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Flies overwhelm Pakistan's Karachi in monsoon 'hell'

Karachi - Swarms of flies are descending on Pakistan's commercial capital in what residents say are record numbers this rainy season, adding to the misery of Karachi's monsoon "hell".

Machine learning insight into how flies see the world

Toronto - The fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) occupies a world where it senses the environment through touch and smell. What isn’t clear is the extent that the fly visually interprets the world. To explore this, researchers have turned to machine learning.

Spiders tune their webs to signal to new partners

Oxford - Some species of spider tune their webs to different frequencies in order to catch prey and to attract partners, according to a new study.

Is the smallest insect ever debate finally settled?

Moscow - After a long debate about the accuracy of measurements and the measurement method, the world’s smallest insect has finally been announced. And it is very, very tiny.

Bounce house flies in air and injures three children

Three children playing inside a bounce house were injured when a waterspout came onshore and lifted it in the air in Fort Lauderdale.

Genetic variety of the bumblebee mapped for first time

New research has examined the genome of two different species of bumblebee. The bees play an important role in pollination and are commercially important. The study reveals insights into the ecology of the bee.

A zebra's stripes shoo away flies

A new study concludes that zebras evolved stripes in order to prevent pesky biting flies from landing on them. It seems that there is greater striping on areas of the body in those parts of the world where there is more annoyance from biting flies.

Caffeinated fruit flies help spot insecticide resistance

To understand genetic mechanisms underlying insecticide resistance, scientists employed the strange combination of fruit flies and caffeine.

Spiders enjoy a side dish of pollen with the flies

Exeter - Some spiders are not the pure predators most biologists generally believe. A study has found that some make up a quarter of their diet by eating pollen.

Corpse-eating fly comes 'back from the dead' after 160 years

A fly that was declared extinct over a century ago appears to have come 'back from the dead'. Researchers in Europe were interested to find it had not vanished after all.

Study: Sex-deprived male fruit flies seek solace in alcohol

San Francisco - Researchers studying behavior of male fruit flies say they have found that a male fly spurned by a mate will seek solace in alcohol. The researchers believe the study may help deepen understanding of the molecular basis of addiction in humans.

Flies May Spread Drug-Resistant Bacteria from Poultry Operations

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found evidence that houseflies collected near broiler poultry operations may contribute to the dispersion of drug-resistant bacteria.

Fruit Fly Sexuality Controlled by Drugs and Genetic Manipulation

Scientists have discovered fruit flies can be turned gay or straight by the use of genetic treatments and drugs that effect sense of smell. The change can take place in the matter of hours, solidifying the claim that homosexuality is a genetic occurrence.

Youngest Person To Fly Solo Around The World

A Miami Dade, Fla pilot is hoping he becomes the youngest person to fly solo around the world. Twenty three year old Barrington Irving started his journey on Friday and will complete the mission in 41 days.

Long Life Span in Flies Reversed By Just Whiff of Food

Flies on a diet live much longer than flies that are allowed to eat all they want.

Fly infestation hits hospital dialysis unit

The hospital said last night that it was continuing to treat people in a unit in spite of an infestation of flies that settle on patients, staff, appliances and spilt blood.

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Derby Telegraph
MAGNUS MUHR is a 39 YEAR OLD PHOTOGRAPHER from Sweden who  in his spare time  likes to invent the mo...
MAGNUS MUHR is a 39 YEAR OLD PHOTOGRAPHER from Sweden who, in his spare time, likes to invent the most hilarious scenarios for dead flies. Thanks Magnus, for giving the world a good laugh.
Magnus Muhr
Whiteflies feed by tapping into the phloem of plants  introducing toxic saliva and decreasing the pl...
Whiteflies feed by tapping into the phloem of plants, introducing toxic saliva and decreasing the plants' overall turgor pressure. Since whiteflies congregate in large numbers, susceptible plants can be quickly overwhelmed.
Close-up of the cephalothorax on Eriophora sp
Close-up of the cephalothorax on Eriophora sp
JJ Harrison

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