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Fish News

Video of fish smoking cigarette sparks fury

Some fish lovers are furious after a video surfaced. The video shows a fish on a plank of wood with a lit cigarette in its mouth.

Long John Silver's plans to give it away on Saturday

Louisville - Free food! The venerable Long John Silver's seafood restaurant chain will offer a free menu item on Saturday to celebrate its 45 years in business.

New attempt to deal with invasive Asian carp

An updated Monitoring and Response Plan (MRP) to protect the Great Lakes from an invasive species of Asian carp has been announced.

Video: fish successfully defends itself against dog

Using skills that would put Bruce Lee to shame, a fish, which clearly appeared to be the "underdog," has managed to defend itself from becoming a dog’s dinner!

Electric fish communicate through complex signals

By emitting and sensing weak electrical signals, the electric fish have bypassed the usual means of communication, such as with sounds and visual signals, and go directly to electrical signals. This allows them to quietly "talk" to each other in the dark.

Sailfish are the 'slashers of the sea' (video)

Following an in-depth study, scientists have found that sailfish use their bills to corral and slash other fish, like schooling sardines.

Fish losing survival instinct in acidic oceans, study says

Sydney - Fish are losing their survival instinct -- even becoming attracted to the smell of their predators -- as the world's oceans become more acidic because of climate change, new research said on Monday.

Cave-dwelling fish offers clues to human facial problems

Cincinnati - A genetic association has been discovered with facial asymmetry in an ancient cavefish and facial asymmetries in humans. Researchers hope to understand why genes behave differently on the right versus the left sides of the human face.

Worldwide numbers for marine life are inaccurate

It's time to rethink how we classify species in marine ecosystems, say two University of Windsor ecologists in the University of Windsor's Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research.

Jellyfish bloom ‘like flowers’

Scientists are trying to understand why, in the spring, jellyfish emerge in the sea in high numbers. The effect has been described as "blooming like flowers." A biochemical trigger is thought to play a part.

School of fish flash-frozen in Norway

Lovund - If you think the weather near you has been cold, ask this school of fish how chilly Norway is lately. The entire school of saithe was found frozen solid in the ice just off Lovund island.

Plan to save Maui's dolphins

Only 55 adult Maui's dolphins are known to survive off the coast of New Zealand. A plan has been launched to try and save the few dolphins that are left.

GM salmon moves closer to sale in Canada

Environment Canada has permitted the company AquaBounty Technologies to produce its genetically-modified fish eggs on a commercial scale.

Video: Dolphin masturbating with dead fish

A video uploaded nearly a year ago has recently been gathering some attention. The video involves a dolphin and a dead fish.

Coral reef decline linked to overfishing of sharks

A simple case of cause and effect may be why the world's coral reefs have been trending towards decline. According to a new study, the killing of too many sharks is also killing the population of herbivorous fish that keep reefs healthy.

Molasses spill causes mass fish death in Honolulu Harbor

Honolulu - Thousands of fish were found dead in the water at the Honolulu Harbor this week. It is now known that the cause was a molasses spill from a faulty Matson pipe under Pier 52.

The short life of the African puddle fish revealed

The tiny annual fish of Africa live in temporary puddles created by seasonal rainfall, and so must grow and reproduce quickly in order to lay their hardy eggs before the waters dry up.

Severed octopus arms still show signs of awareness

It’s evident that octopus intelligence is unlike any other animal we have seen. The octopus’s arms continue to remain alert, reacting to pain, long after they have been removed from the octopus’s body.

How does a small fish survive the Arctic waters?

The bald notothen is a small fish that lives in the freezing, icy waters of Antarctica. Scientists have figured out how the fish manages to survive in conditions that would kill most other sea creatures.

Police find 'sardines a la hashish' in a luxury villa in Marbella

Marbella - Police discovered the frozen sardines in a truck en route from Morocco this week, and found them to have a rather unusual herbal stuffing — around 900 kilos of hashish.

Man catches 200-year-old fish

On June 21, a man, from Seattle, Washington, caught a fish off the coast of Alaska. The fish may be around the age of two-hundred-years-old.

Life jacket saves football-playing goldfish from drowning

Blackpool - A fantail goldfish who kept floating upside down has been saved by his owner's home-made buoyancy jacket. The goldfish now swims again and can carry on being trained to play fish football.

Op-Ed: Bomb found inside squid in Jiaoling County Market

Imagine butchering a squid at the local fish market. As you are cutting in your knife is brought to a halt by something that feels like a bowling ball. Yes you have just cut into a squid that has a bomb in it's body

Fish protein may inhibit cancer

Scientists have identified a protein derived from Pacific cod that may inhibit prostate cancer and possibly other cancers from spreading.

Record levels of radiation in greenling fish found near Fukushima

Fukushima - Two years after the nuclear disaster, TEPCO has found a greenling fish in the waters near the crippled Fukushima plant, with a record quantity of radioactive cesium - 7,400 times the country's limit for safe human consumption.

Pharmaceutical waste puts fish at risk

A new study has looked at the affects of pharmaceutical by-products that enter the water supply and how some by-products can affect the behavior of fish, putting them at risk.

Study finds mislabeled fish rampant across US

The nonprofit, ocean conservation group Oceana conducted a study in 20 states, discovering widespread mislabeling of fish.

Thousands of herring found dead in Iceland fjord

Reykjav - Officials in Iceland are blaming the deaths of tens of thousands of herring on low oxygen levels in the Kolgrafafjordur fjord. This is the second time a mass herring death has occurred this winter.

McDonald's fish gets MSC Eco-label as sustainable

McDonald's says it will begin selling its fish sandwiches in boxes with the blue Eco-label of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). McDonald's has agreed to audits that will verify it serves only Alaskan pollock certified by the MSC as sustainable.

Genetically modified salmon in stores soon?

A genetically engineered salmon has moved a step closer to appearing in stores after the FDA announced that the fish did not pose a threat either to the environment or to consumers.
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Fish Image

Dr. Nomad
Kids love searching for  Nemo . We didn t find the clownfish  but did find a  Dory  looking fish.
Kids love searching for "Nemo". We didn't find the clownfish, but did find a "Dory" looking fish.
Sayaka Ganz s portrayal of fish spawning  using kitchen utensils
Sayaka Ganz's portrayal of fish spawning, using kitchen utensils
With permission by Sayaka Ganz
Northern anchovies (i.e. Californian Anchovies)
Northern anchovies (i.e. Californian Anchovies)
Nir David Kibbutz  Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz, Israel 2011
FISHING: A fisherman tries to catch steelhead trout at at Steelhead Beach Regional Park in Forestvil...
FISHING: A fisherman tries to catch steelhead trout at at Steelhead Beach Regional Park in Forestville, Calif., in 2007.
Stepheng3/Wikimedia Commons
Riga Sprats
Riga Sprats
School of blue-banded sea-perch
School of blue-banded sea-perch
Nir David Kibbutz  Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz, Israel 2011
Honey catches 2-foot salmon
Honey catches 2-foot salmon
YouTube screenshot
African puddle fish (or the  annual fish):  Nothobranchius rachovii
African puddle fish (or the 'annual fish): Nothobranchius rachovii,
Andreas Wretström
Dead fish caused by suspected bombing.
Dead fish caused by suspected bombing.
Stanley Sie
Ptychochromis insolitus  a native of Madagascar
Ptychochromis insolitus, a native of Madagascar
A school of fish was flash frozen in the island of Lovund in Norway
A school of fish was flash frozen in the island of Lovund in Norway
Ingolf Kristiansen via YouTube
Stanley Sie
A California Grunion in a fish tank
A California Grunion in a fish tank
San Diego Shooter
Fish school in tropical waters. Oxygen reduction in the ocean caused by global warming may limit the...
Fish school in tropical waters. Oxygen reduction in the ocean caused by global warming may limit their growth.

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