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Policeman fired for shooting his vehicle and sparking manhunt

Millis - Authorities in Massachusetts announced on Thursday they have fired a police officer after he fabricated a story about someone in a pickup truck firing on his patrol car, causing it to crash and catch fire.

Watch this video of a Starbucks worker freaking out

A worker at a Starbucks in New York is no longer working for the company after a video of her screaming at a customer went viral.

Man says ISIS (girl's name) tattoo led to him getting fired

Long Island City - A New York man says he was fired because of his tattoo, which said ISIS. He claims that his ex-girlfriend was named ISIS.

Watch McDonald's employee trash restaurant after being fired

Saint Paul - A customer filmed an employee's epic meltdown at a McDonald's in St. Paul, Minnesota, after he was fired. The furious ex-employee was caught on camera smashing and trashing everything in sight in the area behind the counter.

Video: Park ranger fired for dancing in an 'offensive' manner

Chattanooga - One park ranger was caught on camera doing a dance which one citizen found quite offensive. He was fired for it and now many sectors of the Internet are rushing to save his job.

Employee fired after helping to extinguish fire

Gaylord - An employee of a retailer in Michigan lost his job after helping to extinguish a fire at the store. His former boss said that the decision was based on the company's "safety procedures."

Waitress fired for refusing to cover dine-and-dash bill

New York - It wasn't a good thing to have three men skip out on a bill, but it was even worse when waitress Suzanne Parratt was fired for refusing to pay that bill.

Boston marathon bombing costume gets woman fired from job

Alicia Ann Lynch, 22, from Michigan, posted a photo of herself in a Halloween costume, which went viral online and received a lot of negative attention.

Spanish Consul General in Boston sacked for closing doors

Madrid - Pablo Sánchez-Terán, the Spanish Consul General in Boston, USA, was fired after he decided to shut up shop just 2 hours after the Boston Marathon bombings, because "it was closing time."

NBA: Lawrence Frank out as Detroit Pistons coach

Detroit - After 2 seasons, Lawrence Frank is officially out as head coach of the Detroit Pistons. The news was widely expected among league sources

KFC employee fired for making out with mashed potatoes

An employee at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Johnson City, TN, has been fired after he made out with a mound of potatoes shaped like a breast.

John Galliano returns to fashion at Oscar de la Renta

Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta announced Friday he had invited John Galliano to return to the fashion world. Galliano was fired from Christian Dior following an anti-Semitic rant, which was caught on video.

Yelp users rip dentist who fired worker for looks

Yelp users have written 22 largely one-star reviews of an Iowa dentist who fired his dental assistant because he thought she was "irresistible."

Boston Red Sox fire manager Bobby Valentine

The Boston Red Sox announced that they fired the team's manager, Bobby Valentine, regardless of having one year left on his two year contract.

Video: Pro-gay Adam Smith bullies Chick-fil-A worker, gets fired

Tucson - A video posted to YouTube shows a man, Adam Smith, at a Chick-fil-A drive-through, bullying a young female employee after she served him water. The video went viral and Smith has been fired from his job at Vante, Inc., a company based in Tucson, Arizona.

Lifeguard fired for saving man in 'unprotected' beach area

Hallandale - A Florida lifeguard was fired after he rushed to save a swimmer struggling to stay alive in the "unprotected" stretch of the beach, where visitors are warned to swim at their own risk.

Woman donates kidney to boss, then gets fired

A New York woman donated a kidney after learning another was in need, and subsequently found herself out of a job. In an unusual situation, the 47-year-old woman has now initiated a lawsuit against her former employer.

Op-Ed: Congress — You're Fired!

When American citizens refuse to do a job they were hired to do, they are fired on the spot. Yet Congress has proven they cannot do their job, and continue to be paid well. It is time to fire uncompromising Congress members who fail the nation.

CNN lays off 50 staffers; cites tech advances, work flow change

Atlanta - Cable News Network (CNN) laid off 50 staff-members last week, including librarians, photojournalists and technicians. Company officials said in an internal memo that they were making technological advancements and changes to their work flow.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz fired by Chairman

Carol Bartz, who was hired on as CEO of Yahoo two and a half years ago, was fired on Tuesday effective immediately by the Chairman of the Board.

Duke Nukem Forever’s PR firm fired for threatening tweet Special

The public relations firm responsible for promoting the new video game Duke Nukem Forever has been dumped by the game’s developer 2K Games, Digital Journal has learned. It only took one angry tweet to provoke the decision.

Starbucks sued for 'fear-driven' firing of barista with dwarfism

El Paso - The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit Monday against Starbucks Coffee Company for refusing reasonable accommodation and firing a barista with dwarfism, conduct allegedly violating the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Aflac fires actor Gilbert Gottfried over tasteless tsunami tweets

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, well known for his high pitched duck-like voice-overs for the insurance firm Aflac, has been fired by the company after posting a slew of tasteless Japanese earthquake jokes and tsunami comments on his Twitter account.

Op-Ed: Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra awaits Pat Riley the grim reaper

Miami - A very positive and feel-good drama that began before the NBA season has turned into a horror film waiting to unfold. Erik Spoelstra, the protégé and director that was expected to achieve the perfect happy ending for the Heat, now awaits the grim reaper

Ohio teacher fired for sleeping on the job

Sandusky - A northwestern Ohio school board has fired a longtime teacher after an investigation concluded she frequently slept in class and repeatedly arrived late.

Abercrombie & Fitch fires male model for eating croissant

Montauk - A "rising star" in the modeling world was fired after he was caught eating a croissant during a photo shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Engineer fired by Google after he spies on teenagers information

Google announced today that they were forced to fire one of their engineers in July because of repeated violations of user privacy.

Policeman may be fired for throwing woman into cell

Melksham - A police sergeant has been suspended and may lose his job for injuring a woman at a police station. CCTV footage showing the woman being dragged through the police station and roughly shoved into a cell by the officer has been released.

Was a Citigroup banker fired for being too sexy?

Could having a good figure and wearing attractive clothing get you fired? One Citigroup banker in New York is claiming that this is precisely what happened to her.

Eating co-worker's biscuits gets employee fired, arrested, fined

Night shift worker at Convergys call center in Newcastle, England was fired, then arrested and fined £150 for eating a £6.99 tin of biscuits.
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CNN has fired afternoon anchor Rick Sanchez.
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