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Fishing News

Rescuers find two Indian fishermen, 10 still missing

Dhaka - Bangladeshi and Indian rescuers pulled two Indian fishermen alive Sunday from the Bay of Bengal one day after their trawler capsized, but 10 others were still missing, officials said.

17 missing after Indian trawler sinks off Bangladesh

Dhaka - Seventeen fishermen were missing Saturday after an Indian trawler sank off the coast of Bangladesh, officials said, sparking a major search effort in the Bay of Bengal.

19 Myanmar trafficking victims rescued in Thailand

Yangon - Nineteen Myanmar human trafficking victims have been rescued in Thailand, state media and an activist group said Tuesday, a rare policing success against criminal networks that dominate the region.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi visits troubled diaspora in Thailand

Bangkok - Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi arrived Thursday in Thailand where she is expected to be garlanded by her adoring compatriots, hundreds of thousands of whom have sought work and sanctuary from war across the border.

China using fishing fleets to expand maritime claims: U.S. official

Manila - China is using its fishing fleets with armed escorts to bolster maritime claims in disputed territory, a senior US State Department official warned Wednesday, calling China's behaviour "disturbing".

China says Indonesia fired on fishing boats, injuring crewman

Bejing - China accused Indonesia Sunday of firing on its fishermen and injuring one of them, in the latest flare-up of tensions between the two nations in the South China Sea.

Killer hippos spread fear among fishermen in Senegal rivers

Ta - Lying in hospital with bloodied bandages over the deep gashes in his legs, Senegalese fisherman Ali Fall recalls the moment a hippopotamus tried to kill him as he hauled in nets in a local river.

Chile fishing crisis traps tourists, empties markets

Chile - A fishing ban sparked by mass deaths of sea creatures in Chile has left tourists stranded and markets empty on an island cut off by protest blockades.

Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches

Santiago - Heaps of dead whales, salmon and sardines blamed on the El Nino weather phenomenon have clogged Chile's Pacific beaches in recent months.

Underwater 'zombie grass' signals trouble for Florida fishermen

Islamorada - Decades ago, the sight of seagrass swaying beneath the waters off south Florida conjured romance for those who dangled their fishing lines in hopes of catching redfish, snook or mangrove snapper.

Hunger, power cuts in Zimbabwe, Zambia as lake hits record low

Siavonga - Lake Kariba on the Zambezi River border between Zimbabwe and Zambia used to be dotted with hundreds of commercial fishing rigs, while local fishermen in small makeshift boats would catch enough bream for their livelihood.

Gaza fishermen test waters after blockade eased

Gaza - Gaza fishermen have begun working further off the coast after Israel relaxed restrictions for the first time in a decade but said Monday that the measure was not nearly enough.

World's nations gather to rescue ocean life

Paris - It took a decade to get to the negotiating table, and it could easily take another to finish the job, but UN talks in New York to safeguard life in the high seas finally begin in earnest Monday.

Northern California crab season to open as toxic algae retreats

San Francisco - Northern California crabbers and crab lovers start eating it up at midnight when the long-delayed commercial crab season opens.

Commercial salmon fishing off California facing tougher limits

San Francisco - Northern California salmon fisherman face severe restrictions on catch this spring after lower-than-expected numbers of the fish have been counted offshore.

Last known Chilean Sea Bass poaching ship caught in Indonesia

Indonesian officials plan to sink the last known illegal Chilean sea bass poaching vessel caught last week. The detention of all "Bandit 6" vessels is expected to end illegal fishing in Antarctic waters for the first time in decades.

Read about a new way to keep whales safe from fishing boats

Around the Gulf of Alaska sperm whales like to follow fishing boats. This can place the whales in danger from fishing nets and from the boats. A new decoy can successfully lure sperm whales away from fishermen’s lines.

For Spanish fishermen, sea's bounty includes plastic

Villajoyosa - At sunrise in the fishing port of Villajoyosa in eastern Spain, a fleet of traditional fishing boats sets out on the Mediterranean to hunt for cuttlefish, prawns -- and plastic bottles.

Abandoned fishing gear harms wildlife

A new report examines the effects of "ghost fishing" on marine life. This is where fish, crabs and other marine life are drawn into nets and traps by the dead and decomposing bodies of other creatures.

Four castaways rescued off Mexico after month adrift

- The Mexican navy has rescued four fishermen from Colombia and Ecuador who spent more than a month adrift in a small boat after getting lost at sea and running out of fuel.

Fishing main hurdle to Antarctic marine reserves: Australia

Sydney - Access to fishing was the main stumbling block to agreement on two vast marine reserves in Antarctica, the head of the Australian delegation to international talks said Saturday.

Marine populations 'slashed by half since 1970'

Ginebra - Populations of marine mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have dropped by about half in the past four decades, with fish critical to human food suffering some of the greatest declines, WWF warned Wednesday.

Illegal fishing off Somalia 'risks return of piracy'

Nairobi - Rampant illegal fishing by foreign trawlers off Somalia's once pirate-infested coastline is threatening economic gains in the Horn of Africa nation and could push communities back to maritime crime, a report warned Tuesday.

Japanese town's controversial dolphin hunt begins

Toukyo - A small Japanese town began its controversial dolphin hunt on Thursday after bad weather delayed the start, according to a local fisheries official, while a separate whaling hunt was due to start at the weekend.

Japan releases 'Flipper' dolphin trainer after arrest

Toukyo - Japanese police said Wednesday that they have released US animal rights activist Ric O'Barry, who trained dolphins for the TV show "Flipper", after he was arrested near the infamous whaling town of Taiji.

Japan arrests 'Flipper' trainer as dolphin hunt starts

Toukyo - Japanese police said Tuesday they had arrested US animal rights activist Ric O'Barry, who trained dolphins for the TV show "Flipper", near the town of Taiji as it kicked off its controversial dolphin hunt.

Interview: Hank Jr. lets us know what he's been up to Special

Love him or hate him, Hank Williams Jr. is a national institution, as well known for his political views and extra-curricular activities as he is for his music. He tells us about his upcoming new album and what he likes most about performing live.

Sound-emitting gadget promises to turn 'fishing into catching'

A father-son team invented a gadget, "Fish Call," that helps anglers get more bites from a device that emits sounds into the water that attract various kinds of fish.

Shark attacks surfer off La Reunion

Saint-leu - A shark attacked a surfer and tore off a "good chunk" of his arm off the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion on Wednesday, according to officials and witnesses.

Nova Scotia offers free fishing this weekend Special

Halifax - Nova Scotians and fishing enthusiasts are invited to participate in the province's annual Nova Scotia Sportfishing Weekend on Saturday,June 6 and Sunday, June 7.
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The harbor was designed for small sailing vessels  and an awkward turn was required to avoid the pro...
The harbor was designed for small sailing vessels, and an awkward turn was required to avoid the protruding end of the outer harbor.
Get advance bass fishing lures at Yo-zuri America  get all the best fishing tackles  accessories and...
Get advance bass fishing lures at Yo-zuri America, get all the best fishing tackles, accessories and much more...
Dr. Dennis Apeti  Mussel Watch scientist  brings up a trawl full of oysters for testing
Dr. Dennis Apeti, Mussel Watch scientist, brings up a trawl full of oysters for testing
Some people thought they were getting this fish when they were eating Tilapia.
Some people thought they were getting this fish when they were eating Tilapia.
Red Snapper from Wikimedia
Fisherwoman on Tybee Island  Ga.
Fisherwoman on Tybee Island, Ga.
Green Bay NS
Green Bay NS
Don Hankins
Fishing Under Ice
Fishing Under Ice
Brandon McCafferty trout fishing
Brandon McCafferty trout fishing
Ice fishing
Ice fishing
Greece  fishing from harbour
Greece, fishing from harbour
Just so you know  these worms are fishing worms  not ribbon worms.
Just so you know, these worms are fishing worms, not ribbon worms.
Total Fisherman
An aquaculture fish farm
An aquaculture fish farm
Via Flickr user Bytemarks
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
Peñuelas Lake used to be a very popular fishing place for residents of the Valparaiso region. Most ...
Peñuelas Lake used to be a very popular fishing place for residents of the Valparaiso region. Most of the water is gone, the fish have nearly disappeared.
Brandon McCafferty showing off a chain pickerel while fishing in Nova Scotia
Brandon McCafferty showing off a chain pickerel while fishing in Nova Scotia
LESSON PLAN: A school of wild salmon migrate through California s river system in 2011.
LESSON PLAN: A school of wild salmon migrate through California's river system in 2011.
Gary Kramer, USDA/Wikimedia Commons

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