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Flint News

Flint water scandal prompts manslaughter charge for health chief

Chicago - The chief of Michigan state's health department and four others were charged with involuntary manslaughter Wednesday over the Flint water contamination scandal, the most serious criminal offenses leveled so far.

Woman swaps prized Twitter name for water for Flint

Detroit - In a good deed act, Michigan resident Diana Hussein swapped her much-sought Twitter name (by the soft drinks industry, at least) for 41,000 bottles of water to help the population in Flint.

What you may not know about California's lead-tainted water

Los Angeles - Like Flint, Michigan, California is facing its own problems with lead-tainted water. Nowhere is this clearer than the tiny town of Vernon, situated five miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Here, the Exide battery plant spewed lead for decades.

Sebring, Ohio sees high levels of lead, copper in water

Sebring - As if Flint wasn't enough, an Ohio village is now having a lead crisis of it's own. Tests showed that Sebring's water had lead levels of 21 parts-per-billion, well over the EPA's limit of 15 parts-per-billion, reports CNN.

Michigan governor wants to talk with Flint residents about water

Flint - Officials in Flint, Mich., have promised to speak with every resident of the 99,000-population city to ensure they have clean water to drink and have not been exposed to lead contamination from the Flint River.

Flint, Michigan: Lead-tainted water unsafe to drink, doctors say

Flint - Scary news out of Flint, Michigan shows that when the city switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River for its drinking water, blood tests revealed that the tap water residents are now drinking is causing elevated lead levels in the city's children.

Op-Ed: How our fellow animals can become mentally ill just like us

The lioness paces back and forth in her tiny cage. Her face appears passive, but her constant pacing suggests frustration, perhaps because her feet never touch grass, and she never sees anything but people staring at her.

Op-Ed: Twenty-five years later, 'Roger & Me' still pulls no punches

A quarter of a century ago this week, Michael Moore's “Roger & Me” unleashed itself upon the general movie-going public in North America and showed us all what a documentary could be: hilarious, angry, muckraking, irresistibly entertaining.

Flint MI officials call for cease fire to end ongoing violence

Flint - In the past month Flint, the seventh largest city in Michigan, has seen approximately 100 aggravated assaults and numerous murders take place.

MC Breed Dead At 37

Eric Breed, better known as MC Breed grew up on Flint, Michigan's mean streets. On Saturday the 37-year-old rapper died at a friend's home in Ypsilanti.

Flint, MI Attacks Sagging Pants

In Flint, Michigan, Police Chief David Dicks is cracking down on sagging pants. Indecent exposure has spiraled out of control and he will not stand for loose pants in his town.

Larry Flynt: D.C. Madam Was Murdered

Although police in Tarpon Springs, Fla., said there was "no question" that Deborah Jeane Palfrey committed suicide by hanging others are now saying that she was murdered to stop her from naming high-ranking political names.

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Flint Image

US President Barack Obama's limousine drives past a sign for Flint  Michigan as he travels to a...
US President Barack Obama's limousine drives past a sign for Flint, Michigan as he travels to a lunch on January 20, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan
Brendan Smialowski, AFP/File
Diana Hussein  who swapped her Twitter name to help those in Flint.
Diana Hussein, who swapped her Twitter name to help those in Flint.
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DOWNTOWN: A view of downtown Flint  Michigan  is seen in this photo taken from the Flint River.
DOWNTOWN: A view of downtown Flint, Michigan, is seen in this photo taken from the Flint River.
Connor Coyne / Wikimedia Commons
In 2014  a broken water main flooded the UCLA campus in Los Angeles  California  forcing the closure...
In 2014, a broken water main flooded the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California, forcing the closure of Sunset Boulevard.
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