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All four major browsers fail Pwn2Own exploit competition

All four major web browsers have failed to survive exploits at the Pwn2Own hacking contest running alongside the CanSecWest 2015 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Security researchers were testing them in exchange for cash.

Google targets annoying browser toolbars with new web protection

Google has enhanced its search protection algorithms to provide more protection against websites harbouring unwanted software designed to hijack a user's computer with unwanted browser settings or intrusive adverts on webpages.

Yahoo replaces Google as Firefox search engine

Yahoo is set to replace Google as the default search engine on the Mozilla Firefox browser. The deal, announced by Yahoo, will end the 10 year partnership between Mozilla and Google.

Op-Ed: Opera browser struggles for market share

Oslo - From time to time I look at statistics related to my blogs. Today I looked at browser percentage of page views on one of my blogs. Opera was over 40 percent. Over a longer period it runs at about one or two percent.

AdBlock Plus Firefox plugin could consume gigabytes of RAM

One of the most popular Firefox plugins used by millions worldwide has been revealed by Mozilla to potentially consume megabytes, or even gigabytes, of RAM on users' machines while enabled during browsing.

New vulnerability found in Internet Explorer, Microsoft confirms

Microsoft has confirmed on Sunday night a new vulnerability affecting every version of its browser Internet Explorer. The once popular browser now equates to 26 percent of the internet browsing market.

Firefox aims to power $25 smartphone

Barcelona - Firefox OS, an upstart smartphone operating system aimed at challenging the Apple and Google duopoly, will power a new category of $25 smartphones for developing countries, the California-based nonprofit Mozilla Foundation said Sunday.Mozilla sought to...

Firefox aims to power $25 smartphone

Barcelona - Firefox OS, an upstart smartphone operating system aimed at challenging the Apple and Google duopoly, will power a new category of $25 smartphones for developing countries, the California-based nonprofit Mozilla Foundation said Sunday.Mozilla sought to...

The Pirate Bay launches PirateBrowser to bypass censorship

The Pirate Bay recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. The infamous peer-to-peer torrent tracking site posted on their blog that they did not think they would make it this far, but they did.

World debut of Firefox 'ZTE Open' smartphone happens in Spain

Madrid - In a world first, consumer sales of the smartphone powered by the Firefox operating system have launched in Spain. Mozilla joined with Spain's Telefónica and the Chinese company ZTE to launch the new handset.

Mozilla sends cease-and-desist to Gamma for Firefox surveillance

Firefox, one of the most popular Web browsers, was recently found to serve as a medium for Gamma Group, a surveillance company of FinFisher, to spy on users using Firefox's brand and trademark to avoid detection.

Presented on Youtube: Mozilla's Firefox OS is turning up the heat

Firefox OS to launch very soon, big phone makers pledge support. Built entirely using HTML5 and other open Web standards, Firefox OS is free from the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms.

Firefox pulls newly released upgrade for 'critical' vulnerability

Firefox pulled its newly released browser upgrade, version 16, because of a 'critical' vulnerability that has been discovered.

Mozilla slams CISPA — Microsoft flips support yet again

While most of Silicon Valley is silent on the subject, Mozilla has now spoken up against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

Op-Ed: Internet plague — Bureaucracy and a million links to nowhere

Sydney - If you’ve been wading around through the tides of verbose rubbish infesting the internet, you’re definitely not alone. Bizarre browsers, weird meta tag rituals, and the dreaded “Learn more” links have turned the net into a bureaucratic paradise.

Mozilla Firefox now 'tracking the trackers' — New add-on

Collusion is a new add-on by Mozilla to their popular Firefox browser, which enables users to see who is tracking them on the 'net.

Report: Google's Chrome 15 becomes world's top Internet browser

Boston - A new report suggests that Google's Chrome 15 is the world's most-used web browser. The global analysis showed that Chrome took 23.6 percent of the market, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 garnered 23.5 percent.

Browser wars: Chrome tops Firefox worldwide, Explorer still leads

Google Chrome is now the second most popular Web browser worldwide, just edging out Mozilla's Firefox in worldwide adoption in November.

Google's Chrome surpasses Firefox share in Philippine market

In just three years since it was launched in the Philippines, Google's Chrome browser has surpassed Firefox's share in the local market.

Google to phase out support for those using older browsers

Google is to abandon its support for users still on Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and all their predecessors. Limits on functions using Gmail, Google Sites, Google Calender and Talk will apply to those still on the older browsers.

YouTube, Nvidia push 3D streaming video

In an effort to further introduce 3D into user's daily lives, YouTube has teamed up with Firefox and Nvidia to offer better quality 3D streaming video.

Plugin blocks all mentions of Charlie Sheen from your browser

If you're sick of all the Charlie Sheen hysteria circulating online, you might want to download the free plugin Tinted Sheen. It claims to hide "most Charlie Sheen related text and images from your browsing experience."

Op-Ed: Google bots are deleting genuine blogs

Google must consider the question of whether the use of privacy and cyber security safeguards like Tor software is in itself sufficient grounds to remove a blog from Google’s database. Does the mere use of Tor violates the terms and conditions of Google

Opera Welcoming HTML5 & WebM

For those of you who use the Opera web browser, expect to see some positive changes for the newest upgrade. Some of those features include implementation of some HTML5 features as well as WebM.

Co-founder Blake Ross: Firefox team 'too passive'

For many Web users, Mozilla's Firefox is the browser of choice, a reliable and quality alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Now one its co-founders is saying Mozilla is too "timid and passive."

Google to cut Internet Explorer 6 support for Gmail

Google’s Gmail and Calendar support for Internet Explorer 6 are going to be suspended late in 2010, according to a company statement.

Firefox: Heat and CPU Issues Plague the Browser

Firefox, at times, may require lots of CPU power to run, which may lead to overheating issues with some consumer electronics.

Browser extensions may be used by cybercriminals

In today's world of Internet security suites and firewalls, cybercriminals have discovered a new way to breach our defense, or rather go around it.

Firefox 3.5 now available

Mozilla released today the latest version of its latest open source Internet browser, Firefox. According to developers, Firefox 3.5 is faster, more adapted and more secure.

Opera browser unveils plans to 're-invent the web'

Opera has today announced new technology called 'Opera Unite' that allows users to turn any computer running the Opera browser into a Web server.
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A look at all three popular Web browsers
A look at all three popular Web browsers
Facebook marketers will soon be watching you a bit more closely than before.
Facebook marketers will soon be watching you a bit more closely than before.
Frydolin via Wikimedia
Firefox s new smartphone ZTE Open
Firefox's new smartphone ZTE Open