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Flight News

Drunk passenger removes false leg and attacks plane crew

According to reports an angry woman on Thomson flight 297 removed her leg to attack staff on the plane. Eventually the crew subdued the 48-year-old woman and removed her from the plane upon landing.

Actress Daryl Hannah in flight scare over Austria

Klagenfurt - It seems that Daryl Hannah, star of "Splash" and "Kill Bill," has always been afraid of flying, but is even more so now after a private jet she was traveling in lost cabin pressure 10 kilometers above Austria.

Flight 370 transcript reveals different cockpit chatter

Kuala Lumpur - The last transmission from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was different from what authorities have been saying since the jetliner disappeared last month with 239 passengers and crew aboard.

Amazing video captures insects in flight

Lund - Using a new approach, researchers have capture the internal mechanics of a flying fly. The video gives a view into the inner workings of the flight muscles as a tethered fly is spun in a circle.

Why do birds fly south?

This isn’t the answer to a riddle, but it is an answer to some of the remarkable abilities and interesting behaviors that different types of birds exhibit. It seems that everything comes down to a special hormone called leptin.

Amazing ‘head cam’ video reveals the mystery of birds

A new video has proved a hit on YouTube. Footage from miniature video cameras strapped to falcons' backs or heads shows that the animals use a form of motion camouflage to attack and capture flying prey.

Migrating birds fly fast and efficiently

Birds migrating in a V formation turns are experts of the well-timed flap. Each bird is able to match the up-and-down path traced by the wing tip of the bird in front of it, a new study discusses.

'Jellyfish aircraft' takes flight

Paris - Inspired by nature and by the aviation pioneers of the early 20th century, scientists in the United States said Wednesday they had built the world's first jellyfish aircraft.The tiny, ultra-light lab machine, weighing just 2.1 grammes (0.

Man calls baby 'n-word' and assaults him on plane, gets 8 months

Idaho City - Remember that guy who got arrested for slapping a toddler on a plane last February? He will spend the next eight months incarcerated, a judge decided Monday.

Passengers ejected from Air Canada flight due to fake tickets

Air Canada is investigating how five people boarded an Air Canada flight with fake tickets on Friday. The flight was bound for Toronto.

Air Berlin admits guilt in death of man's dog on Spanish flight

Palma - Fernando Javier Ramos sued Air Berlin after the airline left his British bulldog on the runway for 40 minutes in extreme heat with no water. The dog passed away during the flight and at first the airline offered him a €100 voucher for future travel.

Easyjet leaves behind 29 passengers in Málaga, Spain

Due to an "issue" at the boarding gate, Easyjet managed to leave behind 29 passengers in Málaga airport on Saturday. Their luggage flew home with no problem, but the passengers didn't.

Op-Ed: TSA will allow travelers to pay for a quicker line

Want to get through security faster the next time you're catching a flight? The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced plans this summer to let people skip the bag checks and removal of the shoes...for a fee, of course.

UK man turned away from Ryanair flight in Málaga due to whisky

Guy Horne treated himself to some duty-free Glenmorangie whisky at Málaga airport, but ran into a problem when trying to board his flight to Manchester and was not allowed to get on the plane.

Ryanair Ibiza flight taken over by group of drunken hooligans

Ibiza - After having already been cautioned by Scottish police in Glasgow's Prestwick Airport prior to takeoff, a drunk and disorderly bunch of hooligans continued to cause problems throughout a Ryanair flight to Ibiza in Spain.

'Lo siento': Spain apologizes to Bolivia over Evo Morales debacle

La Paz - In the wake of the problems caused by various European countries believing NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, was on board the Bolivian president's plane recently, Spain has now officially apologized for its part in the whole mess.

Cairo — New York City flight diverted after bomb threat

A Cairo to New York flight was diverted by jet fighters and landed in the UK after a threatening note was found by a passenger aboard.

Photo Essay: Birds of the Canadian Boreal Forest Special

The Boreal Forest is home to many species of plant and animal life, it is also home to a great many species of birds. If one knows where to look, and or has a little luck eagles, hawks, Pileated Woodpeckers and many other birds can be spotted.

AirTran kicks 100 rowdy students off flight

More than 100 high school students were kicked off a 6 a.m. AirTran flight at LaGuardia Airport after they failed to comply with the flight attendant's request.

Sleeping British Airways crew delays flight to Barcelona, Spain

Aberdeen - Early bird passengers, who had already checked in for a British Airways (BA) flight from Aberdeen to Barcelona, were kept waiting for over three hours on Sunday morning, while their cabin crew snoozed on.

How the penguin lost its flight

Long ago, penguins faced a trade-off between the air and the sea. The evolutionary process may not make sense with the 40-mile penguin march, but as with all adaptions in nature, the outcome reaped the greater benefits for survival.

Harvard robotic insects make first controlled flight

Aerial drones aren't a new concept, but in fact has been researched and developed for quite some time. While they are becoming smaller and smaller, the roboticists over at University of Harvard developed the smallest aerial drone so far.

Soyuz spacecraft blasts off on fastest-ever flight to ISS (video)

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy along with Russian cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Pavel Vinogradov just arrived at the International Space Station in world-record time - just six hours, compared to the previous two-day trip.

Video: Chinese official misses plane, trashes airport in rage

Kunming - A video showing Yan Linkum, a Chinese Communist official, losing his temper and trashing an airport boarding gate in rage after missing his flight has emerged online

Review: New on DVD for February 5 Special

This week’s releases include a genre-changing musical; a tragic love story; a childhood fantasy come true; a chronicle of a disturbing cover-up; mass political corruption; and a humorous depiction of adultery.

Drunk and rowdy women force landing of British Airways flight

According to an airline spokesperson, a British Airways flight from Gatwick to Tunis was diverted to Lyon, France after two drunk middle-aged women turned rowdy and disruptive in the middle of the flight

Boeing testing in-flight Internet capabilities with potatoes

Although current frequent travelers won't enjoy the luxury of in-plane internet access, Boeing is officially working on it. There's no mention on when this feature will be implemented on commercial air planes, but it is nice to know it will one day.

Stolichnaya asks Paramount to remove vodka from ‘Flight’ movie

Los Angeles - Makers of Budweiser and the US distributor of Stolichnaya vodka are asking Paramount Pictures to remove branded bottles of vodka and beer from the new film "Flight", which depicts Denzil Washington as a drunk pilot.

New York's JFK, Newark Airport reopen with limited service

New York - New York City's Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport have reopened with limited flights scheduled, but LaGuardia remains closed. New York airports account for one-quarter of the nation’s daily air traffic.

Syrian flight from Moscow to Damascus intercepted by F16s (video)

Ankara - Turkish F-16 fighter jets intercepted a civilian flight from Moscow to Damascus on Thursday. Now an amateur video made by passengers has been released, showing balaclava-clad Turkish soldiers entering the plane.
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ATR 72 of Aer Arann (EI-REE) taking off from Bristol International Airport  Bristol  England.
ATR 72 of Aer Arann (EI-REE) taking off from Bristol International Airport, Bristol, England.
Lufthansa planes tails  Frankfurt/Main  Germany
Lufthansa planes tails, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
The Solar Impluse soars above the Jura Mountains of Switzerland.
The Solar Impluse soars above the Jura Mountains of Switzerland.
flickr/Deutsche Bank AG
A view from the special made Gondola used in piloting the Cluster Balloon Flights.
A view from the special made Gondola used in piloting the Cluster Balloon Flights.
Jonathan Trappe
Agusta A-109 flies the flag during the Salute Flight.
Agusta A-109 flies the flag during the Salute Flight.
Harrison Lake.
Harrison Lake.
Over the tops of the mountains in Banff National Park.
Over the tops of the mountains in Banff National Park.
Delta Airlines plane
Delta Airlines plane
File photo: A hot air balloon in a field.
File photo: A hot air balloon in a field.
Lufthansa airliner turning in the air above the water with a boat after taking off from Vancouver In...
Lufthansa airliner turning in the air above the water with a boat after taking off from Vancouver International Airport when heading for Europe.
Kamloops Lake from above.
Kamloops Lake from above.
A Trip Airlines plane
A Trip Airlines plane
Leandro returns
A Delta Air Lines plane
A Delta Air Lines plane
View from an airplane window
View from an airplane window
A plane at the Vancouver International Airport
A plane at the Vancouver International Airport
a Ryanair plane
a Ryanair plane
A JetBlue plane
A JetBlue plane
One more correction of the flight after tilting a bit to the right.
One more correction of the flight after tilting a bit to the right.
Typical tires on an airplane
Typical tires on an airplane
Part of the massed helicopter flight.
Part of the massed helicopter flight.

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