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Fishing News

'Blast fishing' thrives in Libya's chaos

Tripoli - Residents of Tripoli's seafront wake up most weekends to loud blasts: fishermen using dynamite to maximise their catch, regardless of the damage they are causing to marine life.

French fishing trawler nets WWII bomb

Rennes - A French fishing trawler netted a World War II bomb containing nearly a tonne of explosives off the coast of Normandy on Friday, prompting the emergency evacuation of the crew while the device was returned to the seabed, authorities said.

Gaza fisherman battles poverty with plastic bottle boat

Gaza - With hundreds of empty plastic bottles collected from the shores of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, fisherman Muath Abu Zeid has turned litter into a floating source of income.

Fishermen of Lake Chad cursed by Boko Haram conflict

Maiduguri - The fishermen of Lake Chad must sail in secret, forced to evade both Boko Haram jihadists and Nigeria's military in a desperate dance that has strangled livelihoods and caused scarcity of a once-staple food.

Icelandic wildlife group calls for hybrid whale killing probe

Reykjav - Icelandic conservationists have asked prosecutors to probe whether the killing of a rare hybrid whale was illegal, a lawyer said on Thursday.

Shark kills Czech tourist swimming in waters off Egypt

Apo - A Czech tourist was killed by a shark while swimming in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, authorities said Sunday.

Expanding 'dead zone' in Arabian Sea raises climate change fears

Abu Dhabi - In the waters of the Arabian Sea, a vast "dead zone" the size of Scotland is expanding and scientists say climate change may be to blame.

One dead, one missing as Spanish fishing boat sinks near Argentina

Buenos Aires - One person has died and another is missing after a Spanish fishing vessel sank off Argentina on Wednesday, but 25 crew members have been rescued, the Argentine Navy said.

Win for wildlife as krill fishing restricted in Antarctica

Sydney - Five major krill fishing firms Tuesday agreed to halt operations across huge swathes of the Antarctic to help protect wildlife in a move hailed as "bold and progressive" by conservationists.

Egypt's shrinking 'Pharaonic Sea' has fishermen worried

Menuf - Egypt's shrinking freshwater "Pharaonic Sea" has residents in its nearly 50 surrounding fishing villages worried.

Philippines demands China stop taking fishermen's catch

Manila - The Philippines on Monday demanded that China stop confiscating the catch of Filipino fishermen in the disputed South China Sea, calling the practice "unacceptable".

Digital management tool to improve fishing efficiency

A new digital platform can target the most abundant fishing areas and help to reduce the catch of unwanted or protected species. The software relies on satellite data, maps and environmental observations.

Toss back big fish, especially females: study

Tampa - When fishing, local laws often require anglers to throw back any fish that are too small. But a study Thursday found it is more important to toss back big ones, especially females.

Suriname halts fishing after deadly attacks

Paramaribo - Recent deadly attacks on Surinamese fishing boats have frayed nerves and brought the country's deep-sea fishing sector to a grinding halt, officials said Friday.

Cyprus on frontline against lionfish invasion of Med

Equipped with harpoons and waterproof notebooks, Louis, Carlos and Antonis dive deep into the crystal clear waters of Konnos Bay in Cyprus on a mission to capture predatory lionfish.

Indonesia seizes alleged 'slave ship' wanted by Interpol

Jakarta - Indonesia seized an alleged "slave ship" following a dramatic high seas chase sparked by an Interpol alert after the vessel escaped capture in China and Mozambique, authorities said Tuesday.

Race for Mexico's 'cocaine of the sea' pushes 2 species toward extinction

San Felipe - The dried fish parts don't look like much to the novice eye, but the totoaba swim bladders discreetly displayed in this shop in Guangzhou, China sell for up to $20,000.

Boat set alight as UK fishermen hold anti-EU protests

Fpo - "Burn the flag!" chanted the crowd in a British fishing port on Sunday, as a boat adorned with the EU flag was set on fire in one of a series of Brexit rallies held around Britain.

UK fishermen launch nationwide protests over Brexit

London - British fishermen launched protests in ports around the country Sunday over perceived capitulation to the European Union in Brexit negotiations.

Fishermen fear Brexit betrayal as countdown begins

Kirkoswald - On the dockside in Brixham, a bustling fishing port in southwestern England, the fear is that Britain's departure from the European Union may prove a false dawn for hopes of taking back control.

N. Korean boat skipper gets suspended jail term in Japan

Apo - A North Korean fishing boat captain was handed a suspended prison sentence by a Japanese court Tuesday for stealing items including electronic appliances after being rescued from his stranded vessel last year.

Japan firm seeks to spawn salmon farm revolution

Saitama - Japan may be an island nation surrounded by the bounty of the sea, but businessman Tetsuro Sogo is looking inland to raise one of the country's most loved sushi fish: salmon.

Fishing in troubled water between Croatia and Slovenia

Savudrija - For two decades Diego Makovac has made a trouble-free living fishing for sole in Piran Bay. But he now faces a flurry of Croatian and Slovenian patrol boats as the two countries fight over the water.

Dutch shocked by call to ban EU electric pulse fishing

Scheveningen - The black clouds hanging over the boats in Dutch ports Friday were not the remnants of wild winter gales, but harbingers of another devastating storm brewing for Dutch fishermen.

Top European chefs take electric pulse fishing off the menu

Paris - More than 200 top chefs across Europe have pledged to stop sourcing seafood obtained by electric pulse fishing, days before an EU vote that could expand the use of the controversial technique, an ocean advocacy group said Thursday.

Slovenia and Croatia in fishing waters row as court deadline looms

Ljubljana - Slovenia is threatening from Saturday to fine fishermen from neighbouring Croatia who continue to throw nets in a small bay on the Adriatic after an international arbitration ruling in Ljubljana's favour.

N. Korean crew members arrested in Japan after items vanish

Toukyo - Japanese police on Saturday arrested three North Korean crew members for suspected theft, a spokesman said, amid a fresh wave of North Korean "ghost ship" fishing vessels washing up in Japanese waters.

Food shortage, sanctions behind N.Korean rescues in Japan: analysts

Toukyo - A severe shortage of food and foreign currency as international sanctions bite are contributing to a fresh wave of North Korean "ghost ship" fishing vessels washing up in Japanese waters, analysts said.

Arctic, major fishing nations agree no fishing in Arctic, for now

Ottawa - Arctic and major fishing nations, including China, announced Friday that they have agreed to a moratorium on commercial fishing in Arctic waters before a fishery in the icy region is even feasible.

Hopes dashed for giant new Antarctic marine sanctuary

Sydney - Hopes for a vast new marine sanctuary in pristine East Antarctica were dashed Saturday after a key conservation summit failed to reach agreement, with advocates urging "greater vision and ambition".
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Dr. Dennis Apeti  Mussel Watch scientist  brings up a trawl full of oysters for testing
Dr. Dennis Apeti, Mussel Watch scientist, brings up a trawl full of oysters for testing
A fishing port in Thailand's southern province of Pattani
A fishing port in Thailand's southern province of Pattani
Tuwaedaniya Meringing, AFP/File
Some people thought they were getting this fish when they were eating Tilapia.
Some people thought they were getting this fish when they were eating Tilapia.
Red Snapper from Wikimedia
Ice fishing
Ice fishing
Brandon McCafferty trout fishing
Brandon McCafferty trout fishing
The harbor was designed for small sailing vessels  and an awkward turn was required to avoid the pro...
The harbor was designed for small sailing vessels, and an awkward turn was required to avoid the protruding end of the outer harbor.
Global Fishing Watch
An aquaculture fish farm
An aquaculture fish farm
Via Flickr user Bytemarks
Fisherwoman on Tybee Island  Ga.
Fisherwoman on Tybee Island, Ga.
West Dover in Nova Scotia
West Dover in Nova Scotia
Dennis Jarvis
Brandon McCafferty showing off a chain pickerel while fishing in Nova Scotia
Brandon McCafferty showing off a chain pickerel while fishing in Nova Scotia
Green Bay NS
Green Bay NS
Greece  fishing from harbour
Greece, fishing from harbour
Fishing Under Ice
Fishing Under Ice
Get advance bass fishing lures at Yo-zuri America  get all the best fishing tackles  accessories and...
Get advance bass fishing lures at Yo-zuri America, get all the best fishing tackles, accessories and much more...
Don Hankins
Peñuelas Lake used to be a very popular fishing place for residents of the Valparaiso region. Most ...
Peñuelas Lake used to be a very popular fishing place for residents of the Valparaiso region. Most of the water is gone, the fish have nearly disappeared.
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
Just so you know  these worms are fishing worms  not ribbon worms.
Just so you know, these worms are fishing worms, not ribbon worms.
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