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Woman from fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints makes shocking claims

A wife of Lyle Jeffs, the unofficial leader of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) has filed for divorce in Utah. In her petition she has also made shocking accusations against the church.

'Prophet' Jeffs says world ends tonight — Mass suicide feared

Colorado City - Continuing his rule behind bars, polygamist sect leader Warren S. Jeffs, has declared the end of the world before midnight, prompting many to reportedly worry about mass suicide of his 10,000 followers this New Year's Eve.

FLDS Warren Jeffs issues apocalyptic revelations from prison

Salt Lake City - Warren Jeffs, FLDS leader, serving jail term for sexual assault of under-age girls, has released apocalyptic Books of Revelation from behind bars. He warns of the wrath of God and natural disasters that will strike because the nation imprisoned him.

Former FLDS president challenges Texas bigamy law

Texas City - Wendell Loy Nielsen, 70, former leader of the polygamous sect Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, facing third-degree felony bigamy charges in Texas, is challenging the state's bigamy law.

FLDS leader Warren Jeffs convicted of child sex abuse

San Angelo - The leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Warren Jeffs, has finally been convicted of child sex abuse through audio tapes, pictures and DNA evidence.

Op-Ed: FLDS News Roundup

In this light-speed era of news reporting, the FLDS case seems a troubling matter as distant from us today as the Salem Witch Trials. But matters are far from over, or even settled. Here's an in-depth roundup on continuing developments in the FLDS case.

FLDS Members Turn Themselves In After Being Indicted On Child Sex Abuse Charges

After being indicted on charges of sexual assault and failure to report child abuse, five members of the fundamentalist sect of Latter Day Saints surrendered to Texas police in Schleicher County on Monday.

Op-Ed: Utah, Arizona Authorities Warn 'Be On The Lookout for FLDS Enforcers'

San Angelo Judge Barbara Walther is now under police protection because of warnings issued by authorities in Utah and Arizona of FLDS 'enforcers' ready to wreak havoc and mayhem for their fanatic religious cause. Did Rozita Swinton get a new PR job?

In The End How High Will The Final Cost Of The FLDS Be?

The Department of Family and Protective Services removed the children on April 3 from the ranch owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was believed that rampant sexual and physical abuses were ongoing.

FLDS Children Begin to be Reunited With Parents

Children have begun reuniting with overjoyed parents today. Just over 120 children of the 430 taken in the FLDS raid have been taken from foster homes and are now back with thier parents.

FLDS 'Defines' Its Policy On Marriage

In the wake of the controversy of alleged sex abuse and the marrying of underage girls to older men, the FLDS has stepped forward to go in-depth on its marriage policy.

Op-Ed: Is San Angelo Judge Barbara Walther Overstepping in FLDS Case?

The Texas Third Court of Appeals dismissed the YFZ raid case. The Texas Supreme Court just upheld the Appeals Court's ruling, as well as the directive to release the FLDS children back to their mothers. So why is San Angelo Judge Walther now obstructing?

Op-Ed: Some Historical Perspective on the FLDS

At some point in the future, the offenders within the FLDS may be held accountable for their actions. Legal 'justice' will be served, 'appropriate punishment' will be meted out, it may even delay similar abuses in the future. All this is true .....

Op-Ed: Playing Devil's Advocate for the FLDS and Not Liking It

The Texas Third Court of Appeals rejected the grounds for the YFZ raid by CPS. Now CPS presents pictures of Warren Jeffs, who's been doing two consecutive five-to-life terms since November 2007. This is the best they got? SAM T UPDATE: TSC rules for FLDS.

Breaking News: Texas Supreme Court Rules Kids Must Return to FLDS Ranch

FLDS kids are to be returned to their parents within 10 days because of lack of evidence of imminent danger for their removal.

Exclusive: Legal Answers As CPS Appeals Appellate Ruling of FLDS Children

After an appellate court ruled that the District Court Judge, abused her discretion in giving 60 day temporary custody to the CPS, I emailed Natalie Malonis, attorney ad litem for some of the FLDS children, to ask about the process moving forward.

Op-Ed: Stunning Developments, Unanswered Questions in Texas FLDS Case

As PJ (Got The Scoop) and now Drudge have reported, a Texas Appeals Court has struck down the YFZ raid on the grounds Texas CPS stated. A lot more to come for sure, but it seems as good a time as any to look back, and wonder at what's yet to come.

Texas Appeals Court Rules That 460+ FLDS Children Should Not Have Been Removed

Breaking News: This just off of the CNN news feed: The State of Texas Appeals Court has ruled that the 460+ children removed from the FLDS compound should not have been taken. 38 women had taken their plea to the appeals court and won.

CPS Investigates Reports of Children Left Behind, Turned Away At FLDS Ranch

Still, the custody hearings in regards to the children taken from the FLDS ranch are far from being out of the headlines.

Status Hearings Start For FLDS Children: 100 Children Not Matched To Mothers

5 judges, 5 court rooms and 3 weeks of court dockets cleared in the largest child custody action in America. A Canadian child with no parents at the ranch, family service plans, child abuse allegations and 100 children with no parental matches yet.

FLDS Leader to Bush: Raid Was An Act Of Terrorism

The aftermath of the raided Yearning for Zion (YFZ) ranch does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Willing Jessop, an elder of the FLDS sent a letter to President George W. Bush saying that the raid on the ranch was a terrorist act.

Utah, Arizona officials try to reassure polygamists and defend Texas' actions

Utah and Arizona officials tried to reassure polygamists at a townhall meeting that they would not be raiding their homes for polygamy if no other crimes were being committed. They also defended Texas' actions in removing 463 children from the YFZ Ranch.

Exclusive: An Interview With Natalie Malonis, Lawyer Representing FLDS Children

After authorities raided the FLDS polygamist compound, the world waits to see what will happen to the kids now held in protective custody. This is your up-close-and-personal talk with an attorney appointed by the court to represent some of the kids.

'Bishop's List' Reveals One FLDS Member Has 21 Wives

Asides from the 400+ children taken from the FLDS ranch in El Dorado, Texas, there was also a “Bishop’s List” that was taken. The information on the list can be rather shocking.

FLDS Children Update Given To Senate Committee

Many details have come out since authorities took 463 children from the YFZ Ranch, which is a FLDS compound, the latest showing that boys who have turned 18 are choosing to stay with the state and some children might not have parents at the ranch.

OpEd: Polygamy Roundup, If You'll Pardon The Pun

The warrant against Dale Barlow, 'husband' of caller 'Sarah', has been dropped, a DPS spokesman said. A new 'cultural guide' helps Texas understand FLDS children, who have been as insolent as any. Mitt Romney's great granddad had five wives. And more.

Coping Remedy For Fritzl Children 'Similar' To That Of The 400+ FLDS Children

As a means to help the children of Josef Fritzl adjust and cope with the outside world, a windowless chamber has been constructed for them.

CPS Official: History Of Injuries Found in FLDS Children

Recently, 463 children were removed from the FLDS compound in Texas and custody was awarded to the state, pending further investigation of alleged sexual abuses to the female children. New reports show the abuse might not have been limited to females.

FLDS Teenager In State Custody Has a Baby Boy

Recently news came out that 31 out of the 53 teenage girls that were removed from the Yearning for Zion Ranch, were pregnant or had already had children. One of those children had a healthy baby boy today.

FLDS Sect Strikes Back, Questions Legality Of The Search Warrants and Raids

The case revolving around the FLDS is far from over, now the members of the sect itself are challenging the legality of both the search and the raid.
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