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Finland News

Syrian 'Toy Smuggler' faces fraud accusations in Finland

Helsinki - Finnish police said Friday they would probe fraud accusations against Rami Adham, a Finnish-Syrian dubbed the "Toy Smuggler" for his campaign to collect funds for orphans in Aleppo.

Friendship can't move mountain for Norway and Finland

Oslo - The Norwegian government has resisted public pressure to offer a mountain summit to neighbouring Finland as part of its independence centenary celebrations.

Economics Nobelist Holmstrom: CEO pay 'just a mess'

Washington - Bengt Holmstrom, the Finnish economist whose contract theory research earned him a Nobel economics prize Monday, said that executive compensation has gotten out of hand, and contributed to the collapse of Enron Corp.

15,000 march in Helsinki anti-racism protest

Helsinki - Around 15,000 people marched in central Helsinki Saturday to protest against rising racism and violent right-wing extremism, police said, following the recent death of a man allegedly attacked by a neo-Nazi leader.

Five Cuban volleyball players jailed for gang rape in Finland

Helsinki - Five members of Cuba's national volleyball team were jailed on Tuesday in Finland for a gang rape that took place during a Volleyball World League championship in July, a district court said.

Finland to test out basic income scheme

Helsinki - Switzerland may have voted against the controversial idea of paying all its citizens a guaranteed income, but Finland indicated Thursday it plans to try out a monthly basic payment of 560 euros ($600).

Finland auctions Soviet cars abandoned by migrants

Helsinki - Collectors with a penchant for old Soviet cars will head to the Arctic this weekend where the Finnish customs will auction dozens of cars abandoned by migrants crossing over from Russia.

Six Cuban volley players suspected of rape in Finnish custody

Helsinki - Six members of Cuba's national volleyball team remained in custody over a suspected rape case in Finland, while two others have been released, local police said on Monday."The police have six players under arrest at the moment. Two players...

Putin calls for transponders on military flights over Baltics

Naantali - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday backed a call for all military aircraft overflying the Baltic region to be barred from turning off the devices that allow them be detected.

Norway aims to boost defences against 'unpredictable' Russia

Oslo - Norway announced plans Friday for its biggest military upgrade effort since the end of the Cold War, to bolster its defences against an "increasingly unpredictable" Russia.

Finland to bury its nuclear waste in the world's costliest tomb

In November 2015, after more than 40 years of planning, research and development, Finland became the first country in the world to grant a construction license for an underground nuclear waste repository, called Onkalo.

Finnish parliament debates petition on leaving eurozone

Helsinki - The Finnish parliament is debating whether Finland should leave the Eurozone after 53,000 people signed a petition asking that parliament debate the issue.

Finland risks 'serious crisis' with Russia if it joins NATO: Study

Helsinki - If Finland joined NATO it would provoke a "serious crisis" with neighbouring Russia, an expert report commissioned by the government warned on Friday.

Oil spill tests on ice prove Arctic quests risky

Tornio - The skimmer is lowered from the rear of the icebreaker, its weight pushing massive pieces of ice under the water and forcing the spilt oil up to the surface, where the sticky black goo can be sucked up.

Finnish radioactive spike traced to nuclear agency's neighbour

Helsinki - A "highly exceptional" surge in radioactivity detected over Finland's capital Helsinki was traced Tuesday to a company sharing a building with the headquarters of the nuclear regulator investigating the mystery.

Nearly 20% of Finland's wolves killed during month-long cull

Helsinki - Nearly one fifth of Finland's endangered wolf population was killed in a controversial month-long cull which ended Sunday, authorities said on Monday.

Finland's 'Soldiers of Odin' face off against huggy ladies

Kemi - Fierce-looking squads calling themselves the Soldiers of Odin have been patrolling Finnish streets in recent months claiming to protect locals from asylum seekers, but lately they've been challenged by an unexpected crew: smiling women serving up hugs....

Finnish PM halts plan to house refugees at his home

Helsinki - Finland's centrist Prime Minister Juha Sipila has backtracked from his plans to house asylum seekers at his country house for security reasons, a government official said Tuesday.

Finland expects to expel 20,000 failed asylum seekers: Govt

Helsinki - Finland expects to expel around 20,000 of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received in 2015, the country's interior ministry said on Thursday.

Finland to kick off controversial wolf hunt

Helsinki - Finland kicks off a controversial wolf cull that gives hunters the right to kill around one fifth of the endangered animals, in a decision that has angered environmentalists.

Safest place to walk for the elderly is Finland

Helsinki - Walking around in the winter, especially where there is snow and ice, is tricky. Doubly so for the elderly. To help the senior population, a Finnish town is providing support.

Finnish govt condemns 'extremist' anti-migrant street patrols

Helsinki - Volunteer street patrols linked to neo-Nazi groups have emerged in several Finnish towns in recent months claiming to protect locals from what they call "Islamic intruders", a trend the Finnish government condemned on Thursday.

Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year: police

Helsinki - Finnish police reported Thursday an unusually high level of sexual harassment in Helsinki on New Year's Eve and said they had been tipped off about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women.

Finnish court holds twins in custody over Iraq massacre

Helsinki - A Finnish court on Friday remanded in custody Iraqi twin brothers suspected of killing 11 people in a massacre by the Islamic State group in Iraq in 2014.

Finland arrests twins for killing 11 in 2014 Iraq massacre

Helsinki - Finnish police have arrested twin brothers on suspicion of killing 11 people during a 2014 massacre in Iraq claimed by the Islamic State group, officials said on Thursday.

Finnish police in court over Putin entry on criminal database

Helsinki - Three Finnish police officers appeared in court Wednesday over their role in maintaining a database of criminal suspects to which Russian President Vladimir Putin's name was added.

Finland to test a basic income for Finns in 2017

Helsinki - Finland is looking to experiment in 2017 with a basic monthly income for Finns, a universal and unconditional monthly payment seen as a way to reform the welfare system and cut spending, Finnish authorities said Tuesday.

Finland plans to give citizens in the country $870 per month

Finland is drawing up plans to introduce a basic income for its citizens. The final proposal will be presented in late 2016, and if everything goes as planned, the government will give €800 ($870) to everyone.

The Spacer, a winning combination of classical and electronica Special

Digital Journal speaks to Tapio Kangas and Norman Hall, two talented musicians who formed an artistic bond 30 years ago and who are now hard at work on a brand new project that should be out next year.

Nordic welcome chillier for migrants as numbers snowball

Oslo - Asylum seekers flowing to Scandinavia are finding chillier welcomes as their numbers surge and far-right parties increasingly assert their influence on immigration policy, analysts say.
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