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Fish News

U.S. scientists hope prehistoric fish can solve modern problem

Chicago - A giant prehistoric fish once thought to be extinct could be the solution to the worsening invasion of non-native Asian carp that is choking U.S. rivers and crowding out local species.

Remarkable way swordfish swim revealed

Swordfish are very fast and powerful fish. Just how they can navigate speedily through the friction of water has been a mystery — until, that is, the discovery of an oil gland.

Killing Nemo: Cyanide threat to tropical fish

Paris - Many of the real-life Nemos swimming in children's fish tanks are caught using cyanide, said research Thursday which highlighted the danger to corals.

Japanese police raid elite 'tiger blowfish' supper club

Toukyo - A members-only Japanese restaurant serving the banned and deadly delicacy "tiger blowfish" liver has been raided, police said Thursday.

Commercial salmon fishing off California facing tougher limits

San Francisco - Northern California salmon fisherman face severe restrictions on catch this spring after lower-than-expected numbers of the fish have been counted offshore.

Scientists scare the heck out of raccoons to save ecosystems

Raccoons are definitely cute and clever, and in habitats where they have predators, they keep to the trees and do most of their foraging for food at night. In areas where there are no predators, their cute and clever ways can wreak havoc on ecosystems.

Loud, chaotic, historic Korean fish market resists gentrification

Seoul - Seoul's oldest and largest fish market -- a city landmark and tourist hot-spot -- is fighting a move to a futuristic, half-billion-dollar facility, with vendors insisting they prefer the sprawling, run-down site they have called home for 45 years.

Tens of thousands of fish moved as Paris canal gets clean-up

Paris - Paris authorities have moved tens of thousands of fish to clean up the Canal Saint-Martin, a popular waterway commissioned by Napoleon that attracts hordes of tourists and revellers.

Are Europe's fishermen catching too many fish?

Europe’s waters have seen decades of overfishing. This has led to a decline in stocks such as cod, as well as other fish populations being depleted faster than they can recover. On this basis, reform is needed, experts say.

Op-Ed: Scientists discover how camouflage 'trick' helps fish disappear

Scientists have discovered that some fish use a clever mechanism to disguise themselves and avoid hungry predators in the open ocean. These findings may also help the military create more effective ways to use this type of camouflage.

Egg-humed? Russian police bust caviar smuggled in coffin

Moscow - Russian traffic police have busted a caviar smuggling operation after stopping a speeding hearse with half-a-ton of black caviar hidden in a coffin.

Shape of whiskers make seals experts at finding, catching fish

Boston - Recent research shows that the reason seals are such effective hunters is due to the unique shape of their whiskers. Protruding from an animal's cheeks, whiskers can help them feel touch; something that's important since most mammals don't have hands.

Five fascinating facts you might not know about sea otters

Sea otters tickle our imaginations. Their charming antics make them the clowns of the sea, and for those of us fortunate enough to live alongside them, they are enchanting. The sight of mother otters cuddling young ones make them even more endearing.

Three in four fish in River Thames contain plastic

London - Around three-quarters of the fish in the River Thames have plastic fibers in their gut. This is based on a new survey, highlighting the extent of plastic pollution.

Catch a glimpse of the world's first-ever glowing sea turtle

In the dark depths of the nighttime ocean, marine biologists filmed something they had never seen before: A sea turtle glowing a brilliant green and red. The turtle is the first reptile that scientists have observed with this trait.

North sea cod back on the menu

For the past few years, cod fishing in the North Sea has been frowned upon. The numbers of fish were previously considered too low, but a new report suggests numbers are rising.

Can eating fish keep depression at bay?

New research suggests that a high consumption of fish helps to keep depression at bay, for those who are risk from mental health problems.

Oil exposure leads to loss of fish

Anchorage - U.S. scientists looking at the effect of oil spilled from Exxon Valdez on fish have concluded calamity led to heart problems in embryonic fish. The finding could help with the assessment of future oil spills.

Cave fish cast light on the causes of obesity

Scientists have been studying blind cavefish to understand the effects of obesity. The results from the fish, for patterns of starvation and over-eating, are thought to be similar as those with the human body.

Salmonid fish toxin could be effective against cancer

A fish toxin could be the basis of a new treatment for cancer, according to a study. This has been found by performing genetic testing on the humble zebrafish.

Dinosaurs' extinction gave rise to today's fish, study finds

Paleontologists found that ray-finned fish began to dominate the seas after the mass extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Fish-killing virus sweeps Europe

Vienna - Carp edema virus affects fish like carp, causing lethargy and eventual death. The disease originated in Asia and has now been detected in Austria.

Alberta 'creationist' unearths fish fossil 60 million years old

Calgary - Edgar Nernberg, a "creationist" from Alberta, found primitive fish fossils in rocks 60 million years old. But he says the discovery has done nothing to change his belief that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that the theory of evolution is false.

How much are the world's oceans worth?

If the oceans of the world were a national economy or large corporation, how much would they be valued at? About $24 trillion, at least that's according to one organization.

Op-Ed: Ever wonder why you're afraid of spiders? Evolution provides clue

San Jos - When you live in the tropics, the neighbors tend to invite themselves into your house. In my case, sometimes it's a two-toed sloth. Other times it's a beautiful morpho butterfly. And other times it's a large, hairy spider.

Seeking to improve the fish trade in Africa to aid development Special

A new pan-African project has begun. The project aims to increase the trade in fish. This is being proposed to boost the economy and to improve nutrition for the people of the continent.

Man who swallowed live goldfish is banned from owning goldfish

Farringdon - A man, who was filmed swallowing a live goldfish in England has been told that he is banned from owning or handling fish.

Two members of a 'fish mafia' jailed over sandwich war in Germany

Two organized criminals who fought for the right to sell fish sandwiches to tourists in a German town have been sentenced to jail after a series of violent attacks started by the licensing of the fish snacks.

Fishing boats finds WW2 mustard gas bomb in catch

Danish fishermen fishing around the island of Bornholm, south of Sweden, found a dangerous mustard gas bomb among their catch after trawling the hazardous region of the Baltic Sea.

Bangladeshis benefit from commercial aquaculture Special

Dhaka - A new study from campaign group WorldFish demonstrates that resource-poor Bangladeshis can successfully participate in commercial aquaculture and also generate income.
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Fish Image

FISHING: A fisherman tries to catch steelhead trout at at Steelhead Beach Regional Park in Forestvil...
FISHING: A fisherman tries to catch steelhead trout at at Steelhead Beach Regional Park in Forestville, Calif., in 2007.
Stepheng3/Wikimedia Commons
While endangered  the codfish is a leading sport-fish along the Murray River.
While endangered, the codfish is a leading sport-fish along the Murray River.
Government of Victoria, Australia
A winning entry in Digital Journal s global Photo Essay contest
A winning entry in Digital Journal's global Photo Essay contest
Photo by Igor I. Solar
Nir David Kibbutz  Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz, Israel 2011
Gigantactis  a deep-water fish
Gigantactis, a deep-water fish
Salmon leaping at Willamette Falls
Salmon leaping at Willamette Falls
NOAA Photo Library
1. Tail fins  2. Notochord  3. Gill pouches  4. Eyes  5. Brain  6. Proboscis  7. Teeth.
Artist s ren...
1. Tail fins, 2. Notochord, 3. Gill pouches, 4. Eyes, 5. Brain, 6. Proboscis, 7. Teeth. Artist's rendering of Tullimonstrum gregarium.
Field Museum
Nir David Kibbutz  Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz, Israel 2011
a sushi box
a sushi box
Brazilian Fish Stew!
Brazilian Fish Stew!
A female specimen of a zebrafish (Danio rerio) breed with fantails
A female specimen of a zebrafish (Danio rerio) breed with fantails
Istiophorus platypterus (sailfish) exhibiting sail-rasing behaviour in the mouth of Golfo Dulce  Cos...
Istiophorus platypterus (sailfish) exhibiting sail-rasing behaviour in the mouth of Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
Northern anchovies (i.e. Californian Anchovies)
Northern anchovies (i.e. Californian Anchovies)
An exhibit of colourful fish  by Sayaka Ganz
An exhibit of colourful fish, by Sayaka Ganz
With permission by Sayaka Ganz
A California Grunion in a fish tank
A California Grunion in a fish tank
San Diego Shooter
Nir David Kibbutz  Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz, Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz  Israel 2011
Nir David Kibbutz, Israel 2011
A screenshot from  Day in the life of a Crab net
A screenshot from "Day in the life of a Crab net"
YouTube screenshot
Fischmarkt in Shanghai
Fischmarkt in Shanghai