the last two days, together with waterspouts on Saturday morning, have caused flooding in Málaga province, with the worse incidences being in the capital city of Málaga.

Video: Helicopter flood rescue in Tuscany caught on helmet cam

Following heavy rains and strong winds parts of central Italy, including Tuscany and Umbria, have been submerged by flood waters. In the dramatic footage, a firefighter winches a person to safety from the rooftop of their flooded home.

Video: NYC underground's un-watering process

New York - Video shows the delicate process of unwatering as the US Army Corps of Engineers is tasked with draining the water from NYC's tunnels.

Op-Ed: Bloomberg's decision to cancel the NYC Marathon was the right one

New York - Mayor Bloomberg's decision to cancel the New York Marathon was the only proper way forward in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's wrath.

Venice, Italy flooded with high tide and rain (video)

Venice - Venice has been inundated with high water levels since Thursday, due to a high tide. The city is on high alert as the water is not expected to recede for at least 15 hours.

Haiti faces food crisis and cholera in wake of Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the havoc caused by the super storm on Haiti, only now is the extent of the devastation making itself known. Haitians face severe food shortages and the threat of cholera.

The gay community once again blamed for Hurricane Sandy

For the second time in less than a week, homosexuals are being blamed for Hurricane Sandy's devastation across much of the east coast.

Romney's stance on FEMA questioned after Hurricane Sandy

While state and local governments and citizens begin the enormous task of assessing the damage left in Hurricane Sandy's wake, many are thankful the federal government and FEMA are there to help them with the process. Romney once questioned funding FEMA.

Occupy Sandy Relief NYC: OWS helps victims of the superstorm

New York - In the wake of devastation by Superstorm Sandy, OWS is getting involved, using its grassroots strength to help those affected and to organize relief efforts.
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Flooding Image

MLK Boulevard flooded.  Fayetteville  Ark.  April 25  2011
MLK Boulevard flooded. Fayetteville, Ark. April 25, 2011
KNWA Facebook photo
Flooded streets of Port-au-Prince
Flooded streets of Port-au-Prince
Haiti Civil Protection
Flooding in China.
Flooding in China.
Flooding in Beicheying Village  Fangshan District  Beijing  China
Flooding in Beicheying Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, China
Video screen capture
When the water began receding it was obvious that it had done so rearranging of items around the com...
When the water began receding it was obvious that it had done so rearranging of items around the community.
Kyna Porteous
The recent flooding in Pakistan has devastated large areas of the country.
The recent flooding in Pakistan has devastated large areas of the country.
The Krasnodar region of Russia has been flooded again by torrential rains on August 22  2012.
The Krasnodar region of Russia has been flooded again by torrential rains on August 22, 2012.
Video screen capture
The Centre Street Bridge leads into downtown Calgary  Alberta  Canada
The Centre Street Bridge leads into downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada
High tide floods Venice  Italy
High tide floods Venice, Italy
Video screen capture
Flooding in Lourdes  France
Flooding in Lourdes, France
Video screen capture
Superstorm Sandy: Destruction in New Jersey
Superstorm Sandy: Destruction in New Jersey
Master Sgt. Mark Olsen / Us Air Force
Helicopter rescue captured on helmet cam.
Helicopter rescue captured on helmet cam.
Flooding in Chilaw Town  Sri Lanka  December 19  2012.
Flooding in Chilaw Town, Sri Lanka, December 19, 2012.
Chilaw Town in Sri Lanka flooded  December 19  2012
Chilaw Town in Sri Lanka flooded, December 19, 2012
Police assisting flood victims in Manila
Police assisting flood victims in Manila
Armed Forces of the Philippines
Australia: Queensland  flooding  December 30  2010. Photo taken from jet by Capt. W. M. Run-way in t...
Australia: Queensland, flooding, December 30, 2010. Photo taken from jet by Capt. W. M. Run-way in the airport was almost flooded.
Tatiana Gerus
Cyclists would do well to heed the advice to dismount here!
Cyclists would do well to heed the advice to dismount here!
A man in Kroo Bay  Freetown  Sierra Leone
A man in Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Our backyard
Our backyard
Flooded houses at Harbor Town in Memphis
Flooded houses at Harbor Town in Memphis
Chris Weiland